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Canadian Instttuta lor Historical Microraproductiona / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiquas 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 









Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers f'amaged / 
Couverture endommagee 

Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restauree -:t/ou pelliculee 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en couleur 

Coloured Ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli^ avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin / La reliure serree peut 
causer de I'ombre ou dt la distorsion le long de 
la marge interieure. 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines 
pages blanches ajoutees lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, kHsque cela dtart 
e, ces pages n'ont pas ete filmees. 

L'Institut a microfilme le rtieJeur examplp.ire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
ptaire qui sont peut-etre uniques du point de v/ue bihll- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une Image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modifications dans la m^th- 
ode normale de filmage sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurees et/ou pellicultes 

r^ Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
' — ' Pages decolorees, tachetees ou piqu^es 



Pages detached / Pages d^tachees 

Showthrough / Transparence 

Quality of print varies / 
Qualite ir>egale de Timpression 

I I Includes sui^ementary material / 
' — ' Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

I I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
' — ' slips, tissues, etc., have oeen refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuitlet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont ete filmees 
a nouveau de fagon a obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

I I Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
' — ' discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'opposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des decol- 
orations sont filmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la 
meilleur image possible. 


Additbnal comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

This item is filmad al the reduction ratio checked below/ 

10X UX 18X 









24 X 

28 X 

32 X 

Th« copy fllmtd h«ra hat baan raproduead thank* 
to tha ganaroaity of: 

Hanilton Public Library 

L'axamplaira fllm« fut raproduit grtea i la 
g*n*roait* da: 

Hamilton Public Library 

Tha Imaga* appaaring hara ara tha bast quality 
postibia conaidaring tha condition and lagiblllty 
of tha original copy and In kaaping with tha 
filming contract apacificatlona. 

Original copia* In printad papar covara ara fllmad 
baglnning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha last paga with a printad or IMuatratad Impraa- 
alon, or tha back couar whan approprlata. All 
othar otiginal copiaa ara fllmad baginning on tha 
firat paga with a printad or llluatratad Impraa- 
aion. and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or llluatratad impraaaion. 

Tha laat racordad frama on aach microflcha 
•hall contain tha symbol ^m- (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha aymbol V Imaaning "END"), 
whichavar applias. 

Laa Imagaa tulvantaa ont ttt raproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattat* da l'axamplaira film*, at an 
eonformit* avac las eondltiona du contrat da 

Las sxamplairaa origlnaux dont la couvartura 9n 
papiar aat Imprimte sont filmte sn commandant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darnlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraaaion ou d'illustration. soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la cas. Tous las autras axamplairas 
origlnaux sont fllmas an commanfsnt par la 
pramlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraasion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talla 

Un daa tymbolaa sulvants apparaltra sur la 
darnlAra Imaga da chaqua microflcha, salon Is 
cas: la symbols — » signifia "A SUIVRE". la 
symbols V signifia "FIN". 

Maps, platas. charts, ate. may ba fllmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thoss too larga to ba 
antiraly includad in ona axposura ara fllmad 
baginning in tha uppsr laft hand cornar, laft to 
right and top to bottom, as many framas as 
raquirad. Tha following diagrams illustrata tha 

Las csrtaa. planchas. tablaaux. ate. pauvant itra 
fllm*s * das taux da r*ductlon diffirants. 
Lorsqua la documant ast trop grand pour itn 
raproduit er un saul cllch4. il ast film* i partir 
da I'angia supAriaur gaucha. da gaucha i droita. 
at da haut an bas, an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nacassaira. Laa diagrammas suivants 
illuatrant la mtthoda. 










Mciocorv KSCXUriON ibt chaut 




^^ 1653 Easl Mo.r> Skert 

^S Roctiester. Hew la'k 14609 us» 

^= (716) *B2 - OJOO - Phone 

^S 1'''^) 2B8 - 5939 - Fo. 

Incident and Story 

From Far and Near 



of the 

Each year, along with the statistical 
reports from oar various fields of labor, 
our missionaries send us valuable illus- 
trations of their work. These are often 
in story form too lengthy for publica- 
tion in our annual report This year, 
the different secretaries have gathered 
them together and they are issued 
under the foregoing heading for the use 
of Auxiliaries and Mission Bands. 
Through them the missionaries them- 
selves speak to us. 


Editorial Secretary. 

Toronto, November, igij. 

Our Nearer Field 


Awaiting their turn at the Sifton Diipenaary 

IJerkT ana ilfirrf Slttti (§ur DearanraBra 

We are soiiietiiiifs siHkcil: What is the rt-al work of a deui'OiieMt It 
IB a question to whii li no very definite answer can be jriveii. The neareBt 
apiroat-h to it niav lie tound in the words of our Hnviour to His tiiHi-'iples, 
"i am among you as one that serveth." Her aervice may be very varied 
in character. By her loving ministrations it may he hers to soothe the sor- 
rowing, bring relief to the distressed, liojie to the disn raged and joy to 
the grief stricken. We muy be able to have a better understanding of 
her work by liBtening to some of the incidents of lier daily life, such as the 
following: "Yesterday was Sunday. We had ns unual our mixed Bible 
clasB. The class is smiiHer because "several of the brave youths have gone 
to the front to fight the battles of their cuuntry. We miss them, but » 
letter from one gives inspiration to persevere, lie is about to get into the 
trenches and writes, 'I an! better prepavd to fa<'e the foe because of 
what I '"arned in your (Jible class, and f know the other boys feel the 
same.' To-day a request comes to visit a poor wiman, who has just re- 
ceived word that her husband has fallen in battle. The deaconess is glad 
of 'the request,' for it I'leans that the mourner expects her to be able to 
comfort, and gladly goes with her message of infinite love. During these 
dark days many such messages find their w«y to the deaconess.'' Another 
deaconess writes: "There is less poverty ihan two or three years ago, 
but war brings suffering of another kind. We meet with muny sorrowing 
wives and mothers of men at the front, anxiously awaiting news of their 
loved onas. It is a privilege to bring at least a small measure of comfort to 
these homes. One of our sad cases is that of a young woman made a widow 
through the war. she has three little children, and is a victim of in- 



«>ranrp. The (■•■uronpiiM frvU that tn h jii;i.r Hn<l wi«iiloni ii i 
ro deal Ke"'l>' "nd lovin((ty witli t)ie»e .rrinK oni-s. " 

Ilrre li an intcreHthi^ raio of aiiuthrr tyyr: Nome time auo a >'ounu 
fou|>lp with oiif rhild i-niru- frjiii u Wfulrrn ri't.v. '\'hpy lutd hearT that work 
waM inorit plpntiful in the caiit, an>l Kh*! ruM evprvthiiiK to vtkv thfir farow, 
anil foriMKiiiently wt-n- .h'Mitut" uhfti the (h-Hcom-Ttn vnmt' in'r.mtat't with 
them. Their hmiup wuh t-oM, i-hofrleiw and without funiituff, and thev 
had no frirndH and wrn' verv lonidy. With thi* iiid of nonie ni»mliera of 
the W.M.H. a IkmI nnd rlothinfi wm iiroiurf' und thtv wit.- made com- 
fortablc. Thfir i^rHtitH'l.- wna v<Ty tmu liiii^' l.ittcr on th" d<'Ui-oni'«» 
made- H Mct-oiid riiri, and thixt tiin< f'>und the mother xnuulv in ttfd with a 
tiny baby . le day old, nnd rt-Joi. m^ in her little diiujthtiT :ind the .-om 
forta previimtdy prrtvided for her. 

Recently thf deHroncHH waft iiNkfd to jwrHnndf ii wonmn to go tn a ^rtniitor 
inni for treatnii lit for tiilMTciiIodift. Hhe nan nnnilliiiK to h-jiv.- hi-r two i-hil- 
dn-n, (lerauae her hiir^linnd dnnik nnd would iicj(liTt thi-ni. Th ■ iloiii-oreHN 
asaured her they WfiiiM he well i-ari-d for in the "('hik.-en '.•* Ihnne." und 
that nhe would vinit them luid report from time to time, «o -«he tonftontfd 
to go and, aa ithe in not ni> iid. .,ieed eiiae, it iH hoped that in a few mrmtht 
■he will l)e able to return to lier little jrirls. In nnother home the fatl er ir 
in a sanatorium. The mother 'n* not strony, nnd is unable to nupport the 
family, and one of the boys could not pi to Hchonl for lack of ImotK. One 
evening; the dracotu-HH wuh tt]it>HJiin{{ nt a meeti. { of younjf women nnn 
■hi told thsm of thia family. They, at nee, rlfered to wupply their boott*, 
and alio to viiit them «n<l cheer them from time to time. 

Ilolflinft meetingtt for rnothera ami diilm for ^irlii and lioyo; t>.'iehiii){ 
in S. 8.; keeping in touch with the youni; pcopt)-, mid )iHHiHtin;< in their 
Boeietiefi: Ai»itin;j lonely ;[irl» in ahop or fnctmy, are iiIno wavM in which 
the deaconf^a aerveH. Thus it nniy be tnn ihnt >*hi- i* n '■••■rvant of the 
ehureh ant' » auecorer of innnv." 

Vlfit our drlfDol Ijomra ha fnr tl|:> JorriQnrrB 

Thia Educational work hati now pn^setl the experinicntat ^ta^e and 
become an estiildiwhed fact, nnd it in imly liecause the W.M.S. it hampered 
by too amall an income that thin work ia not opened at many more centres. 
Until the fall of 11(16 there were Heparate homes at r-\ly two (seutrea, — 
V'egreville, wliere there were four homeM. and Teulon, where 'here was 
one. Of eourae there were children at other points, but tliey had to be 
looked after in the Mi>Hion IIoBpitals. In Sept., 1916, a home was opened 
at Ethtdbert, Man., and thirteen boys and jrirls were kept there. And 
itill the eall comes I.t more homea. Our church in seized of the fact that 
this educational wnr!i amon^r the youn^ is one of tlie most imj-ortant works 
of the church today, and so the Board of Home Missions i-iimea to the 
W.M.8., aakinjr for more honies. The i"ember»i of the General (?ouaril of 
the W.M.H. ask that thin branch of the work be pushed. Hut best of nil, 
the people for whom these homes were established, are realizing the great 
benefit to their children^ and are asking iiermisaion to send their boya 
nnd girls in ever increasing numbers, and asking, too. that maay more of 
these homes should be opened. They are realii'ing, too, their responai- 
bilitiea to the homes in giving what they can to the support of their 
young people while in the home. Last year the homes we have, could 
not begin to a<'commodate those who applied for admiasion, and many 
applicants had to be refused. This was regrettable, lliiwever, we are glad 
to be able to say that in September of this year two new homes are to be 
opened, one for boys at Vermilion, and one for girls at Ethelbert. The 
Ethelbert Home ii to be begun with eight girls, bnt in IfllS, we trust, this 

iiumlicr Hill If iii<>rcniH><l. Tlit- Vennilif 



■ )llllll<Hlllt« ll^tO'N 

Itny*, NDtl iH hfiriK oiM'iu'il at tliv rariKul luliritHtiuii ot (bv KuttK-iiiuii 
l-tirrnti in (hat diiitrU-t, whn an' rimkiiiK thrmich*'!! rt>ii|>oiianil« fnr th» 
itiiiiiiti>niiiiri> of theM Imivii, the W.M.N. xupplvliiK t'U' hmiso miitroii hihI 
piiuif.fiifiit. The new dirlii' Home at Vr^trwill*' in now jnilir way, and 
yivp* |<rnmi!>p ol lifli)f( ttiont comfiirtal Ic. It will i-imt nituui ♦l,LMMI, ami 
will Hn-ninm»).iiiH' twi'iity Kirh. TIht>' aw iiiin alxiiit tl.T tmy 

|^ith tl)t> iiiiTi'iiM* il Bt'>'omni(hJa 
iii-i-lfiil of a dirlii' MoriK-, nn>l 


(jirln Imillp.l aftt-r, Hii<t at tin' 

MKl of I"i: 

tion, thtTf will hv wvU over l.'lt. 'rciiluii i'4 
iiiURt bv |iroTii)fil wit) oii« mioii, 

To tliiive uliii havi! het-n loukiiiK fi'f tHiiKildc n-iultii we would |ic 

to Teuloii, 
i-ntPrliiK t le 
vet it cniiit 

re fourtiteii of our li 

iiiititry of our (Miurr)i, 

have <titiiiihL-d tlicii Intentic 

ur Kthelhurt I'oriie, and w 

Tliii in wliat wi- 'loued for, and 
i-r ■.nnii.T flian we .'xiiv.led. Otic of tlifH hoyn U rroin 
I'Ht to TfUloti on account of ar. vaiii-t'd nfhool 
advuntatf'''*' From that houic havf ([<»"' mtitv a ff« wlni art* now trufhiiiK 

in tlic f)itu|<hin diiitrlct, and are Ifaderf in i'vi>r\ ■>fn'<t' an ^ tlifir own 

|K'<' 'le. In the forfiyn colony, nt-ar Vi'^reville, tiir intluencc of our home-* 
i>t niakin>t itaflf fdt. The pan-nt-* licrc nn* itU'i very »|.pr«H'iaTl\ i- I'f tlif 
0)i|'ortunitiep offi*red, -is i-* cvidenci-d hv Mr. I.'iny'i rt'|iort«*, and in tlir 
way tin- njaintcnaocf in lf(i»eiied l.y i-ontnbutions. 

Who cari ctitiinute the influenci- tlifnc l.'»n youpijt iieoplp will have in 
their Miriou^ conmiunitien, 'n'thcr a» tfrnln-rn, iireacliprs, or in the honief 
llow liftttT can tlir work h*- .lone anions th<- for'-ijiii-T-i thnn hv thfUiscIvMi. 
anil when- can tliiy reci-iv.- iM-tter trainin;: fnr th:it work ilian In , hs 
liuniev supi-orti'.; hy tli • W..M.S..' Thin odticnt ioiiiil work i-t ot utinost Im 
[tortaniM- not oiil\ frni:i the wtaiMl|ioint nf the rnurcli, hut from :i national 
(ttnndpoin., frr \,ry kooii t'riiin The ^itin in ..ur hcnn"« Mhoul.l jfo out 
dt-acnnov" i'it.. tlic f.irctyn ci.i.Mii.-H. VVIiat n jov nn.l l.l.'H>in« that would 

hv to iiiiiiiv: 

Amang tl^r Jrrnrii (Canadian aHjilbrrn 

I. Mans in :li rroviii.t* of Oufbci' pre- 
' olatii.n of nianv of the fleldH I ' 

Work a!ji..n;;-t tlic l-'imcli ('in 
(tents many <lillii ultits, tin* .'.xtrenic iMolation of nianv of the AeUU heinjf 
one of the chief, ho little i an be done in the way of vinitin;;, anil ho littli 
help or cncouruyeinent can he ^iven the lonely 'missionary in his work. 

The most itni>ortant field, Namur, if I'S miles from a' railwav station. 
Here we liavp u I'rotentant comniunitv, nn.l the school is supported montiv 
by the taxes, hut the W.M.iS. giv«s an additional ♦irum monthly, so that 
u diplomaed tea.lier may bo employed. Between ;iO and 4(1 children attend 
the school; these in-lud*' the 14 boarders in the "home" supported by 
the W.M.S. Tlie Ke\. C. K, Lapoiute. misHionar;. ii> ■harjte, xivew roligioua 
instruction ImTb at tiie "home" ami in the sehool. M's. Lapointe has 
lately hoeu ajij.(.iiiteil teacher. 

St. I'hilippe de Chester is u'..-m t cry is.ilute.i. beiuj.' 1:; miles from thu 
railway, anil in tlie heart of the Koinan Catholic ci.iintrv. The mia- 
sionary, Mr. Wntier. teaches the sc lol^ which itt 'leld in the manse. The 
home is on the -.ainc property. There are eifc'ht boarders and a few dav 
acliolars. Owint.' to dilTererces between the mishiouary and the people, 
sehool was ' ■■■i in .Mai'ch ami did nift reopen until the New Year, 

Loretfi" i* a j;rowin;: town near Quebet', The uchool is mostly 

.siipporte.l h\ trixatic-i— the W.M.S. Mipplementin^r the salary. Rooms 
o\er the Krhool wen- furnished for a Hi-hool Ho-.-e, anil we.e so 
used until June last. When s^-hool reopened in Mepi" nber a suitable 
matron could not be found, and the pupils had to find board in the neigh- 
borhood. The attendance at tie sehool is about So. with Miss Allen as 

trni'hcr. t'hiB niinitioii HuffiTol uri'iitly throu|[li thi> illn*'* . nn>t •frHtd of 
Dr. Ai .11. 

Thruugh tlir ^i roxitv nf tlif l'rcHt»yt«rliiiii uf the City of ottuwa, 

A llileDilld UfW ncliool liililihii^ Mim |iul li|i In Hull. Mrlnio) Kum i |>*SihI 

tbffP iu Ki'ptrmber, uitli Mihh L'ru>-lM>t kh ti<ii<-tt«>r. 'Die W.M.H. ; hvm MIm 
Crurht't'i) xnliiry, hut Inik Iwul no |iiirt in tlic l>uil<lin^. 'I'litTi' art* '^;j hi hitltifH 
ill tlitt Ht'liiHil; i|iiili- a lew iif thi'irt ur« Koriiun ('iittioliis, kihI they sri* 
titui{tit ill bdlti liiiiuuu^i'n. Hfiiiii' ot tl)i< |iU|iiU i><)iiit> from OttHWU, walking 
i|uitp u di«taiite to HttciHl. 

TniirvilU', County of I.'NIi-t, m our iil' iiiir uvwvr H<-Mm. TIic ■■li-nnto" 
iif liiHt yi>ar linn lici-ri rf)>lit(-i>il hy ti hoUHf, Thin hoUHC* liclimtfi to ii rci-mt 
fuiixcrt from thv Ctitircti of Itfinic, Mt> linn !>i-%*t'n rjillilrvn, iihI ih imxiouo 
tliiit hJK i-hililrtMi mIiouIiI lti> filui-uti-il in tlie Protrntiirit faith. Ho (fuvu 
hiH liouMf, for tlM' \fiir^, on vuiulitioii tlint rfjinirit ho iiiHtif, iiurl tliP top 
Hut bo niH<l4* hiibitiihit'. Ah it wnN iin|>iiHt<tbli> In ri-nt imy ntlitT liouHf in 
llii> diHtrii't, wi> wiTi- )ilii<l to iiviiil iiurHrhf>> nf tliiit on<-. 'riir otiirr I'ro' 
tfHtnntM ^iivt' tlit>ir liiliur, uriil hy No\(MiilH-r tlir work wuh done. Tlit> 
tn|i flat wan i|i\iil(>i| int'i twii dorinitorirH, ami llti- lonrr into ntiitron '« 
roitni, lixinu room iind n* liocil room, Kiffiit luiiirdii h itrnvcil in hot'cinht'r. 
Mr. Clut'Iat, tlir ihiNitiiiiiiiry t'<ir Ht. l>niiiiiH<- (iikI Toiirvilli- i- tiow inxtallt'it 
H% tcut'lirr, inid \m niiiltiuM it HTvnt nurccn-. ol' tiii< work ih<it>, ili- wrilt'i: 
"My t'liinN is ui-ttiiiK lur^ii'r. I hiivi* two more |iui|ilii. two Wi^ boyg, attend- 
In;; school, ninkin;; n total of 14, Mrs. Cliotlat ami I itn- hii|i|>y ht'iiiUHt* 
we fi'i'l \\v arc (loin;; the l-onl'ii \vork, Tlio rliUdrcn iiiv sto hupi'V hiniie 
of them do not iiwf to ^o lioinc, only for n vinit." I'Im' lionllh of the 
cliildnn hatt iHcri ixicll.itt, notwitliHtaiiiiiii^' tlif sr\frity oi tin- «inli'r. 

Dequen, the lU'Wcnt ami iiiuMt ixolatfd of all, \r^ in tlie Cliii-out imi diti- 
tri^'t. The I<o\. .Mr. Iloiir^oin ii« the ini><sioiiary in rharue, hut owin;.' to 
ill health vaiinot iiiidtrtaki' any ti'mhiiiK. Minn DuinrKiiil lian Imoii w»-iirid 
n« tem-lHT, Tin- ptoplr aif vi-ry pour, ami tlirrt- an- vitv t'vw familicd-- 
onlv about riiiu'--aiid they ^ive i^2.iiii a nioiitli eat'li, citlirr in ktml or money, 
Willie the W.M.M. -.)i|>|.li'nienlH this with $lii monthly. 

Mi^K Muiiurtti' M|iorIs: ".If huIh hi'iir<'iiH.' de |i(iii\(>ir aiitaiit <)in* 
poHMihle \(n\H till re iiiit ra[i|iort au sujet do nioii travail ii'i. Tcmt va 
inervt'ilU'USt'iiii-nt hien. •' ui a mon eroli' H elevcf* d 'inscritn ""iir le 
role. I'l'ii eiifanttt noit tr^n intel'^ueants. Je leiir ent>i;:ne ooit I 'hlHtuire 
fiainte, lei-ture Kriiii<,-ai»ie & AniEluiue, nou\eHU iMiurt, ^reo^rnphie, liistoire 
tlirnetii-, ^'rnrninaire, Fran<;aise ami dii-tee. J 'ai anfi 1 Y-oole 

d() Canadn, 
di- himiinehe. 
,1c dois I 

N. U. [H'MKSN[L. 

The scholari-liips i.t the '2i puiiN at tin- rointe-Aiix-Trembleti Si-huoN 
have been (■(Jiitiiuied. Two huiHarie- were olVered, 1 ut only one has been 
taken, by Miss (ieoryina Thibeault, who is now attending MeDonahl C(illej.'('. 
The two ^irls who won the bursin-ies for l!il.'i-16 ;rrnduated in .lune willi 
model tichool diploiiiai*. Tliev are both tf'a>'l:in>; in miatiiun sehoolN, although 
not un.ler the W.M.M. 

Waxk AmuuQ uur l|(brnu CCUizrtia 

There ha-^ never been n tim 
have been more honuHtly endeavi 
desus Christ than at Ilie present, 
.lews have so entirely 'ivereome 
openly attended missicms, a-* to -da 

in the .lewish history when the .lews 
riii^r to Had the truth, and learn a))out 

Tliere has never been a time when the 
ill fear of f'e KabbiH and leaders and 

. There are extraordinary oppertunities 


iM-fori" the rhiiri-h »f i JiriM, nikI Ibr wlinli- oitiiNlUiii in mu niom< ritmin. Ihf 
)-onitlon Ml tri>niCDi|iiuft nnd «-rufiiil, thnt ttir <-hur<h **«nnot ■ffoni to biilt 
for a riHimrnt. 

In IbOT till- I'mli^ IcriNn Cbun-li iiliirli<i| wur' miionu thp .IrWH In 
CiinRdu, with Tororitit bm itH lirB<|(|u. -ti'tn. 'thvw htp nboiit XVfiOn J,-wh In 
Toronto, nnd thi- work in 'nir nilpwini. ii >'Hrrit>i| on in tl ilitfi-n-nt J<'p:irt 
mi>ntx: -rrndinjr rnoni", ni^ht x.-hoolH, tit'wiiiu <-lHr>M'H, Huntliiv M*h>iol, liovi' 
*luh. nuri^tTv, (»o«|tfl Hervln-ii, Hlhlc <)hnipk, ii,it'n uir i<>rvi<'o«t, f'ef lUi- 
I'tMiMMr.v Hriit viiitintr. 

In IIHit .IpwiMh work wim »tiirtri| In \Viiiiii| ••-;;, wlirrr ttirrc .irt- -omo 
l.".(HMi .Ii'wn. Thr work tli-n- Ih »'iniilHr to tiiiit .-Hrrii-.l riu in Toronto. 

Ill HIH Ilic WMV «H>t .i|.i-n«Ml III |.Ijir,. u niiMKionnrv iiihI «orkfr in 
Montri-iil ainon);flt (ho HO.IKio Jomh t)itri>. 

Thf work i.rnnnuHt Niii<>l ni-rdN tin iiit)-lllui>itl f<ri><-iittinn, <illterw 'ti- 
the tK^k cunnot rcnlly hr undfiniooil. Tlic rTiiniiiixNii icn havi< to rm-o |>rnl)- 
Ipbik. ciiirrKenricii und ditliriiltioii wiiirh vnu onU In* ovrn'onif hv it i-oin- 
jilotf dfptmdcnre u|><in Him, who !'< cXfr fititlifiil :iiid full ol' hhtiv. 

Mi*i|.fnii8ry Work. An tin' |>iiti.-nt!« i-oiiii> in tli»'\ v'o to n wiiitiiiji ruom, 
wht'Ti- they arc riTvivcd by a wurkrr. ■ vm a .urd uitli tlicir luinif nnd 
addiftot. and in turn ^o in to >!■»• |t |.n-lor. Wliile waiting i,.r their 
nii-dirinu to be mad*- uji, a R(>r\ i<'i' in luld hy >.imiic of tlii> workir-, nnd i^ 
UHUHlly rundni tfd in Yiddiidi. An a riili> they liHtt'n verv iittenti\olv and 
cHucrly, and this \» u (rrt-at npi-ortanity ro tcil tlirm the y.jcid arwn i>( sal- 
vation throujth Christ. A yrrat many arr rt'atdicd in tliiH way, iii>d in t -no 
iir»' iiidiii'i'd to rutin, to the Miswion for tht- tnectinKH. 

A numluT of |.atient«. after nci'inK tin- d'n-tor. n^-c' fiirtliiT Ir.-atnirnt 
and Hitrntion. TIicmc oast's tlio nurtto foMowH up, ami l> thUM Hhowiii); them 
kin<lni-sfi and iiynipathy their iniiHdi'nre irt ^aint'd nn<l -y art> ()uitt> mtdy 
to linti'tt nnd respond when tcdd Ihi' iitnr\ of Christ licli. i.f ruurso. in 

the real oliject of her visit. It in ii jiD-at j'rivilcye to tie nlloHrd to tidl the 
liood Ttdinxfi in thene darkened homcti, and tu lrnM> tlie Hiik • I'luos of tht> 
New Tetitaiiierit nnd other literature iu tlndr own l«nuun«o. Su the work 
yui's on. New people contin i" eoininfr, and they in turn tell i>tliei!<. T' cy 
are treated kin<il^- at the Mission, ree-ive nl.ilfful attention, nn<l -aih % 
hiiM the opportunity to hear nnd learn nhoiit thinirt* eternal. The retu:. 
who ean tellt Home day tliey will he re\ealed: 'till then may tlie><e efT- 
he I'ontinued, and niny many nf lliece wandering: one;* he led to their .n- 
deenier and McNininh. It it* a tiink well worth while. 

Themttthers' sewinj: mel'tin^s pro\ e M-ry helpful and nre well jilfended. 
I he jiarmentti are rut out for them, and the women are taajrht how to 
MOW and }tut them to;.'ether. They delight to sinj^ hyiiinf, espevially those 
with H ehnruM, where they inn all .join, while j^oiuj: on With their work. A 
short (terviee follows, nt whii-h a Bihie lesson is tiiuj,'ht, often from the 
i>ld Ti-stainent, with illustration!- from the New. The mothers fre<|iniitly ask 
questioiiB and make retjin-HtH fr»r prayer, .'^onie are helievers in secnt, lait are 
afraid to make any piiblie eonfeHsion for fear of the perseeution thev would 
ren ive from their husbands and n^own-up families. In visitinK the .Jews 
in their own homes, one longs by eonversation. and often in n mr)re praeti<al 
way. to show them soinethind of the wotMlerfiil love of Christ. It is a 
great ,joy when they allow the niissionnry to read Cod "s Word and to 
pray with them, hut a still greater joy when they request it. Mibles, 
TeatnmentH and other literature nre given to those who will take them. Thi'r-^ 
are people who lannot go to the Mission beeaiise of family ties, great distanee 
or persecution. Of this number some love and read Hod's Wonl. and pray 
in the name of .lesus, and their faith is very beautiful, but thev need eourage 
to he out and out for Christ. While visiting a patient in the hospital the word, 
"in season," is often spoken to other .Tewf. in the same ward. 

The Supply Work contributes not a small part to the yood that is 
heini; done by reat-hiug out to the homes in wliieji sore need makes its fre- 

upcUabl,. -ili." ■ ' ' "*■ "'""'" I"' '"■•" <i"'l for IIU u,j. 

»ttb Olimp ani) l^amat in nur Wm'ern fastiMala 


ftiid lonk for j^ome evi.lciir 

it loutr nai 


,n-,,,.,,„r, eftor, i, ,,,<.„»u,ed hv r-c,u,„, „e .....urally ,,rav, i,„po 

,, iviiit iL.tiv ...i ,• ' ?''"■'• " «"i-l<iii).', but siniotimes tliiTe is 

:K,,,,,i,; '.",'•',•'';'" ."»:' ''""^t- "■,. liui ,hi, ,r„„ in ..„„„,., ^10,, 

er.v report from our me.iieal^^ionaries retvV'- **"''"*'"-■- ^" 


m-c was made to 

' Two of ou 

past \ ear. A. vv . Manatl three years p:i»t was wo.lii.i>. fur as -it the 
ho.,,,ta , He e„l„.ed at the he^i,u,iuK of the war and we.^ overseas 
the first Last Jane he was kilie.i in the l.attle „f Vpr'; Fv 

tto Junf. w we have l<n„w,i well for over ei^.ht years went to Vraiee 

this last suirnii.T iln tl... ii*i, ..*■ v i .. ...'^ ■. jcia, weni lo rranie 

■ ith 

we liave known well for ove 

.u u . . , ,"" ""' ""' "•' -November after tl'ie eai.ture'o't" iwrt of 

he Hegina treml, he was instantly kille.l a, he was hrinjti ,^. in ." v^ouuded 

man after he had already reseued two." viouuueu 

This Kocs to show file value of the influenee of our medical niissio • 

and .orJendr" ' '""°",''' ■''™' '""'"" I""'!''""' " '". ""'"'"i. significant, 
and portends an ever widening |,atr,otir inHuenio and spirit among them 
and th.s eneourajinif- feature of our hospital work is erne of the briehtes 
and most ho|,etul o„ our horizon, especially so when we consider the uures 
m our count -y ow,n^ to the presence of so many of these nou-Aufjlo. 
Saxoiis in our midst. Purely any work that will tend to Canadianize an.l 
Christianize them is worthy of our pravers, our Kifts and ourselves 

I am dying a Christian because of your kindness to me," was the 
confession ot a patient who had been treated for a nialignient disease in 
one ot our hospitals. He was a foreisuer who had never seen the true li-ht 
until he came t„ the ho8|.ital, and although his suffering at times were verv 
severe he was patient and thouKhttul for others. When his friends came 

•"rTh ;'," , i '"';"'". '" L''" ^"''? "'"' "''"'' '" """ l^ngu'ge, to them, 

Read that book: it makes me happy; « 1 news there.'' Let us 

that the seed sewn that day may have taken root in the heart 
friends and liave borne abundant fruit. 

A little nurse, who weighs less than a liundred jpounds. volunteered to 
accompany a lorciKner whow wife was sick, an.l face a biting wind on a 
stormy, wintry night with tlie thermometer 4U" below zero The nurse nut 
on all the clothing .ihe could carry, and over it all wore a fur-lined coat 
After sitting motionless as the team siied on mile after mile thev (inallv 

of his 


reai'lied tlir IilUe mml hut. The iiihii ko* out of tlip fM.jh nuitp hri^hly 
but the poor little nurse wa« almost frozen atifT. Hhp .■oulil not move and 
iBd to be (•nrncij into the home, where the foul air and heat almost over 
powered her. After ten Tiiinotes she was nl.le to move her flncers anil 
liradually her little body thawod .rat. It was an awful exiierienre but ns 
she BEKl afterwards, "It meant the saving of two lives— and the snarinir 
of a mother to seven other .hildren." 

In one of the reports our missionary was deplorin); the appearanee of 
tubereulMis in the foreign colonies, and told of the life and death of a 
.young Ruthenian girl, a daughter of one of our Hutlienian ministers wlio 
tell a victim to the dread disease. She was only ifteen years of age but 
her life was rich in Christian experience, and her influence will never be 
lost. She had a wonderful influence over her young associates, aii.l when 
her Mission Band. and. which was composed chiefly of foreign children belonging 
to one of our school hmnes, met, she led in the devotional exercises with a 
iliKnity and efflciency wliicli was quite remarkable in one so \ ouiig and 
would have done credit to one of longer experience and grcJiter oppor- 
tunities. Our medical missionary often vi«itc<l her during her long illness 
and testified to her sterling worth. He tonchingly told of licr vision of 
rhrist .just before slic ■•ciosse.l the bar." She put up her thin, wasted 
hands and sai.l to those about her, "Oh. there is Jesus; can't von see 

When the foreign palients come into the hosidtala, eapeciallv the 
women and children, they observe very closelv what our nurses are doing 
anil try to imitate the: . Kverything Qinailian is so strange to them When a 
nurse goes to visit a sick patient in one of their little mud homes she 
sometimes finds the house, which is often just one room, filled with friends 
of the patient— men smoking and women sitting around talking. She usuallv 
fries to persuade the friends to take the sick one to the hospital if she Is 
not too ill to be moved; and when the patient roaches the hospital where 
a clean bed and Christian service are awaiting her, she is forcibly struck 
by the contrast to the miserable unsanitary hovel which she has just left 
When convalescing they exhibit considerable curiositv cnncerning the 
domestic side of the institution. As an interpreter is required in all our 
hospitals she usually |.oints out to one of her own nationality the things 
which to her seem the most remarkable. Tt all tends to instruct, to uplift, 
to enlighten, and inspire them with loftier ideals. When we consider that 
thousands are treated annually it gives an idea to what extent such Chris- 
tian influence may be carried. It is, truly, a n,-»ion building ivoik, and 
patriotism of the very highest character. 

As no great good is ever accomplished withou. real sacrifice on the 
part of someone, neither is this hospital work carried on in the lonelv, 
isolated places on the frontier' without sacrificial heroism on the part iif 
our Christian nurse-. Many of them have heard the call to service over- 
seas, and more changes have taken jilace in our hospital stall during the 
past year than ever before, and filling these v;,cancies is a problem which 
our Board is called upon to face all too frequently. 

Seidinn, if ever, has our Church had such an opportunity present itself 
as that which has just come in connection with the work among the French- 
Canadians at Bonnyville, Alberta, and it is a great satisfaction to us, the 
women of the church, to know that our work was considered so important 
and helpful that our co-operation was sought bv the Vermilion Presbyterv 
to helji carry the true light to those Human Catholics in that isolated part 
of Alberta. Bonnyville is situated on the border line between Alberta and 
Saskatchewan, and is over one hundred miles from a railway and forty- 
five miles from a doctor. These peojde, some two hundred and fifty families, 
were sent out to settle that community from T'apineanville, Que., some eight 
years ago, by the Roman Catholic Church. After manv disappointments 

gathered to™th„r;r*' "",, 1"P'', *•>»•»"'"« became discontented, and 
finally LZd,„ /° '" """.' "°"''' '" ''™« *» '"■"•'iy -•"">■ They 
"or a Pr„te,tLt m,w""'''\'™'" ""S ''°"""° <^»""'"" Ciureh, and asked 
them ''do th.T, ,T,- ' .'. "".°..''°' "■"" '" Edmonton, to come and help 

in October l'!)17„n,fl„''" '° "I"" " """'" O^" "' si^^ed hospita 
"mm";, '"t ■ »ork"Th.r:"a?,:;:"ewh"er'; "HT """, 'I? """" '""■'°« 

^,;^>,:tjitj^^ prj£SSirrf ^ ?^:^°-- '^ 

n.. ha, put into our^n^Jir -t^ll^I^U';^:^;"?^^-^:?;^ 
reaching a,,., would do n.uch towards aSSLg'S neSom™!' ""' '"' 

Among tlje BrMinH tn »Mtmt (Sanaiia 


any other riass of people nho have come to our shore. 

encog^e^-a-^^it-i;^ ^.^^z^T .^ ,zr:^'j^z 'C,"' 
morJ^^r^"i;s: -I;;!",- -- r- LLl- =^^ 
='^p;;?;!>™"t:''zs^'',^.'^s:i/^'" - •-"■ ^" a^^^-^i^^s^i^ipii^: 

di.aip?;i ^^;f ^^cjj^i-sta^L^Stir'S ;sl:^ z r?^ 
^oi^&^iix :^:;^'^=,^^Ti^^^:^--£^-;Se3? 

roots to sell, after storing enough for their own use. The proh^hiirn measure 

passe,! by our Ontario Legislature, is alr,.adv having a good effe ? ' 

Several of our ex-pupils have enliste.l, also two of "ur farm instructors • 

rnrtr"?''"''' "■" "^I"""' "■■" "" ""■ I''-"'"-"' "< the ChrTstma enterta n- 
ment, with four ex-pupils an,l two other Indians, all in uniform Thev 
gave an e.n.b.tion of their drill to the Indian chi dren, who appmiated k 
very much, and stood at attention while all sang the National Anthem 

The work at Birtlc B. S. has been satisfactory in all ilcpartincnts. The 
class room woric has been o£ a high order, and the parents o* the children 
express their satisfaction with the services of the teai-her. Religious instruc- 
tion forms part of the school work morning and afternoon. At the Summer 
Pair several prizes were won against the local Hcbools. 

The yield of farm anil garden was not so satisfactory this year, owing 
to weather conditions, but all in that vicinity fared alike. Cattle, horses, pigs 
and several kinds of vegetables were exhibited at the Fair, and prizes won to 
the amount of thirty-one dollars. 

The reports froui Portage la Prairie B. S. have been in everv way 
satisfaclciiy, although the second year of the war has brought its dilliVulties 
to our sihool. Four have enlisted, and our farm inatructor is in Frame. 

Wo have an enrollment of 84 pupils, and the discipline of the children 
throughout the year has beeu splendid. We try to give the work a religious 
atmosphere. The departments of domestic science, lauudrv, sewing, nursing, 
general lioiiaework and farming have been satisfactory. Tlii' class rooms have 
been well looked after, and the ehiWren have made good progress The 
kindergarten room has proven very suitable to Indian children. The two 
departments of gri'atest importance to the children in after life are agriculture 
and domestic science. The farm of 3li acres has produced 210 bus. of wheat; 
400 bus. ot barley, 400 bus. of oats, 350 bush, of potatoes, 30 tons of silage, 
and a good supply of vegetables for the use of the school. 

Seri-ices are held in the Sioux village, with an attendance of about .SO, 
and also on the Long Plains Hcscrve. 

At our File Hills B. 8. there has been veiy little sickness and not one 
death during the year. The Boy Scout movement has beeu started, and should 
prove interesting and helpfiij, esinciajly in character forming and teaching 
the boys self-rcliiiiui'. " 

The girls are taught housekeeping, and before leaving schooi they must 
be able to do the things they would be called upon to do in their own homes 
such as cookiug, butter making, laundry work, etc. They must also be able to 
cut and make their own clothes. The class room work of our Oli pupils has 
been most satisfactory. At the annual teachers' convention in Tlalcarres, our 
pupils carried off seven prizes out of ten entries— in writing, dra«ing. darning, 
knitting, composition, map work ami plasticine modelling. Fi\e of the senior 
pupils Here baptized, and one of them, a son of Chief Star Blanket, has 
enlisted and gone to the front. 

The farm labor has all been done by the boys who, with few exceptions, 
have been very faithful in the performance of their work. We have abundance 
of feed for our stock, and our root house was ailed with ditferent vegetables 
for school supply. 

A service for the older Indians is held on the reserve each Sunday, and 
has been well attended. The missionary also drives twelve miles to hold 
■service at the colony. The work on the colony is progressing steadily, and 
most of the farmers are comfortably well off. Many of our colony boys have 
ealiste<l, and the work on the farms is being carried on by the Indians at 
home. An active Bed Cross Society has contributed money and clothing for 
the work overseas. The loyalty of our graduates and Indians in general 
has been a great source of satisfaction to church and state. 

The work at Koiind l.ak.', B.S., has been greatly handicapped by lack 
of proper accommodation. A new school is badly needed, but, owing to war 
conditions, neither church nor state has the money required to erect new 
buildings. A great opportunity is awaiting some oiic of means— to make it 
possible to gather into our school the niaay children who are seeking admission. 
The Principal has spent M years in this corner of the Master's vineyard, and 
pleads earnestly for help at this juncture of the work. He writes that he 


KhS^f'^v ,1.° ""^ l' "'^ "!" '"l'"'"-" """"■'^ »' "■« In.lian> toward, the 
in i„^! * J"^" IT'. '"1"°' "°"'"> ""■' "«' P'Ogrei, Khown by thB Indiana 
in tie ^™° '° °"'' ""■''■ '""'"•«'"» hy thp loyalty of all 

Ihi !i«ilt« from the farm and garden havoTwen enpecially i(ratifvinii In the 
1^7*20 mrZr^w^'l'^ Competition „„r school took "tho flV«*,,ri." for 

he™ m.Jiff , *' "'''• ""'' 5°°:^ '""«'•''"» '■" l"*" """i"- ■^" i"«<"^«t ha, 
flrrKl^nSL ,';■, '™'°""; ""'' ""' '""''P""" k"' never b«.n hetfr. On th.' 
flrat Sunday of the month a eollection is taken up in the Sunday *hool and 
last year no e,» than $133.52 wa, contributed. The health of ti„. ,,up°h h«, 
been aplendid, and no deaths have occurred during the year. ReliZu, in 
.true , on ., given faithfully in home and class room* The reserve- .-'r^'" i'it"l 
at all times and the sick receive what relief ,ve are able to give. The most 
friendly relations exist hetueen the school and tho»e on the resurvr.-. 

Owing to the removal of Mr. and Mrs. Ross from Ahousalit iu .September 
months. Lack of recruiting grounds has brought the average ,lown to ,il. 

The work on our Inilian re8er\e3 shows many signs of proL'ress One 
missionary reports that the influence of the pupils' wh5 have attended Birt"e 
a. a. has been a power for good among their people. 

The crops were good, 11,000 bus. of oats were threshed, uiid thev re- 

the flnest in Manitoba. As an example of the integrity of the Indians: .U 
an auction sale they were intrusted with over »800.00 for horses, ami they 
met .-ach note as it fell due; legally, it could not be collect^'.!. For over a 
for"this reserve' """""^ '"' *"" '■<'' ""™<'°' *» V'"''"^- :■"- rations 

W.M.S., and the Home Mission Supenutenilent, the Indians insisted on paying 
their transportation to the reserve, nn.l, in addition, gave i„, olering in 
money to the Secretary for the work, to show their gratitud.. for what ha. I 
been done for hem. The health of this ban.l has beeS good, and ihc Doctor 
was only called on luring the year. 

The work on Hurricane Hills Reserves shows luaiiv signs of siiiritual an<l 
temporal prosperity. The congregation, comprising 2- families, .ontrlbuted 
during the year $224.00, or about $10.00 per family. Many arc activelv en 
^^"v^f'l'. A \'°'' '''"''■ "'"' '"■""' ''">'<" enlisted. The standard bearer 
1^ . J .;, "■'"■''"<'"' overseas, and is now missing. No truer, braver heart 
crossed the ocean than this young Christian, Malcolm Grey. Thi'Vc are other, 
on the Honor Roll who will cross soon to do their "bit."'' 

The new school at Crowstand was formally opened in Deceml».r. and will 
henceforth be known by the name of Cote Indian Day School. The crops were 
good on the reserves, but as so many of the younger men have enjisteii, it was 
almost impossible to harvest them. Three elders were ordained -iimI few white 
men take their duties more serimisly. There were six a.lditions to the Com- 
nuinion Roll, and the weekly collections are double those of 

any previous 

.U Swan Lake the nussionary reports a wonderful advance in improved 
morals, manners and cleanliness. An exhibition of Indian women's handi- 
cratt was held in the village, and was encouraging in all respects The last 
restige of opposition to the schools has disappeared. 

At Mistawasis the attendance has been good. Six members of the Bible 
ste.l, and s.x were received into full conimiinion on profession 

Class ha 

^rt'^i'.l"'",' "'.'''';r'"- I^urin^'tW minnn.r ,„„„tl,« tl„.. ,.hil,l„.„ „p,.,„l ,„„,« 
^Xfi^iutroZ.""' ""'""■ """ "" """'"■"' "•■ '■"""°™ "'■■••■ '"i-" '" ""• 
r ■nvJ^Ht"''''- r' fj°°'' Mountain l,„. I„,.n hindiTe.l by the »ithdrawnl „f 

; mnrhM hf'L ' "^ ""'"' '° '"■"'' " ""'•'" '''"■ 'l'" ■ni„i«nnrv, n, there 
in much to be done on those reserven, 

♦TS.Oo'to't'h'work''"'" ''"'"""'" "<'""' " K""'' J'""''- "i"' » ™ntrib,.tion of 

,h. hl^"V" T°'"' ''T "' "'"■ '"'■^•"" "•"'■"■I"- ''"< '!"<■» not ni,.n»ure up to 
the standard espeeiaily ,„ nvnutinK for our Donrding S,hool at Birtle 
From our C<u Appelle nussionary we learn that they hav? neither sehool nor 
■•■jroh on the reserves. AlthouRh it was here the tr,.aty was signe.l between 
he Indians and the liovernn.ent when the transfer of their land, was made 
to the stale. There is much to 1». done yet. I,„t „e are Krati^fu] for all the 
encouragements in our Indian work. 

Indian Babies' Graves. 

(tlflntat in QIanaba 

Th. re is no detailed ac-ouut of tl,i, «oik other tliau that to be found ia 
the annual report for 191fi. 


Our Farther Field 

Korean mothera going to a Bible Institute 

(§ur iSIintstrUfi in ^outi^ (Cljina 

Tlic South Cliiiia MisHinii Wiis orij.'iiiaII>' known as the "Ma-'po" Mis- 
sion, as Miicao was the firat headquarters of tlie work. It is bc:iutifully 
situated in the coast proviiieo of Kunjitung, and particularly well suited to 
extensive develo|iment, being one of the most densely populated spots in 
the known world. 

Mof*t of the (lliinese in Canada and the T^nited States come from this 
province, and of these many are from the area occupied by our mission. 

In climate, South China differs f r.- m North China as Florida differs 
from Ontario. In the nortli you can experieuce jjenuine Ontario winter 
temperature, while in the south you are in the land of sunshine and palms. 

The imi)ortance of starting this mission was advocated by the Chinese 
in this country, who having heard and accepted the Gospel for themselves 
sent money to pay for a native preacher to their own families. 

In 18i):2 Dr. :ind Mrs. Thomson, who had been missionaries in South 
('hina, onme to work among the Chinese of Montreal. Mrs. Tliomson, in 
spejtking to tlie Montreal Woman's Missionary Society, laid before them 
the urgent and pressing need of more workers in Chinese, dwelling more 
jiarticularly on the South China Mission. Iler appeal bore good fruit. 

In Jii02 our Church appointed the Rev. W, R. MacKay to this field, 
the Chinese in Canada paying a part of his salary. Mr. and Mrs. McKay 
arrived at Macao in October of that year. Two years later the Woman's 
Missionary Society sent two lady missionaries—Miss Dickson and Miss 
Little, M.D. After a yt-ai-'s servit-e Miss Little it-signed from the South 
China work, and a successor was fuund in T*r. Je.-sie McBean. 

t)ur niiMionariei lOon found that Konjjmoon would be o better leutre 
lot tlie miMion, .0 in 1907 the cliinge was effected, ami the iiiissiouariea 
hved 11, rented until the l.reaeut rosidenie was built at Kongiiioou 
i-ort, >he Mte for the building being obtained through a Christian Chineie. 

The "Marion Barclay" Hospital for men and women, a nui»os' home, 
and the girls' boarding school, are all at the Port. 

u 1!" '.??''' y'"" * '"''l<l'"tf "■■ i' for a school, has been iiurcliased at 
San Ui I lie church has three residences for the married missionaries and 
a boys' boanling school. 

The work is developing along all lines, and the evnngelistic work is 
shared in by all tho missionaries. In some districts there is »till much 
gross darkness and superstition. Kven among Cliristiaiis it i« .litlirult to 
fr»n them entirely from their habits of thought for a consblcrable time 

„„„ L^° ''J'^ '',,1°'.''..°' " .''""'' """""" "I'" 'I'""''' *"■ »■"» » converted 
woman and her C' fncnUs in their anxiety to show the heathen that 
they did not sorrow as others who had no hope, ilid what might be con- 
sidered ludicrous and out of place at a funeral. Ihev have a word, "Go 
ning, which means almost the same as our wor.l "festive" or "a uood 

tike to have 

lime," and they often use it in speaking of a funeral! Thev ime 

,rff'L"'n'"l" °J "r"!;'' "■" >"'«'"" i"l""'' tl"^^ 'x-tt^', and i,nper one, are 
preferable to the fresh cut ones. 'I'lioy also display large bilniiers bearing 
appropriate sentiments such as "A sister has gine home to heaven " and 
BO on. What was the astonishment of two of our missionaries who attended 
the funeral to find that they wore going to "put o«" fire crackers as an 
expression of their Christian joy. Our missionaries led them to see that i? 
would not be appropriate even though we could rejoice that tlie sister had 
gone to her rest. The service at this funeral was' somewhat di.iturbed b" 
Clfrir! -n"?' '^■'"' ''"""■"''"1 «"y cents more because she was "a 
Christian. The family were m- heathen, mid thought the Christiana 
had a rignt to pay this extra sum. Tho Christians, however, deciled hS? 
this would be starting a j.recedent, and the relatives were well able to i«v 
all expenses. Ihe argument waxed louder and louder until it was settled 
that a niece who was the nearest relative should pay it. 
„„i"h T" °' 'he visits to a village an festival, costing over a thou- 
sand dollars, was in i.rogress. The village was fulf of women from the 
country round about; crowds came to hear our mi,sionar"eri lie 
tentively for hours to the Gospel message, and showing a 

inff at- 
iriterest in, 

»nsr'"? 'IV':? ''T": '" "- -"a -;;7ir;;;s'?h:f;x :^„i^ 

ni- tlTy f°"' «'»I-..A'"1 so. While satan Is most active, and a revival 
,°. ^J^t^^'^rr^'T' »'";" °" "". »"''^''. ^■<= ''<" '"at the UoK- l.drit 

18 working in many lieart 
iWol-'Yoraliiii cannot jjive. 
The people iire Iiojri 
work, and in more tluin 

and there ia a liunj^er for aomethin" t' 

i!it the 

nnuiK to see tiie ^'reat iiee<l of the H.iu.ational 
■*■ . ., ""*^ "* ""' ^illa^es wliere liiere had lipen much 

opposition to the gospel they have asked ,mr mission to ake l!Z\ tS 
school, they providing the building. The new boarding sch™li, , oin to 
be ■., great boon to the women's work in providing a hi-he ed uaUm"for 
g.rls. It will accommodate one hundred students.'' Miss Sick t's the 
head teacher ,s a very definite gift of Cod t,. the work. She is the eHest 
daughter of the late Mr. Vep, who was an elder in the San i •„, rC a ion 

ye run ciiarj,e. Ihey have started prayer ui-rlvs and Hil.le « 
Ml as a result, all the hoarders resohed to keep the 
JUi:-is Uickson asks us to pray that this mav 

have full char/;.. ^ „ , „. 

" " '•■■■■■■ ...^. .I-....,. ..,.,. „ ».. . .lasses, 

iiorniiiir watfh." 

thusiasm but that ti;ey-m,i:-^row"^ 'h-e'S nl^'ll^i'"'"''"^ 
to see Christ more real to them all, that thoir Christi.initv 
be assent to a doctrine, but a living faith in the 



Mhe tongs 
may not siriiptv 
llimsclf. Jn ail 

II series of 

'he ».l Is thev tnke u|i tlic »luily of the Bilile. .Some Imv 

■luillcB iu the rilgrim's I'ronrias. Thev enjoy hearliiK about 
»inl his journey, unit fln<l it heliiful ir their own Chriatiun life 

The "Marion Barclay" Hospital is situated on the waterfront of tha 
busy rivn- hiiihwuy. It is ;i two-storey liuil.linx, can ar,onimo.late fortyfl»« 
patients, and is fur both men and wniiien. 

Or. MeDonald has his own staff for the inni *» siiie of the hospital. In 
the eentre of the buildiiift there is h dispensary, ti i-hnpol, and an operating 
rooiH. The woman's staff at the liexinninK of 1917 .•omprised; Dr. MacBcan, 
the native house surgeon, and the head nurse, Miss HhcHrer, a graduate of 
the Kinjistoii hospital, three senior and four Junior nurses. The head nurse 
was the first to reieive ii diploniu, as the others KOt married before SnishinK. 
Her name is Hi Oi^ and she is now married to a eountrvman in New York, 
where she will make lier home. They had a very pre'ttv wedding in the 
hospital. The bride wore a gown of' white satin beautifullv embroidered. 
The bridal chair was Dr. .MaeBean's own sedan chair covered with natural 
flowers. With the new nurses' home, and such a staff of workers, l>r. Mac- 
Bean feels they lire well ecuiipped. 

The evaiiselistic aim of the hos|.ital is made prominent. Services are 
held daily, and the Bible woman is always present teaching the gospel to 
the patients and their friends while they wait their turn in the dispensary. 
They are all anxious 'o listen to the storv of Jesus, and many purchase 
copies of the Moripturo to read for themselves. 

One incident will show the comfort and coiilideoee that the knowledge of 
the truth brought to a patient who had come a long distance to the 
hospital. .She was lu a terrible condition, and absolutely Ignorant of Ood. 
()n entering she had to undergo a minor 0|ierBtion which so terrified her 
tliat she hiid to be given stimulation. I^ater a verv serious operation was 
necessary, and to the suriirise of doctors and nurses she showed no sign of 
fear. Just before going to the operating table she testified tliu> the grace 
of Hod was ' jeping her calm and confident. There was verv little hope 
of her rceovery, but her faith was rewarded with complete healing, and 
she returned to her home to make known the truth to others. 

No one who professes to accept Christ's commission, "(io disciple all 
nations," can for a moment doubt the great value of the work that is 
being carried forward in South China. We must do more personal work in 
enlisting the interest of a larger number of our women iu the splendid work 
our n,.sHioimries are doing. 

We are positive that there are many, ninnv ministries rendered by them 
tiat they cannot recount to others, and with the dense |iopulutian all about 
them neediug the Bread of Life and in darkness needing the Light; 
Can we whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high, 
Can we to men lieuighted 
The Lamp of Life denyj 
Let us encourage ttleiii with our prayers and joyous sup|,ort. 

Ulit JbUb of tt|r »ra ai{aU br ms 


In preparing our little booklet on Formosa, I will just give some inci- 
dents from our letters and reports in the missiouaries ' own words: 

Miss Clazie writes: "Another year ha.s passed with its joys and sor 
rows, its hopes and fears, its opportunities improved or otherwise,' and at its 


vloM our h««rtti go out in dwp gratituile to our Hfuvenly Ffcther, Boti wu van 
truly «y, 'The Lord hath .lone great tbiogt for ui, wheri'of we are glad.' " 

Mini Kinney uyn: "The raont important event In the work of the 
girU whool for 1910, In the completion ami ocoupatlou of the new biulding 
ttr the giria' ncbool in May. It hai lii clai>« rooma, the largettt of which 
nerved alao for a ehapel and wwembly room. AIno on tht^ flrnt Iloor are offlcea 
reading room, teachen" room, gueet room, music practico roonw, kitchen and 
dining room The wyond storey couHiiiti of bedroonm, uccummodnting from 
two to (tut pupils each, with lavatorieH, wai>\\ room* and bathroom.*. In all, 
Ihe •tormitory Hhould aicoinmodatt* 100 to 110 girls. Tht-rc an* at preteat 
two .lupnnemt teachera and four Chinese, resident in the nchool. 

"Old t-laswH that bud been carried on in thf Wcmcn's School, with the 
oi'W clnsH entering (in a'! 71), i-onBtitiitod the m-hool ac the opening in Mav. 
The curncuhim wbm extended from nix to i-ight yeiirM— fo«r years of preparatory 
and four of high school work. Thitt in tlic tint High H,-liool for girls in the 
Islnud. In th«- High Hchool (■ourt4e nil the Hiib>-ct«. with the exception of 
Bible, are taught in the .lapanese laiiKi'HK*'- ""*■' ^1»' opening of the new 
si-hool. a Mchool uniform was adopted. It .-ontiists of a light blue cotton 
waist, and skirt of a navy blue .loth oi" li^ht serge weight. The fees have 
been raised to $18 a year in the Pnpiiratory, and $ti more for tho High 
ftk'hool f«H'. A system of nelf hel^i hiis been introduced. House work of 
various kinds in nsBigned to poorer girls, on request, so by working a little the 
fee Id lessent-fl $5 a yeiir. fieveral girls ore availing themselves of this op- 
portunity. One who ih particularly helpful and detwrves apocial niei'.on, acta 
as uurso for the school, during the year fhuf tiie schtol was closed, she 
entered the 'MacKay Memorial flospital" and str.rtfd n.-.-se's training. In 
the year she li'arncd much and gained practice thut rendercl her verv useful. 
She is now quite indispensable to the school. 

"In November the whool was favored with ii visit u-td two tlaya' meet- 
iiigs by Mr. Inwood, one of the representatives of thi: Keswick Conference, 
who had bet II invited to couduct conferences in .lap'iu and Korea, and was 
uble to give a few days to Formosa. Many pupils and teachers were greatly 
helped in their Christian life, and others made tin- important d.risiou. " 

Miss Connell tells of the Women's Hchool: "During the vear twenty 
women studied and were iu resideuce. About half of thcst^ were from Christian 
hemee, others had been iuterested during our visits 1o country churches, and 
some had heard the Uospel while taking treatment in the hospitnl and came 
for further teaching. The course of study covers tw> years, hut only a 
few are able to stay for one year. At present we have feur youug women who 
will finish the first year's work in March. We hope the^ will be able to take 
the whole course. They have five hours a week iu New Test.'inient, and four 
in Old Testament, besidi's a Bible class iu church on Sunday afternoons, and 
a women's class on Tuesday afternoons, when the Christian women lake turns 
in leading. Beside tt") Bible study, the more capable ones ««tudy arithmetic, 
Chijese character, Japanese, singing, geography, physiology, writing and 
composition, care of children and the home. In five years ' work in the school 
nearly 100 women have studied, and almost all have learned to read, so that 
they are able to read their Biblea and hymn books. Several .are gone to the 
hospital as nurses, and one is a Bible woman. One is matron of the flirls' 
School, and one of the Women 's School. ' ' 

Miss Elliott tells of the medical work; "Iu the nursing department of 
our medical work, 1910 has been a happy year. Karly in the year one of 
our girls left us to marry a 1916 graduate" of the Theological College. He is 
niw stationed about two hours (by rickshaw, ferry and push car) d:r,t:"', ^-u 
they are very happy in their new work. Miss Shearer, of Kong Moon, visiting 
us at the time. Miss Tait and I spent a week end with them in August. We 
have nine nurses at thia time. Two will graduate in April, but we hope to 
keeji them on for another year. Last February, during the week of special 
services for women in the city, the nurscM helped much by visiting in the 
homes and in managing the large crowds that came to the meetings. Our 

to the noiiChrUti.... on thi" I«]kn <>?., . r '"' '" '"" '" P'oportlon 

mo.t caw. thU .li«»|,|„.o„.l whrn th^v f»M„ _!* .f' '^'■'•"'•fr, but ia 
own langiiag.. N,.,', r iLfon. i,? lE^i.' . ^ ". ™"''' "P""'' to tSem in tkair 

Somo hax. !„.,.„ atton liL \h"r h''„, .r .f^^I Thm.fmnd. baard tho wo„l, 
village. ,l„.r.. thfre i"l%tZVl'lZT' ""J"" /•'turnfd to fardiit.nt 
that tho ...irit may ,,..,,„ ih,f Z P™"'""; >>•" »« hopo and 
mention oie ,w: ' , „. . • .,",„i Jh ! ,h >■ "T '''"»'*^ "''"'' ^r i.^ 

™«r.d into .•o„v,.r«,„';;„";:i"h"'',„?';'o, p"; s'" r^iSu"""?' '"• '"''^-• 

aitting a loiiple of wnt. awav Wh,.,, ..t.S Vf . '^."" "^l""*"'! woman waa 
«l'l ^-o/ aid Himwed verV'littl. ^ntVrcat Sh„ C '"'' '-,'«""' «"P«' "*• 
and Anally did ,o As th.. mi«.«.„ J.^ *»""»">• »»ked to come n«rer, 
KraduHl ohang., h her fa •,. fT„m ,t„?f,l "i'^nV *"' '""""""(J to wo thll 
Seep intorrat* Latrr ,h' mmvl^o hL f™„,''''''r°'' '° ""•»t"on, then to 
Blven, and .at until th.,Lr».ar,.°v Uki^^SoV ''''''° t".."''''"" ""' '» ^ 

l'"t, «h.. said, 'T juat ?or,od mj-,olf to com- to night "o 

had been bU-iT 

hear.' At tho rlo»e''of the imWiin^, X' wZTw"'^''''' '° "r"" '">-«'" «» 
every Wodne8day at a i™, T 1 ^e and i^ „» °J ? «»'!1'''! » "'«-""o h.ld 
weeli, Hhe was dcli^hto,! Tvi .V'"''"? "'''"•'' '° '"I' 'or hor thS neit 

over »inee, aii.l hn. ,.x|,r, . ., ; her nlentmn ^JV.-"*" k "' "fP" '» "■"«* 
coming year. This in on, ,.n.e J JjiT J"' '*'°« haptiwi during tlw 
of whS-h^e win ,l; iZr Z n» "c ^iJ ."bout"^'/"''. l'"' "'" '"■ »"■"• 
tell. u. .he flr.t heard the ho";-" „rth* BxhTbit?on " "'■" "^ "'' "°"'" 

mount'a"n"lagrof.■H.tai^tfolderTf■,h''e^w'' '^ ."•.■P""""",' «» vi.i. the 
our Oirl,«' SchSol She ha I eon, hn™» I. ^t T^ aborigine, who have been ia 


b«.amc a Christian, and although they liv?d a long%!^™''o„t "" ."""pt'elj 

dlir C«n& of Aorntng (Calm 

Kr.^'-K*'"''*?!'"" "."'^,°' '■•' "•"' '» K"": "Aw.y to th« north of 
^ven'mT mJ LT' J'''"" ''T th. Tun,.- Klv.r, i. wb... th. U," hM 

Jludid f„?h '?!"• '•"'"';'!•;•"■ »'"'". "i"" « population of aooTooo, i. In 

.»j ?' ''"I",.'," '""""i' '"''™ "I' "'"' "••vellini uround amonir tbo cburchw 
t^LtZ '"".",,'' ""■'j.'/'-'-i-K i» th, hwthSn vlll.K,, r« way. tr.«i 

™d W, hL." ^"''■"'''' "" '"f """>"" "' """ "" have to".'.."? on th. 

n dot '^oZ.r';^^ ^z;^; j:v£-i;s:;: SL %^ 

examined, ke Korean, ^re ..penally g„ort n memory woTkLatefv H« u. to on, woman in di,l?i4° 85/^ a.'ov«.Uht 

of th, nve or .,x nhurche, in ber di.tri.t, hold, cliL. :.. b" .t„*d" ?JI 

inrlnii to mtkti • itnrt at arU •iimmrt mmonK the womdii. In t\; of 
fhor.-h,, thi.y hax- ||lHKfd lh'm»fvfi lo contrlhute tow>r.l the .up|iorl 
thflr BIbl. woman. Tlio . o.ilrlbulion. are not luriri^ln molt .-••» on« i 

>\» fhriitUn wiimtn, >iicl M»ta and imonK tb» britbrn. W« an 

, , Oft of 

,1 ,..,, _ , , l"'|f»— In moit i-aaw one i«n 

(Vj ipnl) a wsfk, or in aomo .'iiarH a aiwonful of rlco c.t mllWI a dav— but 

It la a Jtarl, ami ha> th^ Havlourn own promlae of hlmaioit. 

<■ ..'[i'"'' 'if l''i''l'«'' "' bflMlng in th« Kanilo Odd thia T..f. 

alr^d}-, and will «,, b,„.|, In il... ,,„1„k for ,|, w.aka more. I travailed 
in company with Ml^. Il.vlton, and It w»a v,rv plea^n't. Th.. Kando t.ld 
l.'S '"•""•"''"">""';••"« will, .1. wooka'^work „,. only K"t ov.r . 
C . '"',','" I "i ^' "■".•"' '" '■!""■ I"- ""'l h«ld clnawa in ,i, place.. 
Many of tli« kando ncmii^n Imv,. bi.,.:i ('hriatlan« for a lonz limp, hnvlnii 

iltHbliZd ' """"'"" '"" "' '*°'"'' "I"" "»' "">< h" •>"» lonll 

.h, MH." '"""!'•"" ""•" -V'"- ,"'"''?' '» V""* •'""!!: "I will l.r„in with 
the |.irl. i,,„ . W„ „,„.,„.d will, about 1,1, «„,. now w„ Imv.. "vr Oil. 

"ilr new .,1 huil. niK i. „ Kr™t .■omf.irl, althoo«li it i. not „nv loo iaria 

'h,r', 'rT- ' '". *"'?",'■' r'""" ""■ ''""■ '" ''»" ••">'■" '" '"" '»">"■. 

Pur .rini'i|,„. leaiOirr m n K,rl who Knidualc-d fr..m Iho Hon* (Miln •chool. tube 
auiilK a ni lloir.vunK, ll..m went lo the Hevernnee llo.pllal at Seoul to 
tian, a, a ,„„.,.. 1 ; her henltli I oke down, an.i .he hud to return to her 
'■• in Hum lleunB. The .e.ond leneher i 

hone a , urn neuni.. ho .y.oad teneher I. „ Kra.lunte of tl„. rrenhvlerian 
and Methodi.l I aioi, lllrl.' .\endem.v in I'veoK Yimik, Her father i. a 
oilni.ler on Ihal .ide of the .ounlry. She i, 'a ,"ry nieo, .en.lble Jirl w! 
had a „renl tiiae tryniK to «el Iho boardini) iehool opened. I opened it 
onee, but it did nol lu,t Iouk. Our nii..ion ha. deeided we mu.t charie 

Jill 1 ,'""", .'"■ ''°","'' '"" ."T "•'"'°'" '" ""' ""'"■ '•••"»!• "i«>, >o ". 
will hav,' lu .harBo le«., and have deeided on Iho equivalent of aix 
aruin. ahieh i» Iho old Korean eu.lom. W.j are wa tini 
1 we ^el one I hope we will ^et Kirla enough to CIl 

meil.ure^ of 

lo find a Faiilron 

the 1 tile houw. 

One nt' nui I 
Who ha-i yi.rnt aii 
aa.l ha.lied 

'TiiHT teaeher. was married Inlelv, She married n man 
our 111 -ear. in America, He wore n Prince .Mberl coat, 
,,„„,. , , . ■"■',',",' J",,"' "••■I'P'-d out of a hand box. .She looked very 

prell.v ,ire».ed in pale l.lue dowerei .atin lini.hed .ilk, will. „ bridal veil and 

!;ud''i';r.,u,hi m[;,''wi''t'i', :i!;'::r„i"°..-"""';j°" &.•"'' !"r'- » "iW" woma„ 

I tieil th in with a |.i 
and she al.n wore tiiv 
iMi.l. I ever 

< liie of lay wiiiiiv 
bri;iht ymin): ' 

IJ. I 

The hu.liand 'j 

another wife. 

Iiaa tri|..l to talk hiii 

line blossoms, ao they did nicely for a bouquet, and 
•■•of ribbon that once lied my own hri.lal bouquet, 
bri.lal t'love.. S'.e wni the most uptodnle Korean 

lately told mo a pathetic little tale. She i. one 
'iMien, about 30. She hn« only one child, a Kirl of 
•K no 8011 they have always wanted more children. 

I Mnlioii>, who aro not Ohristiuns, told him ho should net 
He b..L-an to think likewise. His wife, who is a Christian 

tail lie mil ;.et wile liumbcr two. Poor little soul - 
tears as she said lo me, "If the Lord would 
could (jet another wile."" 

Her eyes were full of 
only take me home, then he 

•.. M,'r ""''i"'-'''"" '"".<^» »'■ t" work in Korea: "I had beyun lo feel 
at the school work was ,n pood shape, and I would be able to devote more 

M»..tarl.p. to Cin«l«. Thli me.nt ll..t I hid t„ ,l'vld. r,„ t,m/hit..„ 
tlw Khool work and Mix llii|,rr<' .•..unlr.v oork "«••« 

.1.1. "l'''^''l^ '" ''•'""'r> womi'^nli-l 1.} my hrlptr una n lllblt woinun, 1 

vi.iie, Kiiju , m„.i |,i,.i„,„^„„ II,,,,. i„i„„| ,„;„ 1,1 I I ;;j 

of • rlv« Kllh > t«..ulirul «,,„u,. nf ,r,.,.. l,.»,li„K u . t'l, *. I,.d b... 
rnlov-'i vf.lJ'.'II'Klf "" !^""," '■'?''•".""■ 1" N™'K'I'1" 'h.t w. would no" 
thB rrrriilion »hi<'h wi. r. .nc.l ..ur tear »ii« Ih,,, ,hl> miuht l.i- ,„ ind 

N^ft' .m 7i •"";' ";'"'H' ,'""" ""■ K'-I'l. "-1 II'.'.' |.l«l will. u.„ w, 

Wlifli we held a f\ant fln-r.. :i W(>i<k -ir lo ln,(.r. 

"Krom Kilju me |ir.»-.wl»d on |.»rk i.oiiv lo Vouiiu Am wh.'ro tliu 

iZh?;""?/; ,»' » "-""hv n of'.,.,-,,,. i„i ,i?.,i„::',\„:";,,';, t: 

relalji™. ii<tf ii ,I«». „r ,wi.iitv Hw w.,,,,,.,, ,i,„| „lrl, „„., r,„ .„„i„ 

im"',.''!"""""' "' "1" ""■■'■'•""■' "' " -.-I •••I-"" fol, , . u'/y 

>.Ty ,-ar,.l'u ly foll„»,.d ,11 ,|„. ,,r,.„y |i„|,. ru|,.. „, -..ii.iu,,,,,. ,„,|, ,,„ ,/ 

up to tn,' ntundiir,! ,,r ,,,,» Kil.t'i w,,,,,,.,, 

"\>c lind „,,; I '■.„T„.,I ,., .J.. ,„ ,,k,., „,, ,1 |„„ ,1 II 

only al.l,. to .|.,.ii,l ll,r,-,. ,|,„, ,„ ,,k,.v, ,,u, ,|„.,. „.,.r,. .j,,,, „f r,.,., .„,. ,^ 

ban,! of about ,„„v w.„ „.,.l „,rl. l,UM„,ilv 'lU, I ,„ ..wrv woi^'HuVl 

.o..o,od r,.ullv v..ry „i„. 1, ,li,„|,|,ui,„..,| ,|„„ „ „|,| „,„ „„' |,,, ' ,,; '' "^ 

a lIlHtuilfO of ,. 

inti in HonK,'lii,i 
l.iitor in th 
the iimfit. Wo 
fir*t claas uabir 
and I oi'i'upiod 

,li:,t i|,.. 

>ul,t :,,, I ,li, 



' >pr,i.y «.■ t,„.k ;, rrip »,, ,|,j,|i,,, ;, ,.,,„ 

I'fr Hunj;, liii, ;it „i|,|it ,,M ,, Miiiiill ,,,.„ , 

,„ won, six hiTt,,., two ,,f Wl,i,'l, 
\\,' r,';,,h,.,l l'l,;,)io tl,o iifxt ,„<,Miino i,t 

•.•,11 Ol 

li>l,iii;. port on 
,tl, but :, niKli' 
i,v llibl,. man 

louK .1,0 l.,ui h,.on a I ,l,,l I,:,'' I,,, li'^'^o ':,,:'''"•',', ''l','" 

Some of ,1,01, ur,. i .Ty i,:.„>rant, ind,.,'.|. I in,H,ii-,.d if „ numbor „f wonm, 
would probably »,u,ly v,„l, us, a'ad .l,e roplicd,'" How ,- li "h v tu Iv w . 
they know nothing-, and ,.„„n„t ..v.-n r,.a.l ," ' Mowovor a .-las. of ihout 
afteon womea »lu,l,..,l 1,,.,.. ,|Uito ™,i«r,. .orilv, bu , ,' I , „,,',1 ,|,"X| 
ho ,t,oot, I hoar.l p,-.,pl,. ,,,kinK if I „a, „' wosfrnor. ,, 1 ,L f 3 

J::ri-"..x:ioS:" ^""■" "'-^ "■' - "-■• "-> -i -- 

.|^;[;l*1;\!1i"; ;;;.:jff:^",j r„:r;;;{;^;;^ i: ^^^-rvz 

Ilan^heun^ girl,' v l.ool wo havo over oiKhtv pu,„|. tweatvfour „f whom 
■omo fro.n ,oun,ry l.omo, an,l roHi,ie in til,. ,i„r,ni',orv. i.f , i, numi™ 
twonty.ix are in the middle Mh„.>l an,l Hftv-four are'in the irhnarv ,b. 
|,artmon.. The ^-irl. all ..udy verv dili„entlv, and wl! e '"Zuy a 
HeU.'ef M "■■ '•'"^ """'-' '■""" "'" '"M'ti^e.l Christian u-irl, «re",SL. „ 
deepen Hie spiritual expor,e,He of their youu« aehool frion,ls, 
. it' the Japanese are KoiuK to ask us at the end of eiL-ht veara to 
teach the Bible outside of s.hool hours we are trvinjj (o B^ve the "iris 
:, thorough knowledge .,f the liiht,. while wo have the op|fort unity, "ilnd 


•i. the miuiontries' time ii devoted largely to Bible tewhlii ratber 
I »r7'" """J"""- «»""■". ««» •' tbe'eod of tbe eight y«„,wh« 
v.,r» .-'".t"""^ "> ♦"'>• ""« WW' i" aaother bSildijr i am 
ZLT'°"""k •■ '" "" °PP»'»»ni'y we are going to have to mODl'd th^ 
S,y •■ " ° "'" '" '"' "" '"""••■ ''«">»"1'°°<' »*"■!. rapidly " ng 

»»rirtn8 in tJi» Vand of »intin 

Oeneral.— Uurinjj thu simnner » ooDferpnie of missionariea from Iho 

(mmmtawi .ummer resort), at whi.h plans for a "Five Year," Forward 
Evaagel„t,.- Moven.enf were adopted.' In December an fortnight", con 

SSr^rH- -"• "- s^^ ^.Ti^rx ;;?xr tfi 

ZL/an l.r,.. ';■'"';" "" »l'l"'«""i'.V t" hear and underatand the 

a training olaa, for tbe Chinese delej^ate, (of whom the e were aomo from 
bnrv °'r/ f ""°V '>-"»;"-"i"'-»-d dnrin; the conference by M ° Tewke" 
• TlL'i ! «<■'■" ary „£ the China S.S, Union, when problems such », 

Rihr "r'""' •'"'" »"<i "»» the adult members it the church for effecti™ 
fused'TL ';"??,"'" """I-"^'''"' ""'k, and Christian service, •' were d,,! 

cefvedto the Chr&""'r'''r''; '''"'" 1""'''^'' <"' "■« i"»truction re- 
ceiveu to the Christians in their .listricts. As the special week drew ne«r 
much prayer was offered that multitu.lcs nii^ht be lefto decide for c"hr?st 


Missionaries-Mesdames (loforth, Mackenzie, Leslie, UrilHth Eadie J 
^/An'^^Ti'',,""'/" " '^- M«[»'<>sh, Dow Pyke, Logan Shipley' 
The Annual Eally of Christians in the Changte Sold wl, held for four 
days in November, with three sea.ions each dav directed 'arBelvbvZ 

fo'VrtoVo?:erJ\:-,.,;Vi't""A^"'"r^'?,'"' "= ""'"■ "^'"^ <" ->» ''■^' ''"■- 
t i^s o^t^ooivjis-ofiiie-io?^^ ^;^r'o^".:^;^;rr;si'ihi^ 

chapel was opened with only a few Christians in attendance 

P„„i?''''' ^°"f*°« School-Primary and High-Miaa Logan, Principal- 

i„I!„i. '"^'""'ne management will be in the hands of the Chinese who 
intend to charge tuition fees also, A flourishing Y.W.C A exists the' irirl^ 

ZX ^lr,r 'l^-re^TLd't:^^. TZ L^C^!'^^^ ^^ 

^VuiiteTC'S:/ hJ-i'^-': "''^ "''' - ' '•"^^^ 

I r'we r^t^k^;;; !irat'^:^;^"'^-nS'^a^^ r^f^S 

z ToZi 'o'/ ^i-z^.^:^ 7h"erma;tvf -u;:'7 tT a'r r' 

mother, a Christian, works all .lav, o a night in a' coM f *;"' '^''°'S 
Whose father, a renegade •■hristian', thr^eite'^d'to ,ell\°"r°" ?,;; Zoth"' 


IS".! !S;j; ir.:tvi s .";;,'„'■'" "■ »-'■ -■•■^. -«> •>• 

previously been .ubject'd to re«r.i„, 1?^ '"T S."'- *" '''° ''»'> ■■»' 
was most reprehen »iw* Whe "rSviT'.l," "" u' "" "f""" »' ""■»<" 
let loose a flood of ,ie doaue^i^ ^,1 n.. "° '' .°''"° ''" """■"■ """> 
pectedly ibe Princioal found hL '>,•»■ " "'!, "'"'"S a room unei 

fcooden pillow Owfn, t„ ?f 'f''°K °"^ "' ""^ matrons with her 

/or the sK'of the "."her, to eS'h'er"'rT'"'l' "' reluctantly decided 
that ,h, would uot be read'mUted'^^n SeDiember ?w ''"•" !""" '""'«°'^ 
letters came telling of a great chanT-e in h^^ „ ,7"'/';'"°« ™'=''"<'". 
return. So she was rladmiltpd '"L^^ ^k '°"''''". "' ''<" "niiety to 
most marked. An^fher Tn'.lT^rg T" ,il altht^ris''''' '"''^1 ^«" 
S:^ I'e-a-rn'li; ?:' ei;-,ordt°S ot4 l"/.'"^f 7^ ."f"^ '""e -affi 

uncombed hair and d°r"y clo^hes^ f „i her h'"" ?'""'' °." ,''" ''-y '<'»'. """ 
and her feet have been unbound W'n ' " combed, her clothes tidy, 

o.ay be as markld as "he o'uZardf Her'ueo^r JJ".' 'It '"T"' '""«« 
proclaimed the sospel so diligeX dur nt h'ir^' ■, t '"■""l^". •>"* she has 
hove BCTD opened to u^ Thfs ,em l,er mothei hL "h"".? ''" """ '«'"«• 
coverlet in order to pav hecTauKlTer 's fc", ' '""' *° P""" *"<' "'<> 

la.,I!:rum'n:?h'ev m'^„„t'dTo":'„'.ic''e^™.av'"„"n;"? ""T '? ""^ »^'^. »■"'. 
«honi I had set liii-h iiopes as u nn.MWe f, , . '7 '""" """""' <""> »" 
girl, ^^Bry capable, Ld^y SOod ffpracS^'" fe" S "il "','■,7°'"' «°°* 
fron, her new school were fuU of earnest entrc«tie.f„ ''""' 'o "» 

planation, ,,» to whv she had left without rivL .™^ P'ayers, and ex- 

ten after »i, wceki, was quite dirroriS^ tone "' She '»'', '."l" .'''i'''' ''"'- 
now would be sin, and slio bciiired me fn e ",™° .. du?"' *''" '» '«'"■> 
the real truth. So the raemvCa sow.? fhl^i " ' u "'*'■.''' ""'' "'"' ">"«■> 
up and grow Will vou nrnv f„r ,k ■ > .J"""' *"" ""' s"'' "■"' spring 
hlr and Ling her back" Tjlav scho , T/.'/ei"' ""■''."''' """y '"^ '■'Id «" 
Average attendance 21. ''■''"""■'' °" '" ""' '"mpound. 

of an'^ap'p'r'S^c"'- L'TheMll^ri^rerM;''' ^T"^" °-"'->'-tl.e a, ,tion 
a degree of pettiness wl,r,h-„^T°. ' ^.^^'' ""'"''ited discontent and 

seniles. As'^the time ?r w\,' 'ar't 'leaTedlhr t 1° "T^"'" '"" "" 
a former medical assistant, a man who left mi=.- ■ *""°« '"'=''"' ^y 

cloud, and who havii,.. o„encd m, T^ri" , f °° ?"''"^'' ""''" » 'la'k 

cities of North n3n" cove e ^' ci e/,f '"■.'','*".^ '" '""' "' «■« ""i-B 
by the addition of won.en ?L d^^lleTf a'l r„l: ■"""'"' "l "«"'»'« 
ot change of scene, blinded her eve, ,,. the sure Lr^'r' ""« P/'-'P^t 
unwary feet, and only the timelv offices nf ff.- J ■f'' cast for her 
farther vision saved her from disaster stncf .h , "'il"''' °* *'"" »°'' 
interest in her work. •'"""tor. hince then she has regained normal 

assis?a"ce'""B';'i^^^rr;"c'ircuSSc;r S'r /"""' "-""^ "^ -"»»*r 
.n spending her fimo where au3re'„'';r'^r:"alwa°v:"af"bard°"^' "" "'"'''' 

col«„n, Ihrough the crust It ^on>^r:.,d^7'^oS"^S!l^ t'^UZ 

had been Kainoi A m„^ 2od wUh\u l,nn[°1 T° ""' >>"' ■■" °''-i='=' 

as8Ure<l i,s that eTiad rav^fL .Vh ''" '''I ■' ''"athcd, he triumph'antlv 
number, a„"d do^b^fi",? "VoaT/d I , '/cfed 20 Tn^M" /^i„'"'."'^ '"" 'S 

j^ tertt-!^trr?tr=A :r?h?3-'' °" -'" 

The HwallowiriL' of "oM *itr rin^a ..„^ ^ ■ . 

fashionable ".ethod „rat"t°m|,te, "21de Thrf '""''f " ''«'<'"'i"R 'he 
upper stratum of society ,veri brought f^'r i f n^J- '■"' '''"<'» '""" ""e 

:2nr„T-js£jr^L'r??£ S-Fr ^ 

and lead. ■ ' I'""''''', "hifh lontaiiis arsenic 

the «eS"MtSe';'SrJ^"^l;: /eacjf r"°'' ""' '^" "'""''■ »"" 
pathetic. Illiteracy i, a veil f„r?i«rj" ■« ■ucreasinsl.y open and sym- 

mind of a wolT o fc'.l ul. W on , biMtTt''' ""f '"'"'""'■ '*^'"" " "■« 
hymn is the sum tot-," of a mm tl, ■ ■ ''''?'' ""« *'""•' olcmentarv 

accept housekeei'ins a her p H"? im "of""""*,'-,-.""'' f"""''* "■" ■«■'' 
for the lite to c!m,e? For I, sr^'?'. ^,„ 'I '''''/•' "■'"' '"''<■ 'hance. 
■lay that acceptance wi?h God 7s b^sid J r^ ""' '" """"''' •'"J' """ 
nor upon acquired knowled-^e aid "t f. th? "''°° "?"""' """inwient 

soul to say, .%hen ^^^1°^,^'^^ ^^^Z.^'Z^rir'^.'^''' "'""-^ ^ 

the fospit!^'„';^d;'°;;3 rJ'So"o",f,e::'-T rf^' ,""' *°""'' ""■" "> '-'^f - 

patient 'who proved hers If ,ery much •'^'ut'T'''- ''V "l','' "» °« »°« 
for her sister and mother "As »?m,.l, J ,u ' K" "'"•"^'^•''s ' '" her loye 
after exhorting to d°e'isYon to^'ono?"", Hst 'cfoses' wit°h\h1 t"^'""" ".I'""' 
IB no plan for salvation after death V I i Wi -f ^arn'og, there 

feel so badly when we sine that hym„ f! J ' T"" ''"'^' O"". ^ "'""J" 
died Kitho/t kno«-rng ab?ut the-Saviou jLT- 'n ""n '"'" ''"'' "''''' 
English, 'If the chnr^eh a? home oouW %st hear that ' iT ."""'^'^ '" 

At t?;''so^n"d*™ro7i';ff ^ r"^*^ *■• '■ «^^^o.^- 


gav= His life a rf„a„„",'rbe;,, and ire Tlor '"o'utd ""aU"..';': '"■"' -T" 
was a vegetarian and fparpH ♦ ;*> i "7 , . " ^""^ away -tin. She 
committing .in S^ wa'so n <"l f " ""K' ■"■' ™»-« "''^ «"uld be 
daughters to hear BurUkeA^rT^.„''''T","'°* ''"' ''"'"«'" ''"^ '"o 
beySnd our reach whio still ?aE So„n" T"'' ■'".""^'iod, she passed 

-;j,, .ho has „^„,i.r,^riL'':;^3 :;ia"'rv;;:?r„;:;^,'^r- 

Day School.— The serious -ilnoss of Mis, Vir,. , I, , i 
the clos n,. of the school !n A. She « ■ s a'^ w .L' V M '""' ""l"""''' 

of the Chan-'e school \ft „„t .. J """?'' K-'ntle Kirl, a ■ raduat" 

away on C) stmas dav, an" -r i I'LTh;""? "'"-'"""'"^ pccefully 
was reopened in Octobe, w ,„ „ l'. 'he whit,, platfu,.. The school 

At Urst 15 to 21 ca me f.,i"v rc.n-l^n'' .'""P"'""'''-'' -'raduato n, ,.har«e, 
of mumps and wl^fin!;. „i,,J'ir,'",;v';"' " "?"'-' ""' »" ^■'"^'^'"'■■ 
Mrs. WauK, in ^i»itiny, Ld, evident; ,» \'he I h.'.'*";'', '■' "*;"",' .'"'■'" 
amonj.' their own folk '" -"^'' ■"■'" I'glilbearers 

YuJ'^Jk^J '"""i'" '^'''■'- '="'''' '""Sht Eugli^h 
luan hhi Kai, rosjdinj; in I'hanijte citv! 

th.' iirand.hililren of 

bee?":;r"i,r '"iii'^rts;:: ?;rn."''' -■ -^..v^ iit„e">::;^kr 

followinj. fairs and I e,tre, r nn hin l"" .'" '"" ''"" ''"•" ' " <^"''- ^" 

town, tiren passin^l rin'^ther Strh rZ;''.''',"T ''"■" "' ""<" "■"'"'■' 
little opportinitv to "ather the " » , """I '"'''" ">""• """ "".■ 
more in' l,,,!, pla'ce, and wil , ^ I ." it Lr trlveiu;, - '° "'""' •™ ""^•^ °' 
pictures and hymn sheets »,.,,caiini lo ,„tl e,r ^H "'^'"'' ^"1' f texts, 
an intelliKent interest in our' , .."tl The r^Ll "'"' "'"'■■'' '" "'<""» 
Li Chia ChauK our landlord w" ,i3-„ ^J'^/""!" were encourasjina. At 
sons, had .smoked awa, »0 ,crei of L^H "' "" »P""". """ik" who, with his 
han^-ed herself. The Ian ilorihh.JlTf •,'"■'' J "'■' """ '!■"" '" '•«"''«I"cn,.e 
ha.l not spoken for r..ur v?.ars Thev ". <>!"""., and he and his wife 

visit; he is breakin,. ofl i i,, o„ium i's w ,i? '"'"""'",■» ""ortly after our 
wife, studying the Tm.spc land preiohin^'Vo hi fell"''-''-,?"* '»' "''"' "'» 
several other, in that ,'il,age ho'pe s„o„ 'lo*?,/;:,.^'^^,^ '"""■"•" "" -1 

orgard^^?„^JeTt^n7"ca^h''°r*^^,t.."trte'>"" '1^''' '"'° »-en 
■arge district, and ha^ ug iurisdicn.n v„ •..'f^ J'Vangelist.c work in a 
Each is expec'ted to bear tts'sJare o f fl„„^, i.l" ' """ ■l"."'""' Christians, 
divided into several evangelist" Mfd. J 2 ':"1'»"»''"'"-*'- Each is sub. 
will reach more than 100 vn'Jsl.Mv ''.""°« l^.^ ""''^ "^ "-angelism 

.rogations ought to rZ.^'i::^^^.^^^^''!;!!:^.:^ ■- -" 

Misaionaries— .Mi'sd}, 
MacKac, II. Mackenzie, 


"Anlrt'*'''H'',';'' -■"''«'"■". ''^f. I-ochead, I.uttrell 
Auld, Hatt.c, Forbes, B. O .■<tr»ther5, Bompas, 

women could not read: only one could writ?^ Tl,«„ 1 ^! u?*." "■*'• 


attendance of "omcuanTiiri; it 4^^ '[I''' "■"" ""?<"■"'">'•}■• Average 
Christian children i" "u chirl „f """,11 primary department for non- 

character and learn to read. -uihi.ii r^t luml to study Chinese 

.ern,:'rr^?7fi:^„^'^;;;;':»;:j:»„^^|,TI;' t 'Z'l' '" '"= 'P''"" 

the re-opening in the autumn, """•='"!■■' *"" 'ir.umstances prevented 

a .eutZ rc^!;rit?ia?iij^ra?fa":^^r,tc^e°!"^7''"'"'''"'°°' •>»" •>- 
to the missionaries. ' mciins ot opening many home. 

t.-.^^T.T,fti7oZ c;:;nc:c"m£" t: :"t T?'^r^" "■»' '- 

the Mission Bands to praj for llin'. * "'" '"'"'■' *° '^''"''*' ""'^ ^'^s 

aawlriaf^eTe-n^rr^lli-f »r*^,l:?'„r%"^ '"^f?"-'^!;^ ^"^'"/ '""> 

five junior vca s the iirls ^f' tli, ^ In ?" "'f»'' """^ .»" P»««ed. In the 
centage, they •• ied" ^i,' tl e C anltr^ciro^l h '■■' • '''?^»^ ";"»«« P"' 
were a little beliind both Wni ll,. ■ *■ . r. ''°>' '" "■" "'""' yeir. l"'! 
Mr. Sang, who has tau„ht l!tl ""d .Changte bo.ys in the senior year. 

Miss Wang^who entered then It i 1 ,',"' '""iV'^O'S-ni^ation in liioe/and 

ssra-?bb- „^~ 5^ Sr- ■-• - -°" - 

and 10 have been recorded ,l,^r,„tV„ "'I S" ', "■• ' communicants, 

One case from the first was ni.i.t serio.,/^!,t „ 'yP."""' '"-^ei anxiety, 
grcss when a kind ( f) re ativ t ea?el hi t„ ?? ""m ?'''' "'"'''"« P™" 
bun about the si.e of a e cu,, causin,, „ „? """'A <".''"''- »'<^™'"J 
more she was doing well I a r" ved iust^f A„,„f «' ,°" "'"J' """"n »"" 
devoured by the ha^gry X'":^^^^ grand'n°oSr,"v'::rdt"e„''rf? 

fj^i^- IIJ 

belping to nnr« her and ■» Vr f».h„ -KM» and twice a, many day, in 
e^pectld better thii., of h n? ,t L ""'' ."' °"' """R"''''" ' naturally 

women, 8„n,e oomi„K irfron?the oountrv , I'tT^''',.^'""' ""' ""'•'■' '">■ 
other produce have snent hm.VL i;.,. ■ " "/" 'V" '"""Ml""' doth and 

the doorw,,v and hear'^n ,t 'oTt 7 'i^ture'' wfh;,,/,'','' "'";'''■" """" '» 
been led t„ think of Christ as the nnU- sLv^,,!; t ''J'"J' '""■ "'".^ I'"*'" 
day meetings have been earrieVi ortl.r, k .>; l''t.**""'S».v -""i Wednea- 
Christians keepinL- them m" dirL° .hJ n ■- *'"' ■"'"■'' ■'■.'''"• "■= '^"'"'^^ 
on Sonde: »t I ^tr:l;^^l:o^Zl^u.;'ZrZ'fl^TZ,>^''""""' 

troJ'e'',„^^\i;F,7':^/,'^fl^tJ^: a.^ra.e attendance 27, ranging in age 
ourrieulum is followed hut w.h„-^' ^ '"„?' P?""''''- H'e regular school 
arise in the hoardTn. sSoo", r4h v^L > '" "" '" 'l'^","""''' <'» not 
personnel, and some%ome erv irre'.ularK- or"'? "'".''.'' "'■"f '" "■" 

within five minutes of ou door \1T„H ""'''.'"'"l'"- «'='"">l, which i. 
ceived its deathblow a, the nnv^noLrw "f "■''°»''' '"" "■*""" '""' '=■ 

^^^:^?^^'ir5iS?SS '= ''^""^-^"-■— 


ss?- i^?;^'^ve;^s H€!~i;:^t^^tgr^ 

.0 a. H.,en, a town two stations to the north of Wef llwei, on't/rPeting' 

th, child, and -1 . WMt'off a,;a^n ?„ „r \ •""'^'^''..r a little and prayed for 
read, ai..^ often tl,"v do no^'^tnowJn, „"""'■, ^'' '*" "' "'•""> ""''<"' "" 
they get at Io"k i„t^erval» ^ „nTh„ " *" ".'l,° .'■°"' "> ""> '""'' teaching 
Hofy Spirit, whri"!;«tV;^,;|t''',^^VJ;'';;-';;j;^ -' -"o -""-ce of thf 


-■ell^t'te'r^'Lu? T"atT%i"wi';rof'/h" "'t^ """""'"' ""•» "«"■■ 
suburb, was faithfu even in .h'. hllf ? ' ° "Mlth.est man in th, caat 
wa, an in^pira Sn o all L her ho„7, ■""""", "'"'"''"• """^ ''" I"''"'"™ 
. in their naVt to °hur,h, but%?i "„''?£'' ' '/"'i^J ?•" '"»" """>>• "^e rode 
deterred and hired a Sedan chir I, u -i T iZV ".'"' ""'' ■"" '» ^e 
»ionary Me.»enKer Oe^ l" 6 ami OH n-, "f '"'" ''\''«'"l' (""^ Mia- 
to b3 with Ilini in whom \he ha k.,r'„ . *'. . '' '"."/'' '"""inft went 
family strove to present Afrl Ln i fr„ "'. ""f ■ After her death the 
able to save the chiH'i iTfe hn, Z /"""'!? '" "'T"'' '""'' "°« '"'''" 
thouKht. But Mrs ni ro/aiUd shaken Shi''T f°°''' ''"', ''"'"• """^ 
having found the true and Iivi„rwr ■ , h ? u '""', ■'°-'' '° '"" "«»• '"".■ 
»he might lose it again '^ he L" wi ,uteV-' l""' ' "''">■ '"" "' '»'"«' 
friends and nci-hbours ■, „. ^..^.i^ ^ '" ''" ''"°"^ '""' ""'""K 1'" 
listen to our .nels'gT'sho 'ha": no "e '..""."Ve^^d^d "iZ„:"' ^r"'. '" 

opposition. A little over a "ar,?,^ 'h'°f' ''"," '"'^' ''" '"i"' """"Kb all 
in our house. • """ ''"^ ''"'•'"' "'"" '» drink a .up „f tea 

Hospital. — The woiiipn iiatients wen. f.>u-..r »i...« i i 

in the gospel message was si ow" Mr^ W- "l the Rihl" ' "" '"" '"'""" 
fifth ..nd final examination with ,'redit h,' Oet'ber vT'^v' '"'T'^ ''" 
matron; her influence for good is already felt. " ^""^ ''"""'" 

pal.-i?;he°e'i^e^o°?'!t',lft'?°"f~:^"-V'"«"" Walks Struthers, Piincl- 

In June our S ° r.,duates c'om"r,Ie.e'd " M ""' "P""' A''"'""'""^ '™"'- 
daughter of our eld^ Mr Clai one of he'olZ; ,.?"•'"'.•''''"". ^^ '''''™«' 
and who greatly helped the foreilmers to esca, e 7^ •mo^"-'" '" '^ ^^"'' 
in the school. The other Li VieiT s,, „i?i„ j ' ,^ .^' '" """ teaching 
blind preacher, holds a r'ospon, ble oosf ™ -"""rh '7 ."' ''! ^'" ^Wg, the 
is to be marred on Lw'yearN C " '° a- '?"''"'».'■!»' School. She 
Chen, younger dau.°,ter of I i Ohi cmI ■ ' ''"°' »s..'8tant. Li Hwei 
She and MrS. Chen were our dele^a e» ti tT! " "J ""■■''""^Hy bright girl, 
is hoped that they will conduct nor,„»r „l '""["'■'■« in Kai Feng Pu It 
week'of simultane^ouTevangelfsm Twi of ^^ ,' '" P'"!'""*!'"' f-r the 
the Seventh Dav AdvontiTtf Wei tJ\°- ., ** ' ?"•" '''"'""<' """7 •>? 
like a foreign child Mrs Ch'eninlV, h *,.''° '^l*j' "'" "■'■<""' u"d very 
Bible w„ma^s course. Ttoe new rZh^lV" "'" ""i «"'" y""' "' the 
three classroon.s, a dinin/^^or^nTru^d^r^So-rfr'Ae'^.mtric-c'n' 


levellfil. n Hquari> courtyard i.nv 
of a vegetable ([ardon madp. 

■d for drill. ,1 wpll dUf, and tlic b.)..inriiii« 

helpwi from -'MmorfmilH^nd work .^it; "'>„;■' '""■'■'•.■"»'■« have 1,™„ 
of the homes The atten, ," , ■ "'" ""''••' '"valida in soin,. 

been «o„d v„d\t.7„n '7, "d ;v r^:;;:r'r^'m\^^^ 

reeorded in the si.rinL- h"in e m,,l , 7. T ' ' "","'"">• >■'"" women, 

to be baptised X^^Le ""ar of rSti', ''rZ "'ot"J""'""' "'^ """•' 
has been the evnnuelisli,: wnrt l, Vt i '■. ""^ ■'"''ournjiinK feature 

been addo.l to our ".faff «n l ^^f Z l ' ""'■ '^""""■'' ""'l« »""""' 1"" 

prouresa has been surpriaint; ''""" '"■"■ 

outa^rre^iiWn\-7h'';emb?Mde,V''T."'''"« ""' '"'''">' "" ^""""' "-i„« 
year, now o„,/^t.'endr"''?;,r'^a,np nVr^otSr ^ Vk' "^T^tlTet """ ,'°'- 

<-on,n?en^.e';"!'r!^:f,?,rfln^';' ;ii- """" "''."""■"-■ "->' >^ """v to 

Deeember, much " , " ami lTeJ:ZT"T'r'''''' f "■"'' ''" l'""»=d in 
vating the 'riendshii, of t'le nitf ^^f 'I'"'. <!"">>« thf autumn in eulti- 
far) for suitrb?e prLiL " Hoi,;ru™i„?' ,'° ^"'"""■' (""'"'^^e.sfully so 
eiallv in China, thoUKh it has h^ I u . " , ! -' >■"'■'""■"«'"« w»fk, rai-c- 
aitempta we go in toSch with „ ver..i ', '"■■'^''" '""' ■'""' ''" "' >"" '""O"" 
met. On twf 000",'°^, lad esTf t e ffi' ? T" ""''"' ""' '"^""'^"- have 
homes. All the neM ho " am" i,^ ^ '"' ''T •■"'"'•"'"^^•1 "» '" their 

^tep forward, for i? t'^a^^f , "e'„°t- These'lldie"'' 7 ""''' ',» 5 '<"'" 
before entered lior home rn.e,„l, ■ * ""* " '""iftuer had never 

familiea, many „7 who eiione, live I'e '""'"'''''''i-' """""-' "'" b"-'"" 'l-'.- 
enec of 'ch'en T^ or Liu T'. ■!" .>"■'" "Pened to u, through the inliu- 

a.rea, JoyM„,ind""h,artl^"aUd /ne„^i;ir,XV:?,,;; f?T '' "T "'"" 
Liu T'ai T'ai had told them. ' " ' •'""'" ■'"^- because 

was o^^ytL;;!;?^ :^'^^.!:;t,^'s s/v^^^'Vi-'"' -' '"■"-'• ■ 

of T'ai T'ais were i.reseut w « . •. • ' "' ' "'• 'i^'tf a number 

Ch'en T'ai T'ai'rdrm.hter-inkw .'roZ.'e,''' ''^' ""'""' ""^' ""''" «'""' 
riddles on it. Aa I was at the onn!^'. i« =iH f .,"''1' "' P"!'" "ith several 
them, but none of the ChinCBe l«d?ei ff ° ""' L""* ""''« ' '»<' ""l hear 
eourt -ard, where wrwereToin'^ to sfl''.'?,"'''' T?' /"»"""''» '" ""■■ 
flocked in, the daughler-in ifw »at dow *k ^ P ''' '." "■" ""'Krtou" who 
.lip. At fiVrt I searc listened to ho°r'hMitrh-r'' '''iff """ ''"'"■ "■« 
me; suddenly something caught mv'ttenti,/ ^5, ?\"'*'^'''' ''"^''= ''''y"'"'' 
guessed the riddle. Sho was nerfe" K- in a^Tl. ? ^'""^ "' ""> '''«'" ' 
<-h.„ese riddle; they have l^^^w'^^C^Sl'^ti^JZ^:^;^'"^ i:!^^ 

other women. Her hu.bSmr, neon ^„r f °..''° '"■ '■" '■°'''<' ^'"^ "■• 
woula have time to devote t„ tHi-l'k ' "wn"" -"'■°"'»'«"«", «J .h. 
mothe,.i„.law m.y be won t„ ChrUt »nH .Zl^ri-" "* P"^ *•"» ^J"-'''' 
bringing the wom'.n of the '"llaRe to Ohri" ^" ""^' ^' """"■ "'"' '" 

Peh Ka" T-Tl^^'^i^o^h^irrge.';'!!;' '•"..'•'r "'^ T ""' -"«"""- '"P 
high wall with sii gates Orfe of . .^^X i"° "^"'i' ^".'' '' """""nded by . 
and Ave men were ?eadv to h. ,1 J'l^i"','"'^ """>'' " '" ">• «""'"■>>. 
eeme to teach The w„mei «o that . o o|1m"„' 'hey asked Mi„ O'Neill to 
took down their idolf Afi„ ('xei^l tCo B?hr°°'^ "' """'^ ""«» "■'^ 
boy and b„,i„e.» manager had preceded me l,v „ «.T""\ '"'* ""' '^'P""" 
foreign woman thev had seen In . I ™il;- , I ' " ' "" "»' "■• «'■' 
attention I reoe ved. Jfv "?' l,ed,li«L" n*„d AVt,^",."'.'''^*""*' '""" "" 
I went "in etate" i^ n bamboo»?,i^/K "l"" "'""^■'' K""'' •" 

was ideal, and a very short ten mu.'ii"''' •"?■'"'"(' °><'»- The day 
for sever'al lad. "/, u, at ?L !?„ T"'"^- . ''/''''"''ly ' "a. expoeted, 
which the street was a"most fllTe/li„ ^ "<''"t<:<l "» to the house, near' 
and most of then, foll'l"^ 'u. int'oT o\.rr7':„r«'.''7 '" *'" T." """""' 
"I'l-'vate" (f) room- voi as ."ri>„t„ .? ' ^."f " °°>' "' ''°"''' '°»° <«" 
The courtyatd was it^oit 33 Jeet soiar , ,^d''lirl'M '" " ' """u^ '" «""«. 
gate was the large room (nrobablt S, v' '«i '''"''' °PI'°"'<e 'he entrance 
was done. To the left of the p^t L:;^ ' ' ' "h"^. '""»' »' "'<■ preaching 
the hark long c^ve ed nas,,l, " jr.LTi ' ""■• ''P"'ate-' qoartefs, and at 
The family lived ij ™ms S back of H.-'iy"'' '"'" "'""" ">»■»» op^ed. 
rooms filled with farm TLlemets etc L„H "M"""'' '"'■""'' "'»«' '""• 
farm yard. The BibI? 4X„ .lent i ,;."?. '" ""' "" "" ""'"»'» "■' 
by 10, served as kitcherdininj r'J.nm „ f'** """"'■ ""' "'"'. "bout 25 
furoitnre there were ,ur' cot, *• taW; lTj°°rl-'""' ""'' ^"i"""^- *'or 
our food was cooked, w thL'st oleLi. h^i ""'".. "u" <°"' "'""'■ 
gave out no heat), and one fine Ch^ncL „., ■ :'''i ""'* "'""'"' "'''•'' '''^" 
slanting at an angeo? 43 Vgree?(Tmlinet^ „"'"'''{ \', ?»""'' '""^ "» ''«'' 
several benches about 4 ft ifv 6 h.nhc. ''omfortl); but then we had 

There wore two windows and a dL ^ ' »" "hat more could we wisht 
large room and so much air The win low i ■"""; "?' "" "'"' »"<=" » 
-much resembling prison wndow, l^ovlZ\Vl% '"'i'*° "' '""°« crossbars, 
time, which were tirn olT at m"gl,'t ''"'' "<""P»P"» in the day 

the dYslrnc''e"r?v'erU'.S:°but ^■I.Hrw'^'ticled r"'""' ""'" ^"'"""'^ "'" 
ate our supper in com„arativ»' -1 ""^ "S""" "^ "e returned, we 
andchildrenVithbowl of food wit S™',.^ ■'""' " ^'■^'""^^ "t women 
to know what we were ea inr»«i eSi„T„'""^, °'°?'"*'" ""^ "»»«»« 
the dishes were washed the bovsm-ctT^^ °" bread sometimes. After 
visitors out of the room. Then we bolted IcT "°"°"^' '" 8""»S "e 
were coming in greater numboVaadMLo ■NVifl 'h^^b-Ii *' h"? 'T"^' 
to hold o.ght meeting,,, tbis being' the i^'l^t^'l ladt ^^ng:':;'" Th» 


"■hut ,t „„„„, ,„ ,e^ pij,^, »hUo ""hou "K" ' "" ■* "ff"""^' 

be,..u,c int,re..ed, h„, t^/r„i„ ' Mn/j'J! J""''' ""' "' '"""""•>■' °"'"' 
'riendly. All onjovcl the iini..|n>, ihnLr . ' '^'■' """"• ""'• ""» •• 
.liked the or^in „„d wX^dTo Mr'^'r ""rr '"" ••';"'■';" ">■■ '"' 
l)uf more frequcntiv ,■, quintet or .eitel Kn. .k' .M """" * » '*"" <■'•''". 
hand, gently pu»hed „J he keyboard ' Somet^S'."'" ""' """" ''■•"■'"« ""i' 
Chi dren i,ot to ,.lay, then ealml . d" i. hfrClf T^'e",,,"™"" Y""''* '"' "" 
11 turn throughout the dav and when nniT J "" '' ""''I"'" preaehod 
or three at one .Ide tca^i'; or 0^01,10 jr"'Tr'T."h;'''' """""■" '>"-" "'° 
attention so well, and had «u'h nnlendid 1 ?n 7 ■ "''''" '"""■" '"■''I 'hPIr 
»f them has a ^erv aCetvoierH,!'''. '?"''''••; ""<«'"■> Ihem. One 
ji'oup of ,omen: whe" their u'eres^wa'ilie"!'"'' '. ","'"'""' ''" '"»' • 
l««ve, she would sing a sweet hvn,n Ld -K v."",'' ."'"'■ '■"'' ^'•'•«> '» 
more preaehin. Wh^en » x oVIoTk Jinl I fe ."oni? '""' "'"'' ""™""" '"' 
ous stream of people i, a great str^fn on nn ^ """ ""'• ""■ '■""'i"" 

dust in the room was ,0 ifad ir ,„ite of h '""r "'.""" "'^ to It, ,,„d the 
';ame our throat, ,vore »ore V^-eTdi/l •'P""l<l'ns, that when night 

J^u, was like. In Mark 7, V it read, ' Vhe" .'T """' ""■ l'^-'"''""/"' 
hoime from the people." Mark « if „„. . 1 ' .""" ""*""' '""o the 

The visit was a revelation fo r?.. ., f *"'" °' ""' "»'!"•'" hi're also 

a short time. So man' °°ti S,^n 'e ,ul,r^i '^'k """''' '"'? '""■» ''""'■ '" """'■' 
part or all of the eate^hism Will „„ „'7, ri""!" ".'I' "'"'' " I'"'-'"' ""1 
■niiy accept our Saviour, and th. thosrlho L!"' "T '"''"•''' '"»' "'"^ 
teaeh those who eannot^ "^''" '"" '""^ may he willing to 

ia attendance at thTNo'^rth'f'hi'nri'T' ■"' ';""""*■■'' """iv «a, speut in Pekini 
40 to 60 students all"f\^heram"r„"nar?e°.*'"'^H t^""'' ""-"■ """ f'"" 
American college Rraduate' Ms^^'iLn "?„ "."'^ *'"' ""'.i''n'.v BHtL-h or 
our destinations varied from Vo?th M^n^? ??"".""'*' represented, and 
the regular course wo en^ove.l .™5- ^ , ?""" '" *^""' """"n. Beside. 
Bailer and Mr. Heer, bT'cr' A fhT'sS^on" \l "'"*•'""'"■ """>■ "J' Mr 
most novel of all on Chinese etiquette driver? I '^""i'"'''"'''''' '» "'"i "■") 
native teachers. I had the goodTortuie to r/.iH »"l/'™''"*trated by two 
nch of the American Board r Goodrich I ^ ^"^ '"'■ """^ >«"■ 0°»<i- 
years of missionary life behind hmii A"' """" "'Z'?"'-*""! «•'"' «fty 
Rev,™,, Committee. Through Mrs (loL„'^>,''l" "■' """ "■■"^"in Hible 
the W.C.T. Union of China, temperance work it" 'f '■'""''"^ aecretarv of 
.nteresting, I saw somefhii^g o7b"?h old =n^ ''"'' 't'.""'" '"r 'earand 
lantern festival in the South CiU ■ at the Im„„r, 1 « '-'"""■ '" "M »' the 
added treasures from Jehol, and at the LmrTi'' '^""T ^'"' '*' ■''•""■tly 
driven out. Of now at the Vorth rhi„. O"" "?& " ''° ""^ ''""« "ere 
all at the little inderende.rt churoh ;„ ?h>d', I'V'^i"''-'' '' ■■""' ''"« "' 
J.ungT'ao, a wealthy Vhilanthrop"sr„S.ort,i"f ^"'"'' '"-'■. '"'en Mr 
t.-d by nr Ooodrich.' Wh.t -i^i^ilucl^.r^:; -^^l;,,- Pj>«o.y^bap. 

MtHHiouHrifN. — Mendani' 
Ur. McTavtBh. 


Brui-e und ClMrk; MisHC!< ilay HOtt Hyk'-n, Bn<l 

BructUftlc Md Educational— Otty PramlHt— Bin. Oluk.- Ihr number 
(It |>ii|iiU tutviny iloubled in tlir ciny sclinol n Ht-tiiiiil vlaM room iiml ii'conil 
teai-her hnvc bci'ti nc(cnPinry. M. vriil [lUpik profoM .onveritiori, iind two 
K^niors wiftli to 1,0 rt'i-ordiMl. A nuinhrr of the rt>Intivi<<i have become In- 
tercntrd nml attend HtT\i.'-». Tht- S.H. is u ;iri'nt oiK-tturunPinrnt, for it ix 
mucti eaitiiT for cliildn'ii ti> t.flu-v.- »ri Mini wlio naid, "Miiffcr the little 
(•bildrrn tu «:oiiif utito me." All tin- iiii).:tiomiri.'H iirid a nuinht-r nf C'liincso 
U-arh. MfH. Hruff InkI tlir itdviirM-vd .-liis-. Mrs. ('lurk .-onduti-* n wcnklv 
tfnrlifr>' traitiiiit' «!aK>^. Tdf »ii.m in alwiiyn n|i.'n, and with it* 
I'U'Mn watlH. brijiiir ttunHliiiK', arid tiijiny [.i<tur»'(* is very uttraftivc. A K^eat 
many (jueNts conn' U> hear and Htiuty." Tin- llr-t t-uavvrt from amoiijr tliciie 
wIjci nwo tlicir tpat-liiny .'iitircly tu tlic wt-rk dinii' in tliin room nun reoorded 
ill .luTif. Her daii^'litt-r i» al'^o a CJiristian. To tin- OltristiaaT. tn-y tlie 
peojde, big and little, brou^lit «iltH for the poor, whii-li wen- diHtributt'd by 
a t'oiiiiiiittt'e aiipoiiitL'd by the t'liim'm*. l")i) ('lirintianii and adlierenfs saT 
down to a dinner providi'd by tlMii.-.-h i'>, tlif wwuu-n aod )inU in the nuent 
rouni. and men and boys in a s<|iaran' _\ard. Mori- than half weii' fr^ni the 
H.S. CJoU has been very yood to U'-. and «.■ |,rav lor still j:reater IdemtinKS. 
There was a ^rcat Nturm here last snMirner; the' liailatonert were very larjiP, 
and the ram vamv in Nurh torrents thul many hnUMeti were avil. merged, and 
the Btreets bei-ame a rushinj,' strpmn. .\[an\ peoide were drowned. Two of 
our Bchooi j;irln undoubtedly owe their lives to their beinn in H.S. when the 
storm oeiurred. Their home wum destroyed and an aunt drowned. The 
Btory of their escape has lessened oppo-ition to our S.H. The Chinese are 
BUperst:tioua, and when a ChriBliati has "bad lu<l<" they huv the ^ods are 
puniahing him, but when a »-aHe like this o.iuis thev believe "the Christians' 
(lod ia protecting them. 

Dr. laabelle Me'J'avish rendered valued mediiiil aerviep in the inission 
thmilieB. She was trnnsferred to fhan^te at the »iose of the year. 

Country Work^Mias Gay.- >onie months we hud endeavored to 
secure rented premises for work in Chou Chwanjf (Jo .Iwang). After munv 
delays and di.-ia|.pointinenta ineident to real estate dealinjis in China, w"e 
•»eemed at last to have found a suitalde place. The rental was fixed; and 
on oiir being given posse^siou the landlord was to receive u cpiarter'a rent. 
So one bright morning our Bible wonmn. a boy sei\aHt and 1, proeeeded to 
our new place of abode. It was very niut;h to our liking, was well located 
iu .1 quiet spot away from the, had a lar;;e y.ird, a spacious guest 
room, and vwo small rooms for the Bible woman and mvat-lf. Mow I de- 
lighted in the thought of eating in pence and j.rivacy, without the curious 
LTowd gazing upon nie, watching the use of knife and fork! Happy autici- 
pations of enjoying work in theso tine premisen were not to be realized, 
however. Larly in the day the boy lame asking for money. The landlord 
wished the firMt ijuarter's rent. Was it not due ^ Ven, it must be paid be- 
fore the day ended, but not (luite yet, for 1 must tirst know why our 
rooms had not been emptied of the 'andlord's goods. When would every- 
thing be cleared out? The boy retu'iied to tell me that all would be made 
ready. But as the afternoon woro on, the goods still remained— likewise 
the money. On being sent ouee Uiore he brought back word that the laud- 
lord's nephew, a nfUer of beans and millet, had occupied the rooms. The 
furniture and wall decorations were his. Me was residing temporarily in 
another room opening into our yard, and he would depart very soon — in 
ten days or so. Was that not qu'ito satisfactory? But the reply went back 
that such an arrangement would never do. How could we invite women 
to come into the yard while men were passing back and forth transacting 
hiiain»s.*' finr w,..l. it..iii,t »... -"fiousiy handicapped, as no men must be 



Our WoiK rtould be 

Tlir l>IIMlN>r.| »ji. 


M'lrri. r wlHTt' Wiin '■• Work W)l^ to t.C .|oiH'. Illl- IIItMllnr.l ttll« Hl- 

lilruM'il, liHt uuuiri rvplii'cl tlliil in n fm diiya ull nnuUI Im' rlulit .mil 
woulrl r ^;iii<l o\t'r tliu ri'iit ut iUH't'.' Kivc vi-iim in t hitiii, Imuvi-vit, Ii.uI 

Iaii;:ht rii. ^•iiiictliitiK of (')lilU'itr waV'.. iiri<l I .li'-ti-riniiM-.i to |>iill witl ithi-r 

tin- Fii..ito} nor tile ''fari''* tlint w'oulii «iir.'l\ to> loxt wt-r.- tlii> iimtt.r not 
dealt Witt) in a huHini'MHlikr hhv, t'iilliii;r i- two li'ii-liny t'tiritti.iii* w.- 
askeil ttiHir atlviff. Miiw iiniiiMJii^ it uim to wati'li Minn l..-;it iirouiol tin- 
bush in trii.' ctiiacit.' fimliion! \ ,.r\ -lowly ilo's Wfiylu-ii hoth mIiIi'i ot 
the n. fitter, apjriirontly littlo .on. iTiioil witt'i tli.' iittllii.l.. of il.r liinill..r.l. 
tliout'li in truth tli.i w.-ro vory niifrv with Iniii iiiiil ,.iit,.r to ».-ltli' th.- 
inattiT l.efor.' oxi'iiinK.'nlv .,i • of tlii-io .li-|.att.'.l, l.iit n.niu t.'turni'.l, 

lirin^iiijr hi> wife, tiiy lio.j.l fri.'ii.l Mr-. Wnnj.. who iiimi..,| to h.T hi 

"for th«* niijlit." lU-r lui-lmn.l. . iillinii ii... ii-i.l.-, -iii.l in low t s. "This 

deci'itfui liiiidlur.l hii- no intention of - Iiii^' tli.. ^raiii liaiit liwin. 

He think!, you will yi\,- him tiif rt-lil, .'iinl wli.tlior \oll vv.-r yi't j.r..|.ir 
noBMi-HMioli or not i- in. thin;; to liiiii. It w .- -tii\' until to niorr.iw IlitTo riiiiv 

lip tiouMc; if HO iio tonight «y an fri'... W ,■ iiiu-t ,. ..M.rvthinK l.t 

onii. iitiii not r.'turii." Thrn in hi- kiiollv wm ho n.l.l..!, ■■Mi». WaliK an. I 

tiiy miithyr want you to <■ to it.*, ^ou^.■ iilwa\- -la\...l with ii- l..'f..rp, 

an. I why i..iw."' Tho li..,irtv in\itati..ii «a> tl ktuli. a.. . i.ti'il hJ 

Ihi- Ini.i nifht wa« ...niii.o „i,, \\,. |.a,| not tini.. to hire a . ..nv .'van. .■ I..r 
our'l!.. nor ili.l w.' winh t.i i-ri-iil.- itiM ..n t !io -ticcl S.. 
MiH hoy 9h..ulili'ri'il tli.. foMiii;: ..r-an; .Mr.'Wanu fia-p.'il li\ it- win. hamllo 

tic [lortal.!.. »tuv.. ma. I.' fr i I oil tin ami till.. I with i|..l hot .'oala: 

tw,. .ith.t mm |.i.k...l ii|. th,. ho.,.- ..f foo.l -ii|i|,li... I I k-i Mr-. WaiiB 

and th.' Hihli. woman sa'hi'r.'.l to^.-tln-r ii.'wii |.iii..|in»'.l -Haw iiials an. I 

onr's ol I.... I. lino, an.l awin- w.'nt tlo- |iio....— i I loa.liny tlin wav 

with |.nni. an.l li.-ttl. - In .,n.. Iian.l : in ll ll„.r a lant.Tn li..|.l al.itt. 

.No wor.l 111.- I II. ,1.1 f.,l|.,„,..| u,. lo.r .liil « .. .n.-ountor iiiv ililli.ultv 

on our way al..n^. 111.- now ,l,..,.ii,..| -lr....t-. It «a- a I t th.. WaiiL- 

lioni,.. Witli a figh of l,n|.|.y r..|i..f I i.iitiro.l tl... uj.i nianv a 

lornirr i-.a.-ion. 'rrui., it wa, -mall ami .lark, had lilil,. ,,i ami muHt 
•ervc a» ti.<i'|,ti.iii rmmi. .la-- r.Hini,, .linin;.. ro.mi an.l l....lroiim 

hut a- I lay ,lowii to -I.... tl... l.ri..!, ',...1 I wn- .levoutlv thankful f..r 

these yuo.l Cliri-tian frien.l- with whom I . ..ul.l lia\.' a lioiii... 

The next moriiinK .Mr. Waii^ loim.yed i.. tii.. lan.lh.rd uiv |...i otTer 

111;.' ot :Unt i-a-h lid .-rnlsi in lo.l;;.' it of our lirii'-f u-.- ..f hi^ 

|.r..ini„». lie lelurne.l a- | te a ine-aui- nl thank- a- if l,o had reeeived 

the lull rental. To -lion .hnyiin over tin- failiiii- of hi- -ihenie wiinl.l 
hav.. l.een to hi-,' •■fa...- Tliii- the matter elnl.-.l. hut we -till lioi.e that 
Home .lay thi- iila.-.., -o wll -mte.l to .iin ie.|uir.- nt«, may he oi.i-. 

Country Work— Misa Sykes.- itvei a I i aid mv t)r«t \i-it to 

the ullaKe of I VhVno, l:i mil,.- from Wn An. in "re-|.nn,e t.i an oft re|.eat...l 
request f..r t.. tea.h the women and ihildren. .\l v Bihle woman 
and I -[lent a lia|.|iy two weeks there teaihin;; those who had 
learned a little from their liu-han.l- ami friemls. While then- w.. were 
ilivited to a near-ljy \ilhiB.. for a iiiu|,le of lUiva h%- a Mr an.l Mr- Tswei 
Throu^.h a mistake we arrived unexj.eetedlv, l.ut reieived the usual heartv 
c:hinese wehunic. We notiee.l we were lieing earofullv serutiui/e.l hv out", 
siders, thmiBli the tamily ni..-t lordial. The .'hil.lren who u-uallv 
eoine with en-e an.l freedom, were lew in iiumher. enriou- to see vet feirfiil 
of stayini; l.ut hefore lravin« we ha.l «nine.l tin- ^'oollwill of nianv who 
had heeti skeptieal of us. Last ,|,rino we aj:aii, vi-it,.d TCh ■cng, and als.. 
Mr. and .Mrs. Isw.,. This time another villa;;e was entered Before 
Christma.s we mad. ■ thir.l visit to this distriel. Our I Th •euL- fricn.l, 
are he.-ominK ni.ire nomerous and are ea^er to Four are reenrded, 
and others ma.v he a.l.leil soon. Some of the youn-er ones are married an.l 
visit,,,;; Mian ,H their new liome- will iioaii enluelv new v illaues. In 
1 ( h en^. we reeently j.ur. hnse.l ].r,.nii-..- wliieh will iliake a lirioht sunn.v 


liciniii for our womrn '> w.irli. On nur iii'Xt \i«lt we fci ii.l I" rln' nnr |ihii-i> 
from nlili'h tvii ro.Tlv.'.| our lli.t iin Itnlloii l.ut to Am' \illiiuri. i.4.rlmi.« to 
tight. ' 


Ml<>i..iinri.'« -M....lriiii,., Tliciij niid Arthur.: Mi...'. Mn.'<l'>nnl<l iin.l 


Altlioutili 111,, iiuiiihrr riM'orrli-.l or liii|.|l/i.,| la >iriiill, tlio -ilii.ition in 
Mill" fli'l.i IN iiiori (MH-.jurimiiiy llinii it rvi-r wim; niorp Iimmh'h iiro ohPit nnil n 

'"•"''' ' I''i"i' ui>''i I" tl l"ioiiuri|.., i..|...,i,illv l.> ...III,- „f ll„. ,.,iuntry 

i;,.|ilr,v; Mioro \i.ll,>r. ,-,.m,, l.i Hi,, .in |,r,'iiiiM.«, k,.ii„. iroiii tli,' ri\i'r l.,i»tii; 
II liirtiir iiiiiiil„T .if oioiImt. nlhm tliiir liltl,. ^irl. i" iitl,-ii,l ,.Ih,,.I; looro 

«..«|i.'li4 nil. I .'iit.>.'hi>iii. iin-; iiii.l III,. .{.Iirri' .,f iiilliipt in ii,,l iir.iUMil 

tlip (Ivo out 1 i.tiiiillv ,.xl,.ii.|iii«, Tlii. Ililil,. woiiii'n iiii.l l„.||.i.r« 

iiri. r.':ili,.iii;r tlie ini|i.irliiii.,. of work, oro licomlnx Ini' oi.iri- 
r.'liiilil,.. niiil rnn, wh.i, in..r«.iir.v, .iirrv on tli,' M.irli for a liiii.' uitliout 

«u|i,.rn«i„n. Th« Women's Bcliool nl th,' ,ilv |,r i.e. i> fuKlllhi.. iN niin 

■ liiily r,.,.,.nin)( «„ n niol tirh on, I |,oiiilinf tlii'ni to .l.'.u.. On Snlil.iilli 

Mr., Tlioio«..n t,M.I,... tli.' «» Hilil,. .In., tlirr... \\\. inn,. i, how 

""""' "' " "" II .■M.liir.' p,'r«i.,-utiou for thr Mn.ti'r'» auli.' i m,' v.oiiiii 

woumn win »tnr\o.l to ,l,'iiil, l,y her inothrr in hiw, the nuloin.t .,r Hi.. 
Ininily, .h,. n.iul.l not ..r.liij, ll„. h..u.vhol.l (-ode. AiiolliiT n Uno 
aioitl,. woniiiii, nhiii li.MtiMi l,y li,.r liii.l.nn.l for lonroinE Hi,, .-opw ,l,i,- 
trill,., .ni.l, '.Hoot l.i.nt in.., it i- u.,'h..., for .in,.,. .tr.iiH ,1,111,. into niv 

i.iirl I inu.t l„.|i,.v,. in Mini. If w,ii !„.„ | „in,t tru.t linn. If vou 

lull in,. I inu.t .till Irii.t Mini." 

An Answered Prayer. -A littl,. hn,l ii troulil.,.on l,.,,.., „„ lii-r 

forrlon, . Wo n,lvl.,.,l lior to «,. to tho lio«|,ilnl. (Iff tliov w,.|il-,,uit,. ■■ 
.•.vnl.n.U., Iin.l.noil, Miinll .,111, l,r..lli,.r nil. I nrpheiv, nn.l' not l,.n«t, .Mr.. 
Hint', on,, ot ,,nr Cliri.tinn.. Wli,.n th,.y iirrivod thp ,lo,t,ir look „ir tlii' 

hla,l< pln.f.r, .-I,., I out Hi,, woun.i, ,in,l found vorv scriou. tronl.l,, 

lip linil to t,.ll thcin Hint slio linil n hnt,. ,.|iiin,... for Ml',., Ho ui,|,li,,,l ,1 
.lro„iin-, iiiid tn„y w,,nl, n .n,l litll,. t-roup, to lli,.ir lo.lirini.., n,i,| ,,01- 
.i.l,.r,,.l whoHioi tlii.y .lioul.l f„ l,„ni,.. •'No,' ,ni,l Mr.. \li„.,, ..],., „, 
|,My. ( onf,,.. your .iiii., prooii.,. .I,..n. to follow Mini, nii.l II,. i-an Iib-.i 
.vou So thoii an,! tlior,. tli.y ,,ray,.,l ,alliiit' „„ tho .Savi,.ur to l,pal an,l 

with .inipl,, tru.t l,ri all , h„n,f.. Two ,lnv. later wlioii the .r,i,.lor 

r,.m„v,.,l thi! ,lf,..,iaK li,. foun.l a ,l,.,i,l,.,l iTnprovrin,.iit. So .ho rpmainoil 
j;oiiij. over ovory .lay t.> l,e taught an.l to roi-oivo tr.,atmi.nt. At the end 
ot tl,r,.o niontli, , ,„ was in ^,oo,l |i,.nlth, ha,l inii,l,.|,.,l .1,,, ,at,.,hi!.ni, had 

"".""'""",'■"' ","■'"' r.,tuni.,,l lioTiio to witn,... for .1 with her 

ill.hniMl an.l Mr.. Ilin^. to help lior, „r to co 1 k to t ,1 lif „-w 1, 1, li ' 

«e are prnyin;.' for her, nn.l tini,. will t,.|l. 

City Premises— D.iy School.- I. iloiii^. well, oi-ht or nine 1 uli.r ...lio- 

lar., an,l a larj,,. niiinloT o,' irrefulnr.. The hitter ar,. Inu..|,r ...riplure 

>;'"".'i >.; "' <'"■>' <":'>' 1'" "itl, „. y a tew iiioiiHi.. An„i„l,r,.,,|, „f 

blii,.|< .iiiall pox ....itate.l ,.l,..ini. II,,. .,ho„l in ,li Two ,,f th,, liri-ht- 

ost little firl. ,li,.,l, l,nf they ha,l loam,,,! of ll,e i-liihlren 's Krien.l 

1.111 e hun^ Sliwii ha. I lier feet l.oun.l, an.l wa. .iHTi-rinj; r..rril,lv the 

s'o"/.'r„, ,'1, '" '■■•"."■ ','" •","'•'"'"' '" >'""■ '"■'■ l'l'"l>. ml-.'., "itli the .-.t'lior,, 
»u I mjl, tho assistant teaeher, was ,|uit.. ups.t over it. She prulo.t,.,l -mil 
s,.iit a letter ami a l,o,iklef to th,. hoini. l.ut without avail. So we nriveil 
an.l the jioial news inine that .Sunx T'ai T'ai would unbin.l her little oirrs 
teet so that sl|.. ,„uld walk to sehool. The S.S. is crowiii.-; .ittenihuoe 
soiiietiiaos rcaehes 40. 


Mrs. Eoas.-An ,,vaii(..,.list lia, been rnlleil bv the little i-liuroli an,l 
.ysteina 10 t'lvint- introilii, ,.d, with the r,.»ult that the offerin-s l,av,.'been 
treble tho=e tt l<ii.,. The women have l.o.oo a worthy .hare in tins, and 

pnrt tif tlir ■iiliir.v iif thi> W(iriiint tii rlmr^i' of tlir u<»iiii>ri 'h city i'lin|>i'l ih 
|.alil hy the lui'ul i-liiir.h. Tlu' lillli' .■.mi|i,iiii i.r w.iiripii utun's .luiulil) i 

muiiy iiir.ri" iirr t'oiiiiii)^ m (nut h «tth tl..- yi.-|.c| -nii;-)' ni tli« riiorti ta\nr- 

ah\y Hltiiiiti'il iMiilihiici williiii till- rlt\ «• 'IIh iM-;ir ilif KiMt l)iit«-. TlifHc 
iiri' oil II |.HT|. of iiiiiil I mi liii"-!'.! hy Mr. If *« toi i li.- irf.-tir.ii of a .liurt-li. 
'DiiH l»eiri}x ti-iri|ioriirtiy •!> l;t,M"l. '•u-li I'tlihlioiiK an ni>ri< north r*'|<air liiivi* 

I' utill/i'cl for wiiaii'iri. «.irk. ijuiti' a fi'W \ illaBi'« arr imw r.'pr.-iMitcil 

lit till' »i'nirr», >liiiniiiK 'lial Hif 1 hri«liair. ari' |.a>«iii|.' on lli,' lijilil. Tin' 
B«y Ichool Hliows nooil rii.illl«. lint i» liaiij|.i'rnl In llic la. I, of a fi'iiiiilii 
Cliilicilo li-iK'litT. Ob'Uo TM I'i'.aliii' lO'lf HUNlalhiou \n .liilv, aiKl i-alt''<l lliiMr 

oivii |,a» I'liur.l'i aii.j man., arv fr f .lol.l. ClrlM MUo ii. at |.r.'iii'iit 

llic li'a«t pro»|„.rou» ciliirr in tl,,' II, M. Mu Lliau 1 l»n i< llii- r;.«,-l i.ut- 
utalioii. SiTvi,'.'. ar,' l,i'l,l r,-niilatlv. :iij<l lliv j |,l,. ar.. f i,llv. 

Tliouuli tlicr,' ar,' 

, l,a|,ti,',',l 


Mn. OOMld MtcOilllvray. ri„ i^a/i. 

K' an- t'airii'„l iiuniiri'rs. 
' lla|>|'y Cliilill I," i. an 

evrr-ilU'ri'iiNini- j,i\, an,l wt a \or\ «o!,iiiii r,'«| Kiliilitv. 'rii,,u:.'li tit,- 

of |iO|titr lia. 111,'!,': I «',. liav '.t lal-nl tin' |.ri f 'llit' iiitirttt iiii'. 'Ilih 

in due tu lii'l|i from frioiiil» In Anitrna ami fr Ilio \V..M>, Tin' >ult 

m'riitlinii list t-tt'inlilv iinrt'tini'M. A itl'i'i'itil ChriHtTiins nilmln'r wti- i.ri'|,ari'ii 

(•iiiilalninu a -I,,, it >t'r\i,'o f,,r Sninhn ^flin'iU. \ Iv I.', i i ,,t,j.', v.,u, 

»ol.l. With Mr. l.itl|-» at.«i»tnni'i' n' Itiink mi klnilnt'nt. to animtilt. tallt'il 
".Htriko at slittiif '», ' ' «a. ntla|tli'il ami trtiii«liil.'il. I ho t-ost of i, riming lii'iii., 
int-t l.y llio Hii>li,ii llnriiunt' Ktluiatiiia Sitiii'iv. ivliiil, Ini, almi I'tilil fur .Vm 
O0|.i.'« of "Itiaulirul .Inn,' to In' |.ri'«i'iit.'il to |,rin,'i|.aN of «t'liot.l.. 

iLift Srlglitmt (!»rm tii tl;r Vritialf (Crauin 

Medical Work.— Dr. McMaiiter. I'ltt;;iii> silll l.toiiK a siroiiK ;<ri|' on 

Inilia, IJ.iitm ilialji- !" iiti; it'i'.trltil in k. Imlort' lin- liati its sliart' 

of this fatal ,lia,'a»,', Wf liai,' litttl tl :t!l .»,';,. in ,!„■ ,ltv ,'i,','|tt in 

the hot wntoin, wUi-ii it ,|i,'^ out for a liiii,'. M tin' ,*l,titf of thi' vtar i v 

arc Htill Uyiii}:, ami attnnt ,,iit'-tliirtl ,,f tin' )',t|>iil;iti,ni luiH llt',1 to otl,,'r |,lai','^. 

NotwithMlalnlin;.' llu'Si' at|M-r>f tomlilions, tlto atti'iitlain't* at tin' tlis- 
I'cnsary ami Iniai.ilal liat Inrii (;,ni,l; 117 ni,,ri' in |tatii'iit« tlinii In niiv 
utia'r y.'iir ilurinj; iii.v k,'H i,,' at linlnr,'. Many of tin' i,l,l |,aliiiit^ Inn'o 

t'oiiif Itai'lv, lirin;.'iir.; tltnir tri U f,,r tr,';itni,tnt. It is i'n,',iniaLiiii- to 

notii'O lio» inaii.\ of tin..,' « ,■ Iri'at lia\,' li,'nr,l -tinu'lhiiit- of tl,,' ko»|'i'I 

Iti'forn. N,,t \t'ry niaa.v ,la.\-.H a;;,, I an>i\,'r,''l II to ;i \ illn^i' -ix iiiiU's 

a\va.y. 1 hati st-art'i'l.v In'i'n'in tin' linU!.,' In,' niinnli'« win'n an oM « an, 

11 friflnl of tlif |'ati,'iit. ,|iittt,''l tli,. lint'« •■]' a rliiistiiin livnin, will. It In'-nn, 
".lo»ll» has sav,',l iii.v a,,ul." I nsl,,"l lift v.liir,' sin.' Inailit'tl tlial, ami slin 

Haiti: "Was not i-i Tal'jti in _\„ur ln,-|'iral lasl yojir, atnl «as not ' i;iii;:alt:ii 

tin'M' si.\ vt'ars a;:,,, tiinl tit, Wf mil -t'l iinilii-iiit. trnni vmu' l,osiiit;il frnni 
tillliJ to tilni'.'" Wlii'ii 1 aski'tl if nn.v oni' in Hint \ illaV,' loultl l,'a,l. slii' 
auswiTotl tlnit as .vnt no ,,ii,' ,',,ul,l, l,iit" tin' .Mnliara.iiiti tiist m':ii' Innl tinU'ri'il 
school to In' slart,',l, uli.'rt' the Imys wt'rt' k-nrniiiy. ami "iit'\t \ear In'iiii: 
altic to rcatl VMtultl llu'ii snail fnr 's,iino of our lii'.tks. .\Ianv "of tin.- in" 
[latii'iits I'arry awa.v with tlii'in litniks. or Htisj.fK^ timi i|i"i,u;;li, ns vol, 
few women i-:iii rend, tlieir linsliiiinls ami s.ins i-aii. ;in<i tln'\- too are in a 
measure reai'lied throu^^li llif lii,s]iital. 

Moliammedaii Good Samaritan 

One eveiiia;; in liie rjiins rwo nnii ami a winitaa fame tn tlif !i,,s[iitai 
asking that we ;;o to a villa;:e, 'ramlitili l*i[ilia, five or si.x iniles jiway. t 


Iiail lioeii there (lirco tiiiie> (..•fi.iv, ariH i leinhereil lliiit it \Vii» n mile i.r 

two off tlie main rd.-iil. s(i I iiskeil jiow I W!ih tn ;:et there. One et tlie 

men re|.li.(l. •■V..11 will p, liy toii|.ii on the « 1 loail, unci ri.le thin liome 

on the pnth tlironjih the fiehl. " Satisliecl with this llrrnn^■ement we jiot 
into the toiifii nml aliiited. Hut the ton«il look a .lillVreiit roail from the 
man on hoisel.aek, ami when we arri\r.i at the piitli the man wa» nowhere 
to bo seen. So we liei;an t.i wiilh in thront-h the mml. Simie plai-en the 
|iath led through hifjh j;ras-; or (.Tain, and in the ditn li^iht of the lantern 
one eould sean'ely wee whether or not snakes were in our wav. However, 
we arri\e(i safely ;it the villa^'e. and were shown to the iiouse of the 
patient. Three oxen also were in tlie si. 1, room, and it was very hot and 
riose. When we were rea.l.v to j-ii. ii'.| the door was opened, the eid.l air 
made me snee/e. T saw a very disn..t\ed look eome into the ftiees of the 
women, and 1 realized that thev veiv nui.-li feared that ill lurk would 

.■ome to the liatient cm aeeonnt ,d' that s ?e. The had hi.k however 

mad.' itself felt ii other dir.'i-tion. 

The t(nij;a .lri;er had left his tonyn at the roa.l, ami, liriiijiiii- his 
horse, had followe.l us lato the village, fearinj;, no doulit, that if he sfiive.l 
liehin.l v the road the ..f tli.' patient mijiht not ;iive him the riaht 
fee for iiis tri|i. .\ft.T s..ine iliseussion the amount was .l....i.le.l up.m, ]iari 
of the paymirit l.einj; ma.le in wli.-at anil part in mon.'v. Thi>a the driver 
weat to look for his horse, lia.l li.'en tied and fe.l at s.ini,' little .lis- 
tan.e, hut it was nowhere to l).> found. It was so dark one .onld not see 

far. The nun s.'ar.-h.'il fur hini I w.' waite.l, lint as their etforts were 

of no avail wi' thoUfiht we ha. I better ^o .lut to llie road anil wait there till 
the men sli.uihl brin;; th.' It was half past two in the inorninL' 
when we arriied at the pla. e wh.oe the tou-a ha. I been lidl. -\t this plaee 
the road was beins re niaile, an.l a nijiht wat. hnian, an ol.l .Mohammedan, 
was on duty lo »..e that no .arts should trav.d ov.'r the unfinished laiad 
When he knew of our troubles he lironslit his wo. ..leu be.l \v"ven with 
eord, out of his liftl.. teni|i.irarv hut, an.l pla.'in^' it on tlie sid.' of the road 
offered it to the womaii with me and nivself. We were verv ep,.! t.i a.-.ept 
his offiT, for the j..ronii.l was very wet. We ha. I a blanket' W'itli ns. ami in 
spite of our surr. inn. lines so.m fell asl,.i.p. We were aroase.l l.v the loii.l 

talkiMi; .,> the watehman and a .-art driver who had been .Irivii n the 

unliiii-hed road ajiainsf orders, anil was to be liiie.l. AfliT that I lav 
awak... and in the .listunee I i-oal.l see the ol.l .M.ihaininedaii man eook 
and eat his foo.l before daylight for it was the month of Haiii/ain. and. 

"I this ith, no yoo.l will take food or water into his month 

between sunrise and sunset. When inoruin); broke he liroujihl some hot 
tea an.l .oarse bread to us, sayiiie that he was sorrv it was salt tea. as h" 
had no suj.'ar. The Hindu woman, altliiin;:h not •>!' \er^■ hifrh east.', of eourse 
eould not eat from the of a Mohammi'dan. but 1 was verv thankful 
tor his kindness, and the t,-a and bread refreshed me. 'eaiiie that 
they ha.l not fouu.l the horse, so we starte.l to walk t.i Inilore, lint j.ot a 
ride two miles of tlie way. I hjive not heard what happened to the horse. 

Miss Thompson.— The story of tli.. woman who worrie.l over the dust 
that eoiitiaually frathered in her house, and at last lav down and was buried 
in dust, often e.iines 10 mind when trying to kee]i the hospital free from 

Indian dust I train the dear uiitiilv women, with their babies an.l 

frieails, lo ki>ep their belonKini;s in the'prii|.er pla.e. and have the wards 
looli even a little like a proper hospital. Towards eveninj- the wards are 
a si^ht lo, es}iei-ially when a number of ehildren aeeoiiipany the 
visitors. A repriiaelifu! look from the nurse superintendent start's the 
mothers hastily Kl'therius U|i Hie seattere.l crumbs, skins of fruit et.- 
wondernij;. no doubt, at the strauite ideas of white people. 

Educational.— Miss White.— The work in the Women's Industrial Home 
has lieon rau.h the same as last year— e.lueatioual and industrial. The latter 

i-niiiprises the .b..i-..'^ti'' w.-rk of .-..okiiiK. ileaniii;:. ;;riiuiin;i mrii, ami wash- 


ill;.', ill udilitioii tc >iiliio otlicr J'oriii nf ilKlliKli i:il wink, sll.-li us lUM'iiii'wiirk 
(embroidery .niid .Irmvit tlireail), iiiiikill;; Iiiitroes, omi elotlies. kiiittinp, 
eroehpt, hookeil riiijs, anil ^.'ariieiiiii;:. Tlie wimien liave nuitiiuiod tii i-eii 
tribute tlirnuKli tlieir spwiii;r ami kiiittin;:, ttieir "liil" ..t' war ^ervii'o in 
coiinei'tioii with tlic Kod Croa» Kelief Coiniiiittee. Tlie kiiittiiiy ma.-iiiiie lias 
turned nut a number of pairs of socki* i.ii sliort notice. Tlie eli|>|iin;.'s of 
lihaki, jrrey flannels, ete., are kindly sent to us liy tlie Red Cross Work Com- 
inittee, and our blind ^nrls book tl" -. Int., rues." wliieli are now di;-nifierl as 

"Ambulanep," formerly ki ;, ;,,,.;.,] .-..s, and made of anrtliin- we 

■ ould euf up in strips. 

Miss D:-tir»n.— I will tell i, linl.. :,l,o t some of il,e new iiuidls in 
our Cirls' II,,. Siliool. Tliis ... , :.i,e ;, |,ei .nal touel, «lu,.|, will renew 
in your lipnrts .ympatliy with ;,,;..' ..irK'n. and ;.M\e an idea of the 
responsibilities resting; njion us in the work. 

Let me llrst introdin-e yon to a Hindu pupil whose home is in a distant 
pnrt of India. Iler husband is a lawyer, who has lieeii privileged to get bis 
Kdueation at a ( liristiaii eolle;,'.-. and now writes Ii..\. and I..L.H. after his 
name. Into his honn — a home of wealth -laiiie. some six vears a(jo. this 
Kentle. doidle. but illiterate woman as his wife. It was not 'lonj; before the 
husband found that his hopes of happiness were sadlv frustrated l,v her iirnor 
anee and bi(;otry. Iler friends, too. «.re so orthodox in their leli.rion that 
they eonstanfly interfered with her studies, for whieh arrnaKements m'lv made 
hy the husban.l, I'tider this.' eirenmstniires it was decided that it Mas best for 
her to leave her borne, and even her little daiiKhter, for a timi'. and enter a 
school where her studies would not be interrupted, an. I that her uhereabonts 
be kept hidden from her relatives if possible. 

On beiUK jilaced in onr school ee Here asked to lr;„ I. li.T to iva.l and 
write, but above all to teaeli her tu take lier proper plac In the home, an. I to 
develop III her a loviii«. hi'lpfol an.l iii.|..p,.n.b.|it spirit. K.- have a.-.-epfed the 
chaiKo, and so sb.- is l.einj; taM;;ht ea.di .lav, onr ehi.f desiri. bein- that she 

may ac.|nir.. the bijjhest culture of all^-tli.' love of Ibi.l in the I rt ami thi- 

be prepared to be a bli'ssinj; in the lioini' which awaits her 
beiii^r a Hindu, prepares and eats her foo.l ipiite jipart froii 
I.e eonsi.l.Ted .k-llle.l if tou.hed by rhristian 

.V seiond is a yoniieer ^irl, but one who. a.-.-or.iinjt to fh.' Iliii.b 
custom, was betrothe.l in her youth. Some of her r.dalives have b.^com.' rhris 
tiiiiis. and both hiT linsbnn.l and brother are stii.lviii;,r at the Christian Col 
le^je, so it was tbonxbt espe.lient for her to iref some teachiiet too Heiii, 
half Hindu she is not in.lined to eat be,d' or mutton vet, but is ur-,..l to .1. 
so by her friends. Thus, aeain, we are e[ven the t.isk of trvin.."to teadi 
ai.d tram a ynnne uii.lis.dpline.l soul, and to lead her .m t.. a saviii" knowl 
ed^'O of .lesus Chrisl. 

Another interesfin;.' pupil is :iii .\ii;j 
been broueht up in a mission nrphnilaec T 
mission orphaii:i;:e at Xeemncii for some 
take up the study of meiliciiie, and so li 

herself for that work, she expects to trv the entrance to the hi'di' school 
examination in April, an.l then to matriculate before beL'innin.. her ine.lii-il 

Our latest pupil is a I'arse,. ClirMian. the lirst ..f this das- we have 
had in the sehool. The Tars,',. reli;;inii is so exclusive that no on., who is 

not boru a Parspo can be, .u me, ami the adherents of this reli.don arc 

ex].eeted to adhere .just as zealously to its ranks. Hero then is an anumolv 
—one who though bearing; their name and belon^iiiit' to their race is vet a 
(.'bristian. May not her presence here intluencc some of our Parsee' dav- 

pupils to make a more strenuous effort to beco , tis she is free in Christ 

JesusJ The iiath for them and for others towards this .-oal is so thornv 
and diHicult that one li.n-s for the day to coiiie when llie elorv of Hod shall 


This p, 

as it wool. I 

the hills, has wt.rke.l In luir own 
years, slie has now decided to 
t.) prepare 

''I, ''MiD 

so lightPn the Ijnui tliitt it will not he (■niiaideroil a shanie but a glory to 
l»eIonj( to Christ. 

MaratM School. — Miss Manarey. — Tn the villajjes some women showed 
a ;;oO(i ileal of iiitt'reHf, and linteiied eajjerly to the messnj.'e; others were 
quite content to live tui aw liefore. It is sad to find so many women 
wiio say, "We are iirnorant. ami I.iav shmiM we understand, Oo away." If 
they are even williii;,' to listen to a liyniii one feels that they may jiriinji 
some tliou;;!it wliirli mav luiiiu lijjlit tn them. One woman stopped us on 
our way out of a villa-e, and Msked to ho t<dd the way of salvation. On 
inakinji anotlier visit to lier vilhiye, we did not find lier, and think slie wont 
away bee a use jdajrue liad reached tlie"e. Miss li()liertson and I often 
t!0 out to a vil!a>.'e on Snndny niori.iii;;^. One day Miss Hobertsun intro- 
duced me to an elderly wnniaii, w lio is \ ery friendly, and can read. Any 
time we -io to tlio villa.^e slic taiii's u> to lier home and gathers sdme of 
iier friends about and tliey listen attentively. 

On aeeount of |da::ue the siiniol was only open 117 days. The annual 
distribution of j-ift^i was held this >ear in April. Such times are dear to 
the hearts of tlie children, and are the iiii-asion for the display nf their best 
attiro. Jt was really ania/inj,^ the nnunnit one small girl was able to don — 
necklets, armlets, braielets, anklets, hair ornaments, and a gaily embroi- 
dered sarie. 8he was the daughter ol* a wealthy Ilrahman. After' the gifts 
were distriluited sweets uNo were ;;i\('n. and tlie shatiow of no one, unless it 
be a Brahman, %vas allowed to fall on them. 


Two Thousand Years and Thoy Have Just Been Told 


leen carried on 

!iy lielp.-rs, nntil 

.'d in \oveinl)er. 

and ^iIlages were 

Miss Weir.— Ileru a little and there a Utile sc 
summary uf the work on which 1 lia\e to repnrt. 

E\an,i,'elislic work among tiie village women I 
throughout the year. Miriambai and liendibai have li 
tiio luttcT gave up her work as a Hible woman to be i 
'J'lie early part of the year was spent tnuring in Nin 

visited f ri HI five centres. In I leremlier we were again on tour, wiili Mr. 
and Mrs. Taylor, wlmni we were delighted to welcome back from furlough. 

Three '-amps were made, and tlie | ph' were perhaps more friendly tlian 

usujil. Still we h:i\e nothing to repoi'l in the way of converaitms. At mir 
last centre, when we liad linished giving the gos|iel messii;:!' to a group of 
('harn;ir men and rtomen, an old man imjuired how Imig it was since .lesus 
had come into the world, as it was only a few years since we had come to 
tell tlicm about llim. When toM it 'was nearly two tiiousand years, he 
rentarliCi], "Since all those years have passed withi.ut our being told of 
Him, 1 ihiuk we had better continue Jis we have been," and his tone dis- 
tinctly implied that we evidently did m-t consider it a matter of supreme 

The Hible study classes for woinci, which have been held in the dif- 
ferent stations the hist two vears, I \\a^ !,)ile to hold onlv in Kliarua this 
vear. (■oniici! having asked n'le to take charge of the clashes for the wives 
of the students in the Theological Seminary, Indore, which Mrs. Wilson, 
ow ing t" ill health, was no lunger able to carry on. These classes have 
been carried on for the two terms of the Seminary. We began with six 
women, and at the dune of the second term there were eleven in attendance. 
With the cares of a household, anil in most cases a little family to h)ok 
after, tiie women naturally were not aide to give undivided attention to 
their studies. Still, there was much to encnnragc. Such subject.s were 
taught as we hope will be useful to them in the coming days, eni|)liasis 
being placed on the study of the Bible. Many of these women will go out 
to live in villages where they and their husbands will be the only witnesses 


-P'--ffiyi»i'''«» 1 

for Ch^i^T. V'.ilc tin' lu.-ii aii' ln-inj.' prcpiin'ti for tlieir future work, it is 

important tlijit the wiuiit-ii uIh.j le.eixc > t; triuuiiij:. Iii tliis -.viuk i 

^-nitHullv nrl,Tio\vli.ilj:o tin' lu'lp ^■i\eu l)y tlif fii( lii.lics. .\Ii<» Wliite 
vi'ry kimlly y;i\c lue th use of !i i-lnss-niNUi in tlie Wortieu "h liuiustriul 
Ilouie. 'Iwir lessons u ■■ ek from Mrs. Seett were a|i|.reeiiile.l hv 
the women. Ilr. .\Ie.\[a8t. I, out of lier lui-v <l;iv~, ^euerousle jiiive nn iLuu'r 
ii week to tfueli the Women the enre of ciiiMiloi nn.l home' nursinj:. .Mrs. 
'^yoiis uns also wiUinj; to share (lie worl;, l.ut illness in her family pre- 
venti'cl her from aeeompliahinc all -he wisheil. 

Mrs. Meuzies.— After n most int.restiiiL' \ovai;e of six weeks our 
|.art,%- of live reaehoil Imlia on .\ovemiier f'h. Leaving. Homliav the same 
e\enin;.' j;a\e us oui.v a few hours in the i-ilv. It is a's tteantiful as ever, 
l.ut our hearts were sa.l.leu.'d l.v the uuml.e'r of maimoil men we -,iw on 
the fcTOUU.Is of the Convaleseent Home for llimlust.ini sohlier.s. .\ 
into one ..f the liospitals fur white s„h|i,.ra al,„we,l us Ions r.iws of l„.,U 1..V ivouiiiieil iiii.n, an.i ever.vwlier,' the uursint. sisters win. .'are f..r 
the vi.liiiis e' his terril.le war. It is ^oo,l to lie l.aek anil to take up one's 
share of •■Ti:, white man's liurden " more iu this hniil of eontraili.- 
tlon.s, this Ian. I with its li;;ht anil sha.le. I.ri;:htness an. I, so liea'-.tifill 
ami .yet s.. ut:l.v, so plensinj; anil .vet so re|.ellent, vet with all tliis so fasein- 
aini)-. ti.uneil appoinleil me to .Mhow to tak.. up the s.-liool. zenana aioi 
iuilustrial work formerlv larrie.l on l.v .Miss .Marcar.-t Hreliner. anil taken 
over bv Mi-s Weir on the oei-asiim of the form.T's marriage to Mr. (,'oxson. 
I'laeue has seriousl.v iuferfere.l with th.' sih..iil alteu.lan.e ilurin.- the last 
month. .\t the time .if writiui; the sih.iol ia ilose.l, an. I I with two of the 
teuehers an, I a Hilile woman, have joineil .Miss Weir in lli,. ilistriet. In 
every villa-e visile.l, so far, the ],eople listen ea-erlv an. I he- us to eome 
a^'aiu; espeeially is there a lieartv w..|i-i wiiere .Miss Weir has lieen lie- 
fore. A ipiiet. ivistful oM niaii t.. whom slie hail iim-e s].oken, listeneil at- 
tentively while she was speakin;; to -iime little Imys last evenin;:, anil later 
on eaiiie ti. iiur eanip, l.riii^in^. his four n..|ihews, 'to hear more. Then this 
inornii.;; tw„ „r the Hilile woiih.u were in liis villa-je talhin;! to the women, 
anil he sat ami listeaeil a.iiain. Alterwar.l- hi- saiil to them, ■■Tho thin.'s 
1 have h.'nr.l aliout .lesus Christ remain in ijiv heart; 1 lielieve them " la 
the s.-hool in .Mhow there are ei-hty ;;irls, main of theni .surh ilear liriuht 
looking' little lines, with the usual love for the hvnin sin-in.' and al.ililv 
to nieinorize verses. A short time af;o some itirl-' in a Sunilav S-huiil a't 
home sent a list of verses, eaeh ^irl sendiiif.' her nam., with her verse, aa.l 
a nuialier of these yirls had in ti wry short time memori/eil them. Oar 
(-'hriatian women i-ontinue the iiidustri.'il work in their homes. .Miss liret.- 
ner gives generously of her time to the prepariiiL' aa.l liiiishin- olV wi.rl, 

eti'., and ivi;l he .ureatly missed in that, tis in niaav other wavs wl slie 

Iea\"e> holia. 

we eeiih] 
the ].eo]- 
not allov us. 
grass, or 

listen to 


Four Hundred Villages Visited 

Orier.— Durine the eanipiiig season Inn villages were visited, la 
we were, as usual, well reeeived in some villages, and wishe.l 

have .stnye.l long enough to lieeoine thoronghlv a.-i|Uaiiite.| wita 
e who so often are afrtiid of us the first time; 'in others we were 
ed to do any work at all. In one phi. a' where the people knew 
nnd so had no reason to lie afraid, they w.mhl net sell us milk or 

e\eii give their ox .-iirts on hire when we wished to leave the 

m villagers, espeeially the women, are a.lepta ia the art of showing 
indilferenee an.l simply ignoring you, if thev do not want to 
you. This attitude of aloofness is very hard to put up with. 

* | tJ 

eNpt'fiiilly if (ine li; 
teil them 

( travelled some inilofl over a rough road ii iir.ier to 

-... "tlie fri-ii.t tidiii';-* of jireat joy." When the Rev. F, .1. Amlersmi 

went on \cn\v he lent nie his ffriimaphone for use in Ilic work. Thiji has 
|tn)ved to he ii jr'iod "drawinjf curd," iis nil Indian pe(i|ile liki' riiusic, and 
viMnye iiumi iiud Ixivs will sit for hours in the eveniri- li«tei)i'n.' t'> the 
ninsir, whifh \n intersi-ersed with j,'0Hi>el talks. 

Miss Drummond.— This in the first time sinee I came to Indju that we 
hiid In irivc n]> wdrk in rj.jaiii (.'ity Itecuuse of |tiajrue, Tlif si!i-i.jI tin the 
i'oni|)ound has, Imwever, ^'one on. The aehoo! uri<ler the -iirfpensary 
tms hcen open tlie jTreater piirt of the year with it yood uttfu-ianee. 
Two ti'at-hers wire nii-cs'ary of the time. It was disnpjHunting to 
have to I'hisc the wi-hool because of plaj^ue. Tlie (iiatrkt aroiiud tho dis- 
pensnry was tlie tiist infected, and the pareuta were afraid to send their 
cliildren. When the State scliool« <'losed there was no hope of Keepinjf ours 

On account of the decreased attendance at the school in the Mili district 
ill -hny, the blackboard and box of }iooks were transferred to a room in 
another street. Most of the people are of a liij;lier caste than th..s.' ;iround 
rlie mill. They are weavers, and make beautiful sarliis ( (ihU.hi WKiiian 'h 
ihess) with silk borders. We had between fifteen and twenty very bri^-lit 
little boys atteiidinjr at first, and the school promised to be anexeej titJially 
(;ood (»ne. A disappointment was in store for us, however, whfi. .ifter a 
\isit to the M(diullah by one uf tin- teachers in an Aryan Sam;i-. the at- 
tendance bejjan to decrease. 

-Inst what Halwant Sintzli told the peoj.le we do not know, l.Tit after 
his visit we did not lia\e so many chiiilren. and when the callini.' woman 
went for the- they told her they did not want to j:u to a Chrislian .school. 
I kept the school open for a time, but had to elosr fur a Hindu festival. 
Not lony after that pia-.'ue broke out in the city, aud last Sunday we were 
fold that one of the bovs who used to attend school had the dreaded 

\\hrrc «e ha.l day schools we have h;».l Sunday 
About se\enty-ii\e children jrathered for theiV 
;iy, and each received his, or her, share of Indian 
sweets in a little vessel m;nie nf leaves. Each portion jiassed directly trom 
the hands of the maker to tlie children. For us to !i:ne touched it w„uld 
have ilefiled it, and the children would not have been allowed to eat it. 

I have not been able to do as much zenana work in the city us I 
[.liouM have liked to have done. Last year I told about I'andela Ramabai "b 
relatives li\in<,' in Ij.iain, and about Matliurbai, the widow in whom I am 
much intere8te<l. The latter is now in h'auiahai's home in Mukti, and some 
mimths ajio i received a lettoi' from one of the missionaries there telling 
me she had broken caste and askiii;,' me to pray lor her. For a. Brahmin 
woman to break her caste means much, and 1 feci sure Matliurbia must be 
very interested in Cliriatiaiiity to take sui.'h a step. I prav it will not be 
Ion;; till she acei-t- Christ as her Saviour if she has m.T alreadv don- bo. 

In both the districts 
schools during' the year. 
annual treat last Wednesi 

Medical Work. — Dr. MacKellar. — We record anuther year of uumter 
rupted service, and rejoice that we have been privileged to do our "bit' 
in the greater war a^'ainst the forces of evil. The victories wc desire an 
not always ajfparent, but we take our >tand on Isaiah )li: 1!1 and fight on 
knowinj; victory is sure. 

Fur while the tired wave vainly l>reaking 

Seems here no [lainful inch to ;:Hin, 
Far back thr(juj:li creek and inlet makini: 
Tonie^ silent, fbiodin;: in the main. 


It n:, 


AriiM,,;. tl!,. |,,.,ti.>nt> «,,- „ I M„|,, „^,|,,|| „.,„„,,„ „|,„ I I , 

""■'■'■'";""- V"l' "» I- "■■■"■ I ",„ , „„M,„„ , ,.., n, ,„' ,. 

»..-.'all.',| r.,n,l.s t..ok iu; „w,,v. Tin, .,,.,„■ „ .|„. ,v „ t„ , , . ,. 

V ,"■,'" . ■ :,"""''■, "'■: ' '" '" ' ""' ""■• ' ■'» ""' know w ,..„.' . 

> ,,l.n k,M.«- ,1,,,, ,lH. I„„l „„t a ,„ li,., |„„ „1„.„ »lu. w,„ ,l,.„,.| 

ill twWv,. ,|„,V- ,1„, I ..,1 ,,,v„y. ' ■ ' ""'■ '■"■ 

A Huiiiyn rliiM, :,.,:\ {„„,■ i,„„„|,« „;„ |„,,„.|i, ,„ ,„ ,„ ,„, ,,,„,,. ,■„, 

"" "■" """,""'■ '""' '■ '■"< tl- ivbt'iM., ,.„ui,i i„M >,:„„i , ; „,;,,.; 

!'"■<■ "■> "!•• "as oiili lif „ ,N,y, i„ ,1,.. |,,„|„,„|, Mn»N.,iis. 

f.'r.U,i an.l »l„. «;,» l,.^;;,,,,,,,,;; tO tVvl „ll,. |,|„,t stOl. whfU ll.T .■M.^sl 

>v,.... :,lr,.,„iy s ,.. ha, .l.,i,.. ,l.i-. Mr. (vi,i„. I,., I.,.,.a '„„.,'..'",,:: |, 
Kiij-lan.l with I,,.,, tl.iv.. littl,. ,.i,|i S„ia.. ii„7iith» ■!. ,, I, ■ 1,1 , 

»ii.i i,.M „f M,... Whit,.-, .,„„ ,„,„„„„;,,„, ;;;: ,;: I" „^f. .';,„" :'';:; 

tl.Mlif. hi, ■■1,1, • i„ M...-„|,„|.„„i,. N ,„. ,„„ ,„„„,„,.^ i,,',',' „. ' 

l.av,. a t..ll.„v t....l.,„ !„,. M,.,. Whi,,.. .„.| nill ,,,,|i„, ,„ ,,,, ,,,,„ '' , ' 
H<.,plv (•;,„,,.|;, :,„, |i,, ,,„, |,„,.,.,| ,„ n,,, '>" I'"" 

Ediicatlonal,— Miss Oarduer. .Iai,u,-,r. l-i i..ii; i i,,.,,.,,, ,,„,| ;„ 

^' "'-Il '■"■'■' llr|. las., an. I I ...liistii:,! li,,!, ,.,|ii,„' s. l" 

"" ■■'■''■'' ""'I- a'li'r a ( .l.,,„t,..l i,, l;i„..,ia"... -ta.i;. 

|.l™«i,i,. t„ f,...| that I ha.l «„,k t., .1., t,.r. „l,i,h I ^.i'- ,,.,, , 

•;""'"J-''' i'|.' ■.■aM.ais, I JVI, tl„. r..,| .il.ilitv rath..,- ■, h....! v „,.' 

!""!•'', '■M"'iifi ■■ V vari.,ii, li„..,. „„, ,|„. h.a-t bviif ■. .^I...,,..r 

' '■'■'"■ ^l"'"' " -".' "' "' t' ai,j;„aj„. „,„lv in i.n.i.arat i..a 

■....■■ Tl'" \""' '•■^■■"'""■■""■"'- "■h.-a ,l„.y «..„. .,v..|. I l,r..,',th; 

.,.. ii;:,...'.'r !"■ '"■''",'""">■ '-ItaaK'- ia Hi.' .lillVr,.|it s.-li.,.,!,. ()„t ..f 

„,K ■ ; ' "■'■'■''■ '" ""■ '"■''' -•' "< <'"■ l'.'!ii.iiiiiiK i.r th.. voai- 

t.. lian,.. :in~tli|-,.,. ::.. lii.l,,,.,., ,„ ,h,. „,„.|i ,h,,,.,,. |,f ,|„, ,.j„h,,.,.„ i„ th,. 

hir ;•; w" ;'"' ""' 'Kr ■":■ '"' "''■■ >"'"■ *"" •'""'• •-i;i,:...: ,!,':; 

, .,T.'''''7\ 'lrawii-thr,.,„l, a,„l la.-,. w„rk are tatifht. la th.^ I,.,,r.l- 

fift, '.',', ""■"'■'?'" !'■■'>' '""■"'■■"' -I. Th,.,,,,. ;,,„ .arv ,r (iv.. 

i.l ft SiiK al,., hav,. an Ka^.l,.!, ,.h,„ .,,„| „„,. ,,, ,, . „ , ■,' 

All, , .,„, th.. .v,„i„.,„, ,„ the „l,le,t, leara t„ ,1., |,lait, ' s,.wi„t.. :,Ji"C 

.M.^:.:;;,;:-:, ii;;;";::;,r;i ,,r■t:.,^^;;;^:;•:r^i'h■rw;:;;. tJ;^ 

j^'iZl hf; . ;;n;,;:i;:::e':? ilr-s-ti-^^rL^r ;;;!;: J';^^::; 
♦» '- yi--i '■« f."- ^ix weeks .l:;!;,'-,^; ;:'.".: '/:;;;:;;;;:;'" ;;; 

some tune after Ihi, t tten.laa.-.. wa, small, l,„t t„w r.l, ,1 ,, I „| „f , 

y."' ' >"iil"'i- iM,.r,,a-e,l. Hverv Sun.lav en.-h ..hil.l ..,.,, ., .„|, J„ , t 

with a Hil,le -..xt in Min,li, na.i a little ^aa.l , -s ' , , .f . '^, " ' ' " l''"' 
^Si.'lly ;.,.,k f.,r : take h, „i,h then,. ' ' ' "' ■" 



Miss Dorothy Kllpatrtck.— M.v lirst vrai' of nurk in liutlam Iras had 
li.ur |iliasi-»- liiiisiia-i> stii.:v, oiliiiatii)iial, ia.luKtrial, na.l cviiajjelistic nork. 

, 'P' Iiii-iithiual «..rk |,rcariita ..ilIIcss |ir„ljl..rnM „i„l possiliiliti.'S. As 

I writ,. I liav.' I.,'l„.,. 1,1,. that li.vtiv pictur,. hv Harold V .inn, i,, „i,i,.i, 

thf Master sit- sainma.lcM l,v .-hiMrrn fr..TM' laall^ l:, (in,, an,, i- 
throivii loviiifily al.out a fair hair,.,! l-:ur,i|.|.an ,l,il,l;' a littl,' is at 

his f,.<t; hitl,. s from China anil the islaiols of tl , f„„ inl,.ntlv at 

).lm, an, I, n,.stle,l , Ins,- to lliiii, is ,lark-..v,.,l ,.onli.lini; In,lia. •11,,- |.i,.tufo is 
aptlj- nani..|| ■•Tli,. llo|.,. of th,. Worhl.-' There arc in Kutlain some sixtv 
Imys an,l girls. W,. are trviiif; not only t„ t,.a,h U|, to Hook 1\. Ilin,li, 
along with eoiri.siioinlin^ slainlanla in aritliineli,-, (;e„.,ra|.hv. historv anil 
(.-raniinar, liut li, lay ileefi the fonnilatioii 1,, |iiiie. heallliv Woninnhoo'il and 

inanhoo,!. I'liv-i.-al ,-iiltnre is "reatlv ,.|i iineil in the i weather \V!i,ii- 

ever jiossihle, this takes plate ,.nt iif-iloors 'in the ^' of tl.,. ..iris' m,! 
hovs' or|.|ianas,.«. Tlii. Snmlay S,-h„ol lesson is earefnilv iaii^-l;l "or tliree 

,lay» ,,l tile «-,.eli I iiiu.-h time is spent ,|ailv on in, .'rv \v,.iji .\ ilo/en 

I.I the l,ri^.iil,.r i-hiLV,'!, Iiae,. had a lesson ea;.h ilav in l.;n..|isli (If tj;ese 
hve can iion read siaipl,. Kn^dish stori,-. .Ml are partieulailv ton. I ,if 
l,.arniii(; Knalish hymns, au,l sin^ wit!, jrr,.at delight sueh fa\,.iit,.v as 

•■•lesnr, loves ■■ and "There's n,rt a frieiol like the lowly .hsus." 

The day pu|.ils have of late l.eeii pho-eil i,nd,.r mv superv iso.n ,iniin- 
vlass honrs T],e av,.|a-e alien, lanee i- , .v,-,.||ent, as most of th,. .■hi!,iren 
,ve ,lire,lly nn.ler the ,.y,.s of the .\liss Sahili. PuT,etualit v is not an 
liiilian .. ,,ui,., I.ut faint in,|.ro\ enient is n„ii,-,.al,le. 1 lin,l that nin.-h 
■ •nipliasis ,„nsl he laid on truth anil, Kn.lless palieii,-,' is neeessarv 
l.nt It thes,. .-liihlrei,, tl„. hope „f ln,lia. .:ii, l... Iraine,! to alisolnte lovalt'v 
to tl„. truth. an,l to Ilin, wl,„ is ••,h,. ,vav, > I.,, iruth, an.l tl:,- iife,''- i,o 
,.|loit ,\,ll lii,\e h,.,.n loo er,-:,t. 

.\'t,.r si.\ w,.,i,ii„i:s this \ear th,.r,. ; 
only ,.i;;lit ••hi^- eirlg'- left o'ui of all ih 
'fli,.,,. ai,.. h,,weier, also tw,.|\e litlh- . 
eitlier livinjf here 

„,. 1 


,,ur lo'arts 

iloT, ,1 In .1 

a. ,lali;:hter 

I'ltlier liiinK here or at work in ne,;;lil,ori„}; villa^'es. (It tl,,.,«,. one dear 

■hihl eam,. to us from a far-olf Kharua villajie. It was with -reat fear 

Ihal the par,.„ts sent ll„.ir little Jauj;hter to us. Ill ithen ueifihhoTs taunlcii 

" ,','""■ '''"■'"'■'"» I'a^v taken your ehihl. V„n-ll never see 

l-ron, tl„. lii-t, h,iWe\,r. little llhapu was liappv li,.pe. She 

">' lier , ay fa,-,., her trustful wavs, an,l lief ,.a..erness 

1,1 l,.arn to rea,l. She lias 1 e,.,, i|ni,.k to l,.arn haliits oV liiiini-ss an, I riealiii- 
ni'ss. ami has proj.T,.ssed well in s,»!„t> ami in s,.h(i,il. prav iha- -he n,.,v 
fr,.w np t„ he a jjivat li;;ht for .le^u^ in tl,i. villa;;,-. 

Tor the ol,l,.r tirls of the Orphanave s.iiool davs are ox,.r, l.nt I liaxe 

i-iijoyeil an hour's Hihle sUiily with then, ilailv. l.a'ie,: we I ,„ llie ■■I'il- 

;;rinrs rroj;ress," whieh prove.l \erv -uilalil,'., a- ll„. Indian'n,in,l rea,lilv 

srasps allegory or pai-ahle. Thes ,i..r girls a,e parliallv self supiiorl,,,:. 

through th,.,r ,lrav,i,-threa,l work. .', a „,,.rag,. worker ,'.arns a llollar a 
month, or enough to f,.,.,l a ,.hil.l. 

In Sunilay s,l,ool I have assisle,l .Mrs. la,npl.,.|l in „.ael,ing inarrie,! 
( hristian won,,.,,, forty in nu,nl.,.r. I ha;,. al-„ ha, I a «,.,...ial el-is- for 
some of the Hindu and M,,l,an,„„.,lan ,.oolie w,„n,.|, an,l 'drls wl,o"h.i> 
been en,ploye,l hy llr. Waters on the hnililing of the new operal in., roon^ 
and wards. These women list,.,, well, ami ,.ven applau,l--if thev ,v„ul,l onlv 
leheve. One Marathi wo.nan, reeently ha,.tized. has |.leas,.,r us all with 

her pri.gress. H,.toie she fov-„„k her oun religion, this won had ahvavs 

worn the '-tilak. „r painted mark on l„.r fore d. I was louvhed liv h'er 

almost ,,Mm,.,liat,.ly ali,.r l„.r l,a|.ti..|„, uash it olf with' vour 

;""■•; «■'"■" i ^'-1'.' ■'-•■"■' "', it «a- as tiiough ,-haiMs'ha.l 

t;.-iii ill'!'. 



It ii. a |,l™s,|ro t,. ri-puit tliiit ■^■v I t 1 ■ ,„;,.,. „|„, 

niarncl lia» n.ailv linji lri,.ri,l» l„r l„r-,ll aii'l f..r ,i« ,ii,ic.ii.. 1„t lliij.rii 
iiei(thhor», Mttlo hy lliile «li,. Iia- Ix. n l.a. Iiiiij; |l„.r,i hv n„nl aii.l .1 1 


After Twenty hve Years' Service 

Dr 0'Hara.---HI,.-s th,. I.,„,l. ., „,, m i „|| ti,,, ;, „.i,,,i„ 

Mo», ll,» hol.v nam... I„r tl„. |.rivil,.j;,. ..f lal...,i„. r„r, ai„l «,tl,. Iliai in 
!;.'li;l for a .niartn- cf a i-eiitU!\. iiml in Dlim- I'm- nc-i 

'n,f |.n»t yc.;ir iiris 1 n Hi,, i.-v l„ , 

f..|l..«Hliij. with iM.v l.n.,»- llli-i,,n;n 
Itxiian frifndv. 

ih twrnfv Iwt. v('ar,«, 
'f "i.v liu. a ..f liriiill,, |„v. ami 
-, ai:.l II l.,.tl..| iniil.T-lniilinj ',,1 „nr 

Till' iMnptyin^' ,.f tin' .-it.v „ii ;„■,•. mm n( pla^in,- fav.' an ii,l,l,.,l „|,,„,i-- 
taniii tor c..inji cut into tli" .li-trii-t. Ilinin« tli,. .,,1,1 «,.a>„n .,■ ..ani'.,.,! in 

K,.,,,„n,.n ,-,w,lr,.s a,„l visiiiM tvv,.n,ytl,r ll,,.,' lilla;;,., fr tli,.,;.. In 

a.llition o tl... villai:,. »„rli. |i,„t,-M.,nal > i>it« «,.r,, ,,ai,l 1., |.ati,.nl, si.Mv 
Miil.'s iinrth, an. I ,.iui,i,v toui- mil,,., „r |il,i,r. Manv .tian",' an. I Mil,.r- 
,-.tin- i-a>,'» ar,. .,.,,|i in tli,-|. ,,if tli,' "ai |.la,-,'«. liin' ,|av « ,• |,-i.s,..l 
"'> "l"l» tlia. u,.,-.. ,v..t will, lil„„.|. ()„-,.„t,.rinK tl,.- vilh.'^,, „,. f.,„n,l 
a n,i,„l„.r „1 li„l, l„.,„,„j., ,|,.,„„. ,„„, „„^,„^ „„„, „,,,|„„,|,,^ , ,„ ■„,;„„„ 

. .,■ .-anM' ,.l tlii» „,.|... «,. vvpiv ,„|,j ,|,i,t a v,ini|.. « an' was ■ ,., v i|| i^ 

tl,e l.ous,.. Our licljaTs aski'.l tliat W|. n.isM I.V all.,w,.,l t., s.v aii.l ,,,,.-,. ,il, . 

!„r II.,. |,atiput. th,.y u,.,-.. l,.l.| tliat if a .l.i,-l„i' w..,.. i„.|,iii,i,.,| ,,, 

|.at>,.;,l tl„. .„.ls wnul.l I n,,r,v. ai..l n„ I w.,ul.l .-J.. ,.f all tl„. -a,.,i- 

tl.-... tliat lia.l l.,.,.n oll,.r,..l l.. a|.|...a„. • ,11 s|,i,ii<. Tl,..v w„ul. x ,. 

'■.'■'•'"■'■ ""'''■I',"-. ""■■,. r .m-,.. ]„ ;,„„i |.. r' > i|la„, ,„. 

s.iKl -,. ■.a,ll.. .-Wiiat .■:i,i u.i, la,|.,. i,, ,|,, i,,, „„,. i„.,|i,., ,,,. „„, „ ,^ , 
l.ayirii; v,.;,,l, , i-ir. nl,..,,, ,],,,,. ;. „, '■ ' 

li.l,. u.." 

.ullViii,;; an. I 

Miss Coltart.- -Tli.. „ut-tan,lin- IVauiiv ..f 11. Hi in llliar »a. ti,.. ,.l-,..n,. 

I'unn- til., thr..,. maatlis of its |.iVM. tli.. siat.. Il.i.i.ital. all li7„,h 

an.i i.ul.l,,. in-tiimi.„.s in tl,.. .ity ,>..,,. , l„„.,l. |, i, ,„ ,',,,,.,,,,„.„■ „„ .„ 

I... l..t^.,,tt..n to .In,.. ,li,„„,.|i t Mv ,l,..,.,|,.,| sa,,. for tl,,' |.r,..,.,i,.,. of ■, 

;■"■ l-l"-"""... 1 i.u,ii|...rl.,s. iiatiali .l.,p., Tli.. ,i,,,,„w st .,.ts, usuiiliv 

tliron;.,..l w,tl, a n..i-v .,.,w.l .,f l„.,,.r. an.l -..|l,.,. i i.ll..,.., ar.. now 

Mi,.ot ail,l MV,.|.t I j;,..l. .\. tlo' .i r....l,... iw.. or tl.r,.,. «,.■„,,■. 

• ■.ni,^i..f;at.. l„ l,av,. a sm.,k.. t...;.! I„.r 1,...,.!.. tl,.. >,ii,.ul. ..,1 .|,il,..r. „f' -i 

In,, lln.y ke,.,, soin;.. f.,r ll„. ,.ni|„o.. .„ li^htini, ,|„.i,- l„,„k,ri,s. Tlo. -ii.,;, 

fr..nts at., all .I...., I , I,„.L,.,| ;,i„| .„,|,.,i. ,:„.. ,. ,,,„; .,, f„,,.i|,|, , ,. 

>viir..„rM,,l ...ti... ,u I. ,.,|.|., l.ii, h,.,,. i. i,„ ,„. ,|„,|| ,,„.t,.„,.ti,in, of 

ru,n..,l l„,m.... 111,. ,.,.,.|,|,. ||,„„ ;,i| ,|,„i I,,,,,,,.,, ;,, , ,i|„„ ,„„ ,1,,,,^,,, 

"or li„s|,il,.,| ;-i„| .li.i „a-:irv ,ii.. .i, .,:,„.,! „.,.]| ,„„,i,|„ ,|o. .I.v wnM., 

■,"' 'I'""' >'•'- !.<.." Iitt... inl..,rni,l ;., tf., „,„.|i ,,,,„ ii, ,,„,,, 

M.,n> ol tl... towns.,,..„,,|„ ,.ft ,„;. .|,.,„,„ ,.i,i,.,, (.^j ,|„, ,,,,,■ i,^. ,,„„„| 
r.-iut.. m ,.aiii|.9 on tlio outskirts ..f tli.. t.,,vn an.l in tli,. vi .,r't li.. 

. lianviis on tli,. slall ,lurint' tli,. y,.ar. ami ,inr assistants l.av,- ,.ontinu,.,l to 
.!o taitlitui work. In a.l.liti..n t., tli,. w..rk wlii. I, tl,,., .-airv o "k .. I v 

s,<le in tl,.. li..s|,ital an.l .lis|„.„sary. s .listri.-t nurs'ins' lias !,..,.„ .lo,,,'. 

and tfpatmrnt j:,,,. |.nli..nts in th.-ir own lioni,.s. .riiis latt.T i- ..ft.-n' 

■■athpr ,lis,.|.nraoiii- work, as II;.. frii-mls „f ,,ati,.nts i., .I,.|ia,i.,.. of tli,. 
•Imt. rs ,u,|Un,-I,ons ,.atry on i„.!,.| tr..atm..nt of .,„„ ami 
..tton .10 Kr.;af harm. \ .. a,,. ^Ia,l. to... „, r..,.ort 11... f,.a.lin.,ss with wliii-h, ot tli.- .-Ity .lisoonsa, ,■. r..s|,..„,|,,,| ,„ tl... .-all to ,„ u„tri,.,l 

,lourn.>v ot tortv mil.'s t.. nurs.. th.- wit., of ,,„,, „f \ir i^,.. n- ... . ' 

the Kaijha, ,i..i.i, ,!„i„oh ,hi, invoi, ;.;,",;',' ;;",i;i^'!:rhom:: ,:.;;::;' u,": 

tin- ^'Ifli^tlimS IllltillHVlt. It W;l 

r,r to src growing atiiiui;.' 

The Story of Anopia 

llliil l.'i.l wliii Inl.I 

ii]><iuti(l coniiiiiiiiit«<t 

ih|j<'.| ||i;it till 

:i ilri's^iiiK "f hi 

:ill )i;iir itinl a red 
vlv til.- lll.lU' 

' bad 



iij'tltatinti tlu 

little lio]i.' of tlit'ir uriitili;:. Imt ivlicr 

hi lio k»'|.t lioiiiny thitt 


' for n lolly ti 

Til.' hi.l ImiiI l.o.n iiiolor ChrNti 

ol fiiirlv noil. Hi, wiiril vvii 

' lio iiM-.l to iittpiiil our Mi 


!'.l in tho lio-|iit:il. iiiol our fl 


II tr 

of illtorost whilo III 

on llsi'il to 



^ filli liiin. 'I'lioy look tlioir until o iiuisi.-nl iiistrunioiit- to 

iiol|i to .-lioor [1], till- In. I. ulio vas M'rv fon.l of iiiiiai,-. Hut when it iiivd 

Hint .\no|,in wni. Uooiniiin;. to alio« too kin-n nil iiitoro^t in CliriHtinn tnn.-li- 

iiiK Ills |.oo|.lo took liini nivnv. nil. I fr tlinl .Inv to tliia o- 

"'ill 1 lioilriilil Iiniiio.l l.y l,i» um'Io-s liinl.. lie ii. not vot 

III »nirifi.|.. \V|. Iinio ko|.l in loin-li nitli liiin sin.o lio loft titi' liospitni 
»U|i|.lyiiio liini Willi ilros^ino, fur tlio still o|,oii woiiii.l in his \eg. Kor tlip 

most ].nrt. Iiowox.r, lio Ims .Imsso.l it liii If. He is n-rv intelliaent rt 

while in the llos|.itiil j.i. ke.l u| iiy ideas reonrdin.,- the'iare of il wound. 

It IS i|uite touihiii;: I e the nrrnnaenients for his eoinfort he mnde or 

su|.ervised. I'Voiii .. i;i|.. of eh.lli in the linns., he lind his friends make n 

eouplc of snndl.aiis t.. I |. Hie injure.l l(.^ in |.ositi aii.l he hnii evoked 

sniidrv ■•oiitriian....s i.> iiiniiitnin himself iu a . cnnloitnlile posture on n l.e.l 

II. .11. 1. I.... ^l>...-t r..>. 1.1... li....: 1 . I.: . . :ii .. . . . . .... 

mueh t 

short f 


Hesi.le his pillow he keeps hi' 


of the \ew 

attei. wa 
our adv.inees. I.ut now she i 

Testament, a life of Christ, his liviiin hook, ami n liundle 'of ".Sntvni 
I'ntrika,"' n weekly paper in Hindi puWished l.v our mission, wliieh he 
greatly enjoys. He had a inusi,.nl instrument liinde for himself, an.l plnving 
nii.l sinjjiiij.' hel). him r., wliiie ;iw.iy many weari' hours. 

Ill- is one nf a l.irye nil. I intellieeiit fninilv. 1 he temhes some of the 

yount-er ineml.ers l„ ren.l. I'laoue hnviiio i.roken out in the quarter in 
whiih he li\e.l. the fnniil\ moved out into the eeiitre of one of their fields, 

whieh is liehind the llrphniin(;e .■ pimnd. Dur fhristlau people keep 

nf. then interest in .\iio)iia. ami many of them visit him, ehieflv on Saiil.nth 
e\eliinys after ser\ iee. We lielieve that ere loiio we shnll have the jov 

"'■ "eh- in" him oj.eiily into our fellowship l.v liaptism. He is undouldedlv 

a lieliexer. Perhaps he has heen held 1 k l.v lii« oldioations to his pni- 

eiits, who support him nnd his wife, (innyatiai. .At first tin " 

c|uiet, and would not respond at all to 

pletely won over, and is ready to enme with iier husband. 

Later word from .Miss Coltart says, ".\no|iiii and his wife have I.eeii 
l.aptizeil. One may rej-aril tlioin as lieinj; prartieally diieet fruits of our 
meilnal work. Some may iinpiire how it wns that we had n man in our 
women V liospital. I'erhaps the fart that ours is uot a /euana hospital, 
stn.rly so i-nlled, limy aerouiit for our readiness to make room for this suf- 
ferer, anil then the fart that there was no other plaee for him to jio. The 
State Hospital I.einy closed wns a weijilitv reason for Iiia eominir to us f 
wish you eould see his ha|.py fare. Mr. Ilussell said when he went to 
exnmine him |iri..r to haptism he had never had less reason to eateehise 

"I piirer-his faee was n sullieient testiii y to the elianse he had ei- 

penenied. He is partieularly lirioht and intelli;;eiit, and I believe he 
will yt-t 1... an instrument of ;ireat usefulness anion^r his own iieoiilc He 
-ai-1 f.. lev !be other dai , ' Kefore i this :i,,i,i,.nt I w„, just like a 
,ini|e|y tree- ha. I no tliouelit or eoneeni nboiit an.vthino.' Now he 19 exer- 


I'iHilltf Ititt lllillit ltl>ull1 tlj< 

ripiir Taith in rhriHi immI 


Minn ClMrihni and 

hue |ii'c,|.lo 
of wonnMt 
iiiiij: jiew tiilttiji 


Harran Field is Ready 

T.. tli. 


:ilt.| .jl' 

'I'hc tiilit'ii);(>-li> \vn> 




:i<l :i Mrl:i in Kli:inni 
s|iititii!i! rclrosliiiipiit. 

nliat li;i<l 111 


iihhiilli. tlic Iii9| ,1:, 

illa):i> woiiH'ii takr tlirir iiljn 

luaiiieainrjitr Mis il\ 

wnlkeil Hixti' 


«liii I1.M..I til.' 1.1 

»I|IIM< Mil 


I mill hilt VI'; 
It ri-'li. 

from the Mela than liil. Th,' i„,ns i-i ,.arlv ami In ^irai al.ninlanir 

Our liunpilow wa» litirallv last il|.|ii i-lainh whiln tin >• I'l'inlid 

rijHil bi'tw.'i'n till' t«i, liniiBiilow-i I ann a inivhtv iniliiiij.. Ma"ara llur 

tri|'» wiTi' few, an it was iini'' t" i;i 1 !ii liiv > ilhi..,.,'" I an*' nt' Ihi' 

ili'i'l' niiiil, anil nhi'ii .llri' n, ssilv mh • I n- 1,, .^„ ,., ,1,,. ,„i|„'„v .iiitii.ii 

*"''. ''' ""■ "i| I "S i-ait I'U I In I. nil I, Ml,, llnrina tlii.< tiiuu 

vaiiinis »|it'i'ml ilaasi-s tin' thn |ii'i.|il , f|,|. ,.,„„|,i,nn.| wnr,. hi'M Dni- 

ila»H far |.rn.H'r ami -tailv „. a |.ii'|inialiiia tin II Mni".'lHtii' laninaivn 

anil nmithcr fur tlin stnily i,t tin- I k i.t .Si't.. ini ivhii'li tlin Snnilav .'ii'lMiiii 

I'MiiiiiiiatinU'. «,',,■ liasiil. Mnr umk,',-, ami -nvaiits imti' |.lv iatiT.'^ti'il 

111 till' I'lahHi's. Oar I'ln.k rnail thrn,. ,'ha|i|i'ri. nt .Vit. In lii> liiinsn iin,' ,h,v 

~" anxiiias »aa hi' t wlmt li:i|>|.i'iii'il tn St. I'lnil, Wlmn thi- I'xainiiia- 

tn.ns I'anir olT thin man Iimk tall minks in tliv si'iiii,,' nra |.aitni,'nl, ami 

wa, ili'li^'htcil whi'l, III. iiTi'ix I,|,linna. I< I thn worn.',, ill iiur 

sumla.v S.'hool tni.k i-i^lity-liM- |,|.r .nut ill tlin tnaihris nxuaiinal inn ami 

ri'i'i'ivi'il a hoautifal lliMi- rnnn tin. In, Iin s lav S.I I |-iiii,ii. \.,r vvnri' 

all thn sui'i'i'sBCs amniii.: thi n nml iMnnrn. fnV n linln lilimt nirl „f tnii 

yi'yis alHO rei-t'ivi'il lull laaiks. 

.\n(ither I'laws was for tnai'liiiift tlin t'liristiaii w.nni'ii tn knit siii'ks 'is 

th.'.v ivanted to havn sum,' |.art i l|,inB' Innin s inrs. Knitt'it'in 

nopilli's were unarm', ami shn|is n hnif nav nlV, Init tlm »i,inna shiiwiil thiir 
inttnauity liy |.roillt,'iiii.' reallv ris| iitaliin knitiiih. niiillns frnm thn ril.s 
nt an am lent uail.rnlla. The rnsui f this i-lass was a few a.lilitinnal l.aits 
ol ane warm snvks i„r the snlilim-. I','rlia|.s tlm ^irinti-st anhinveninnt was 
in the iM'rsevi'r; n ot the wiirknrs tn nliinn knitti s,„.ks ,iii| ii„t |.innn 


Dr. B. C. Oliver.- .M.v aervh n in Haa-wala In'-an in Nnvnnilier, l:i|.-i ia 
a small storeroom at the bank nf tlin men s lniii}.'aliiw. Later 1 a'ane.\i'i'l a 
liaek verandah, part of wliieli I hail sireineil in fnr an exaniinatiim riiom 
the other part beia;; left for the amnnimnilalion nf paliints with wiiamls to 
be dreiiseil. t)ur evaniielistii- were helil in thn npna at the -Inor a 
I'icee of bamboo iiiattili); heinj.- spreail fnr thn patients tn sit upnn Wa'cn 

the hot weather inaile it essary to imiM' in, nnnther store rmiai was 

ileareil out for these ser\ iees. 

Although 1 hail tnrneil away smne who wnuhl willin^'lv have lieriniie 
in-].alients, and refused uthers whn wanted to piti-h tents nil the eiiiannund 
la order to pet treatment tor patii nts ton ill tn niakn the dailv trip to the 
djs|ieasary in May. I was nliliaeil tn lind rnnm smnehow for a'little bov nf 
a very potir family who urgently aeeileil nperatinn. Sn the bouse reserved 
lor the dhobi (lai.mliy mam "as put at my dispnsal. 'Ihe pirls, mv helpers. 



ol>l Mtrintr 

nri> olT lontlttiM "f un 

I'lit. t III- -'i>|.t'n>liti;^ till 
1.1 Mi^w r:iiii|.l.i'll \MiN i-r*"' 
' triMiml lit Hi\(.' clilcin.riir 
itlit'i ;iii<t liik! Iirdtlit'r, iiiiil 

ilitiM tiiii'lf {iri<|>ariiti()n hir oiir flrHt liTtlt* 
iitii''' wii" tilt' ttcrrciie'l I'tirt hI' tlit' viTiin 
-fii irittt utTX irt* lis HI) iitiin"*f hi'lJHt, «» I have 

Xl PatlllT. (jMtll 

(in.l. w.T.- jiistilli-.i l.v til. 

IliiH not. Thi'ir tru-t in uh. iiri'l mir t 
uh'diiii', Duriny tlir f(illiiwiii;( dii 
r.| iii»l ilf.-.l. th.-v left, it wn 

.•r III) 
S'liriK'T'tiiH [iiiti'-iits liii 
mill ntiinhtTH ot' tlir \.fH>\.U> tlirri' Im 



WHS tl'i-jiti->l, :iii>l vvliiit til 


iiti'.l in tliiit 

:iii<l [>i< til\ ii. 
I 111* Int. I to :uiill<«i' III 


t' to 



III*' !:iili. 
.lust :tt th 


(It til 

i'\ (.'ni 


our iiw II i'oti\ 1 ■ 'I.' 
.-111. t of H SUM. 

V\;i- iirui'iil. "ii " 

\\ ;t' ;i rcliyiou- « 

n I was .■iiil.'.l to si-i' till- wifi- of » tliiikur ( lir Ihih 
-i'Hi v 11 111 ^■■'< I ii\ .■[■ tliirt \ ipiili> llw;^^ . Wt> went in 

or iilioiit nvont.v t\Mi inlfi's. lli.'n t;ot 'lior-ii';< from tlo- 
Iriliill^ir^' t<i l(;ins\Mit';i, ihmI iil^lif.l on, for tl..' iii'iil 

irrivril I lie |ati.'nt wii^ -non ni:i.l.' .■.uiifortriliii-. Sh.' 

.11. :.l.l<' t<i i.;i.i hrr -wn xio n-.l honks, tliii- off.ii 

wliiliiiL- iiwnv hour- mIi.'u sIi.' (.oil. I sl.'.'p. Wi- Im.l to 

iM;;l.t. anil wort' n-i'ntnuio.lnti'.l in a H'>rt of ■■alltTV iH-twocn imuii t \ :irr|-, 

witli liorsrs i.< tlu' t'r<: f us ntol .'attl» to tlii> ha.'L In >)io morning l>.'- 

for." wi> left III.- tlinl.iir j;;i\f ut l.'i ' '"• ficl up in a liiimlk. r.lij.'f. Wlit'ii 
I «:is .■aiii'.i iluiiii;; tin' r.iin.v M'a-iiiii ■ .'ii woi*' iniii.aH-tal.'.' for .-art-, 

t'> i ilitT [latiiMif. I \\:,s ^'iv.'n tl;.' ■I'ii-c ul a pa-nnijuin with I'.'arrrs or 

an ch'i.lianl. Siirli !, ,r> fall to a won^an .Inrtur in Mif JllM;:ii . 

A Tilii! villa-.' i- tipt ;. rojirriimi ,,r |,ui>, t.ut rath,./ a lar;--' nail witli 
hoiis.'s s.-att.'Ti'il lii'ir .'iihl tiii-iv. Tl,.. lUiils ar,' \.'ry poor. On.- niao I 
told to wrap liimv.'if in a l>lanki-t toui-li.*.! hin l>iowu ^kin. lau;-lM<il, aH'l >:ii<l. 
"Tliis is all Ilu' l.hmk.t 1 lia\i'." .\t ni-lit in tlu> .■ol.l s.-ason ttu-v l.uild 
a (iff npar ImT?.. ami tin- in.'n -l.-.'|- >-\»»,- to ii, wliii.- tlic womt'ii k.'ep 
thi'iiisch.'s warm a>. Ii.-^t tli.-v .'an in lli.^r liuts. I'ra.-t i.-allv nil tin- Hliils 
.iriiik naliM-, ami tliat \> on.- r.M^nii fluTf m.' otliVr>*- - why Ihi'v 
are so |ioor. 

Thort' is yivat iiim',1 of a well .'niu|.p.Mi ho<pital In-r.'. Haii^v\ara i> 
fortvoi^'ht mill's l.\ a rou^^h road fr.nn tin- inrircst Imspital. Xo molors 
tra\*'l nn that n.a.l, ami ti'iij-as si'lilmn. The ox-. 'art is tin- usual M'hi.'U'. -o 
ont' ran .-I'c how ail l.ut ini]..i-^-ilili' it is t.i takf sirk pcoph- oiU. 

\fa\ we have ,\ o'"' pri'^t'i-^ that, thronj-li us. (iod rn..v lif so i«'\calf.l to 
tluisc [ifopic thai thi-y may ; t ilim. 

A "CornoUus" in Banswara 

Miss Catharine Campbell.- -Aftri' Inst season 's touring W!'s (iver 
Kasliiiri an.l I \i-ir.>i[ ri.i>.'hl..iurinj.' villa 's till the work on th.' .'om- 
poun.l atraiii .liinaii'lt'.! our attt-ntion. We rnn nernv^ an interestin;: 
Bhil wonmn who. like romelius, "fiave aims to the pcopip and priye.l 
to (!od." Ill her sinipje wny she t.d.l us thnt pe()ple won.iero.l 
why her fields wfie full whilf others were eni|ity; why her fatnil> 
were always well, and no lionhle seoinod to touili lior, ' She In-Iieve'l 
it was (iod's rewai.l to lier |irayinji to lliiii nii.l beinjr kind to the 
poor. \o one e\er went huii;.'ry I'roiri iier door. Her water jars always 
stood full at her Hoof for every thirstv pa^yev-liv. Kroni hor ■•orii-flelii went 
earn of jireen r.trn to all her jioorer nei;:hbours heforc the rest were sent 
for sale " e\ en t'' the Mahnrawal Sahib's palace aii<l the house of the 



ni' x.ihih. 

On Sjihlmtli riftiTiimiiit (lirt r' rli.- y 



inn M|,ri to liiv rrliuiiiu- iii«trii.ti.iii, aixl in , ,„. ,„,,.„ „i :,<,« c.iir 

iliM.r.iiin^, toiirs K;.ilmri .m.l ciulhi vi»it n.^ir .rnlrr.. At .in ii 

,|Uli::li' [>;itli wr tiirt ,| v.iu.i;; niiiil iiimI w i. Tin. ^ttKi.i.f.l 'in. I 

.■nk...l il'liT .in.. „( my g\r\>. wh.i is i,!:.rn,.,| In Ajiikliiit tii a r.hiliv,- „l 
hi>r«. Sl„. ||i,.n u... ..h,. hn.l I., u.. ..n I., li.i- »..rk, l.iit if w,- n..iil.l u.. 
..n t.i licT li.iiia.. «•.. lln.l ih.- .il.l «...imii l.. nli...ii w.. I.ivl t'iv.'n 1;,«' y.'nr «li,.n lli.-v ii.-r.. i.lur\iiit'. an. I .-..111.1 B.'t ii..tliin|: fr..iii lli,. W.. w.'iil an. I l.a.l a 11 |.|...rliiiiil > l.i l.ll ,,f n... |,r,.a,| „( lit... 


Oi.r Latest Advance in Mission.iry Work 

Dr. L. L. r. Moodte. l).-.a.|nl..T l-l ,ii\\ Mis- i:l.a..|inniii.' an. I ti... 
.■i.i..| l..:ini; ill.. Il,i.|v>iv niil.'s that .!r..l.-li li..ti\.a.ii Hal I'iplia an. I In 
il..r.' An .'aril -lail in 11... .....l iii.nniiii;, a " .'II l.ia.l. .1 il.iu n t..ii..a tw.i 

' "^ ''■■■ <''■■ i-..a.|-i.|.-. .larkiii'ss, f..ll.i«...l l.y lli.. Ii:..|,t „t tli.. fri IK- iri.,..ii. 

firi'-l I N 111. I till- an-iMil ..t ivv.. |.s|....-taiit inissi..iiarii.s that 

|.air . 

liricf -iiitittiar.v ..!' tli.- .In 

1.1 li\.. in til., jiiiii;!.-. 

iii.-Iliiii- ii..v\. Tliat liisl 
' Witli 111.. 

Ka.-li .lay sin... I,a» li.-l.l in f..r ii. 
.Sal.lialli on i-nt.Tini; tii.. t..ivn; a . ..1..01..1 i.,n lln-i 

Iw.. In. Man |.r..a.-h..|s to i.|i..« iis tli.. wai t.i tli.. .Ii.|..-n-ar% , »li..ri. lli.. 
»i.r' i.-(. was t.i I... I1..I.I. w.. start.'.i li. «alk .l..wii "Main' sin..t. Kv.rv 

illioy and lane s.-.-i I I0 jioiir forltt a .■ii.n.i nt' iiii'ii and . Almost 

I'vi-ry lious.. a.l.l...| its .|n..ta I., lli.. .-i .-r iio-r.-a-ii, j tiiiona. I'low liirv 
Kalli..ri..l ar.iun.l n-.. loll..«-...l I. .'I. in. I ns. an. I I1..W ..a.-li ..n.. ..tai.-.;: Tli'.- 

ri'Hlarkn \V(.r.. iiit..r..sf in-.., '.Wlio aro tli. -v.''' s.n ni- ask. ..I. " ( ili ' tliev 

arc Visit Masili ..Icsu- tli.' Mvasiilii j.i'.ij.l... ' ' -riiit iialni. .-lii.iis lo lis. to 
tilt' llOB|lital, Illl.t r\-ll 1., y.llir W.'ll ..II fll.' .'..lli |.. n; .|.| , 

i^utnc ti lal...- ili.T,. was lliai tiist .hit.- in an ov .-art 1.. spn tin' 

si.-k woman in IN.- lillai..'. IVIiiiol a t.'ani ..t sii.,«-n Lit,, trolti x.'n 

Mi.-li a driv.' n.i- ...aiilry is n..l at all -Inn I uii.-t .-ntfiil. " Wlii'ii 

«|. lollnil llial 111.- -i.-l, w..inaii lia,: I -I.nt u|. t'..r llrt....n .lats in ii 

tiny .lark r...iiit w.lli n., ii[..aii- nl' ti.-sii air .'iitiTiiiL' i-x. ,-[.t I., tin'- .-ra.-k- 
nl-i.iind til.' . l,.-.-,l .1,,.',-. »,. i,-,'i-,' „..t -iii-|'ii-..,| that -li.' Mas -till -1. I, 

Giving the Message in Hat Piplia 

am.- si-iiili..-. is a inark.'t town. 

t iiiaiii ..t tit.' I [.I., an. w.-altliy 

\:in;;.'ii-ti.- HoiiiiTs liiT.' for tliV 
a lii.'iii .'Mi'iit. ti" n.s|.i..-t an.l 

Miss Qlendinuing. Hat l'i|ilia. a- ...- 
and lias a |.o|iiilatioii ol' aliout ."i.miii. A ;ji.' 
I.aniyas— inain.i.'al.Ts. 'rln'i.' liax.- !..-..ii 

|.a-f tlir...' t-flirs I tli.'t- lia\.' won, t..'i' of tl... |',..i|.l.', ' 

Wlipn w,. liist .-aiii.' 1 «.'iil .laily ti. Hi.' .li-|-.-ii-arv in tin' town an.l 

I'lljoycd lalkili;; witli tli.' wlio .-ami- f.'i- im'.li.-'in.', Marki't .lavs 

lir.MiKlit nililll.ors .if villaj;.. won wliiisi' naiiu-s I w.nil.l writ.. .I.iwn ti'llii'i" 

ihpiii wp w.T.. .'.iniins to tlo'lr villaj. '- iin.l w.nil.l l....k tl..-iii n|.. 

Till littlo "ills lioi-.' ar.. viTv anxious that I slioul.l o|..'n a s.'l 1 for 

tlii'in, an.l I was making |-i .'parations to il.i -.i. in tlio I. .wit i-ooiii» .if a 

hnu-i' wi'.Ti. of II taiiKulists livi-s. wli.'ii tl..' .ii'.l.'i- to t.\a.-nati' Hie 

town L-iiiiH-. It will 1... at least tw-o inoiitlis iiion- tief.ii.. tli.. | pie will 

,-elnrn, -.. 1 sliall not 1..' ,-,1.1.' tii statt a s.'l 1 nntil tli.'ii In tlii' meantime 

I am i;.'tliii); tlie nam.'- ..f all the little ^iil^ I 1 t wl... ni.. likelv to lie 

s.-lio.i!-;.'irls ill the fntii.-.-. 

1 liaie one /.-nana i.n|.il, a lilislit vouiii; woman al...ilt sev.'ii- 
teeti, th.' wife ..f a 11'..-. .t wh.i lias r.'.'ently t., Hat I'ij.lia as tutor 


til Iwn MMio i.r Mnc lit till' Wfnltliy hlttli.VHB. Mii- liiii li.'.-ii tniulu 1>V iiiiN 
xittiiitrii'H, iitnl tvn<\n llitxli vi'r\ «i>II. Nim •^U^^ i» iiriliiiiiM to U'lm KiikII")). 
mi I M|ii'ii(| Hii hiuir with her Itin-c tirtn-x ii wvfk. Hht> i-. it m-h ititflliui-nt 

htth- HurniMI. HH'I tiiKr« .11. It Jtl ItltlTfor ill hiT Hilil.- I>H«,M<. 

Inctd«nt and Story, 

l.'i« t.rttir .iui w.' .!..-.■ 

I HiM IIIIIm \I>U. I, lit U|< V 
IlholKlv r<> liIMV.t. ' 

iilttvl Iroiii liiil Miii> \.',ir'<. u..rl. i« h. ImTi- u->, mul 
u lliini uith t)i.' Hi.r.U ..t ..ur Mii-.L-r; ■•Hi'hol<l, 
•iir <-\,s nil. I look 1.11 till- tii'l.U; hir tl..-^ imv wIiIt*- 

I ;it th.. Wrll. Ihit l'i|.liii.